Blackening Chakras with Black Evil Energies

Hey all I am wondering if any of you have filled your chakras with black evil energies and what are your experiences and effects?

That sounds like a great way to get very sick. Black is frequently the colour of cancer. This very technique is used banefully on enemies.

What difference does the color make, and what does ‘evil’ mean? Don’t get me wrong, black is my favourite colour, but machines need appropriate management. :slight_smile: Would you also top up your car’s oil tank with molasses because you like the color better?

Do you mean remove the chakras, or do the thing where people blend them into one big energy ball?


I think she’s talking about “blackening” them, like is done in the Path of Smoke with Ahriman.


there are some meditations or i think it was Ahrimanic yoga which transmutes the chakras with infernal energy, search for infernal chakras or something along these lines

Ah ok, thanks. I shall butt out then, I can’t try that since I never developed chakras in the first place - I use qigong, and no I would not make my meridians black. :slight_smile:


That actually brings up an interesting question…can one work Kurtis Joseph’s Path of Smoke if one does not work with the chakras? The dan tiens share some minor similarities but are not exactly the same thing, so I’m not sure how the “blackening” would work :thinking:

I currently work with both systems, though I’ve worked with the dan tiens much longer than the chakras.

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I thought at the end stages, you transmute your soul, aura and entire energy body into dark energy in that path.

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Good question, and I’ve just started getting back into it, starting with the sun gazing with the Ignition of the Black sun rite, and the ‘bookends’, Rawnuha and Uhov Mesa. I’m doing this to build as I read on.

In the back of my mind, I’m thinking to edit and just try it and see if I can get it to work. Now this thread is here I’ll have to post my results, or lack of, when I get there :slight_smile:


First is understanding why someone should blackening the chakras, I’m actually very surprised when I see so many people ask how to do this. Yet they have no idea what it means or even does, many just think “Hey this is so cool” … “It looks badass”.

Question though in all seriousness my friend, what is the reason you want to blacken your chakras.


I agree I believe that even that it’s some people’s belief the chakras are just symbolic energy points , they are real and certain colors either because of the nature of reality or a manifestation of the collective consciousness do have meaning , and black without any intent would imply sickness and emptiness because healthy chakras are vibrantly colorful


In the path it says chakras divide your consciousness. When you blacken and merge them, you regain your full consciousness. It ignites black alchemy within you and brings you to a much higher level of consciousness.


Well one of the effects is that other witches notice you, some intuitive persons will fear you. This blackening is normally done by vampires in order to purge the light and the life of other people. Than a very important thing is the developing of tendrils which are more powerful in the night and in the shadows. Is an excellent thing to do but not for everyone

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I am planning on blackening it for myself once I leave my human body and incarnate as a physical alien with my ego and memories intact.

Okay let me break this down.

Chakras are disk vortices, there are seven major chakras, just like the physical body has organs, so does the energy body, like energy currents, chakras, Nadi’s. The seven chakras and seven power centres, the seven chakras are the seven dimensions of the self. Some see them as 114 junctions, or conjunctions of the nadis, nadis being the channels of prana through the energy body.

They are often referred to as wheels, disks, and such it is the momentum and circular motions, some actually state the chakras are actually triangular apparently it’s just the movement and momentum of the power centres that make them appear as moving wheels, disks etc. Many state that there are only 108 chakras that can actually be worked with, inside of the self.

The number 108 has a massive significance, this number is manifested in the human system. Cause it is connected to the solar system, 108 times being the diameter of the sun to the earth, same goes with the moon, the lunar and solar forces.
See whilst the symbolism and the vastness of the chakras is indeed deep, yet it can only take you so far.

You’ll reach a level of your development, evolution and ascent where you feel limited, inside you feel limitless and boundless yet something is restricting you. See the chakras are the seven spectrums of light, they represent the seven separate isolated spectrums of the whole self, the soul, consciousness and oneness.

Light is a actually a embodiment of limitation, stasis and has restrictions, light itself needs to burn something, some sort of fuel to exist, darkness doesn’t. Light would be the formed manifest gross existence, darkness is eternal it is boundless, it is limitless, it is the unformed infinite potential.

So the chakras can be seen as actual seven links of a rather large chain, which keeps the totality of the self separate, isolating and limiting your potential, your power and the part of you that is truly eternal.
Therefore the black magician reaches a stage where after he/she has worked with both light and darkness over the years in total balance.
You will then understand darkness to be the true ultimate catalyst for reuniting the isolated spectrums of the self.

This is done by blackening the chakras, why black then, is it because we are just dark people or over-romanise the darkness and the blackness. No it’s because we understand black is an absorbing colour, not a reflective one. It literally siphons and usurps every colour and shade of the spectrum of light, therefore black is all the colours and none of them simultaneously. Being the manifest and the un-manifest, the formed and unformed. This isn’t to be evil, it isn’t to be wicked or demonic, it’s to expand beyond restrictions, limitations, stasis, weaknesses and boundaries.

Once the chakras are then blackened, the other nadis are then infused with the black light of the acasual. The black flame of the soul is ignited, the energy body is drained of its light and embodies the black light, shining within a body made of abysmal darkness. The aura then absorbs and reflects this like aethyric microscopic prisms, then you consciously emanate the blackened fire of the soul outwards around the aura. At this point you are a body of darkness, you have these black chakras, these smaller nadis shining with black light, the auric field becomes like a black obsidian sphere.

Anything that enters the sphere then becomes transmuted, by the very blackened flames that emanate from the self. So every attack against doesn’t harm you, but the power of the curse/attack/hex and so forth, it’s power is burnt, broken down and then transmuted. Until the power of that toxic energy is now stripped away of all harm and negativity, until it’s just energy and power, which then is pulled through the blackened flames and into the self.

Making every spiritual attack, curse, hex and so forth actually a benefit to you, usurping the power of your enemies to fuel the furnace of ascent within you. You’ll notice at that moment you are transformed beyond your wildest dreams but it isn’t just a one time meditation and done, this requires serious devotion and dedication, then and only then does the true black alchemy begin.

This doesn’t actually have anything to do with “Evil”.