Blinder book

just have a question. the complete works book. if purchased on the official website or on amazon, will i be accidentally purchasing the book with blinders the spider and the green butterfly? i don’t want to spend the money on the wrong book. help?


The book is worth it. There are no blinders. E.A. gives his experiences and straight up info. That is why the voodoo priests keep throwing curses at him. They even tried to kill him. There is strong energy in this book. A lot of your questions will be answered, I can guarantee that. He gives you the tools to find out info on your own.


good! yes i seen his video of why the priests where not happy with him. i was just unsure between old and new info of books and such being out like amazon and such if they might still have some of the older ones that where sold with blinders. i guess sold out is sold out lol. just wanted to make sure of what im going to get. i tried to look for his books on amazon but couldnt find them until i came to a link on the forum ealrier today. thats what made me wonder as well as the price differences. not a hudge lower or anything from what you all have on your sight but it made me question. thank you again for your reply :smile:

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