Blood curses & spirits

If a demon can specialize in any sort of baneful magick is it probably possible they can make it a blood line curse? For example methsan targets blood and airway. Could one probably not only ask the demon to do the curse but make it a blood line? Or does it depend on the demon.

If so is there any specific baneful spirits that can work on blood lines?


Yes, the demon could make it a curse that affects the whole bloodline. I’m sure that’s not all that uncommon seeing you occasionally see people thinking their family line is cursed… Just ask whatever demon you have in mind if that’s something they specifically can do. I don’t know any right off the top of my mind, but that’s cause I just don’t curse personally… I’m sure some of the well known demons can do it.


It’s really common in folk magic types too, but I haven’t seen those written as calling on any other spirit than the devil or not at all, so I figured it didn’t answer the question. (That I can recall)

But yes, I’ve seen lots of bloodline curses- just not with demons for some reason. I can’t think of any reason that makes sense unless people as a whole are maturing and realizing that in most cases it’s really only the person who did us wrong that deserves punishment.

But idk, that’s a pretty out there theory based on what we see here on the forum alone!

I imagine there’s several who would do it. Focolar comes to mind, but I can’t confirm that. (Also can’t I spell their name without looking it up first)


Omg you must really fucking hate someone.

Well yes… you definitely can… sometimes it is easy & sometimes it can be difficult depending on the target.

I’d recommend getting into deep meditation and and mediate on the thought through your heart chakra.

I belive Baneful magic can cause a backward step in your evolution, however it will be needed at times, so make sure to justify it within yourself correctly so you can determine things like, how long it should last, the amount of pain, what exactly do you want them to learn from the lesson, ect ect.

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Nobody I hate is in mind right now I just find baneful magick interesting. Dangerous yet interesting

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It is very interesting… I like it to. I like to pace back and forth within my room and think about how to annahiite people for certain situations.

However… you must snap out of it. There is definelty a sense of superiority and huge mass of confidence that starts to manifest when you think of attacking & bane.

But really… what do you really know about it?

Sometimes I feel this horrible energy trying taint my heart and feels disgusting. Despicable. Makes wanna spit out of disgust. But I like to come back to it… & go deeper without loosing self control. Maybe it’s because Im a male and I am fighting against my instincts. Im not sure, or maybe negs are trying to turn me over completely. Idk. You must figure yourself out with blocking your evolutionary process.


I don’t really think about it constantly but if I do I get invested in the topic.

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Well I don’t know what else to say to you, your response is very short.

Do you happen to have any real questions or any thoughts that are lingering on the topic?

Work with me here!

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Well you seemed to have help me with my initial question so thanks​:slightly_smiling_face::joy:

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Well thank you & your very welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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