Black Tantra?

Looking for books about black tantra, especially kundalini work where a man ejaculates rather than keeps the fluid inside of their bodies. I’ve only been able to find out a little bit about it online and haven’t been able to find any books about it as of yet. Seems like an unpopular topic.

Anyone know any good books on the topic?


I should specify that I mean something along these lines and not something about race, but more demonic and orgasm centered tantra or kundalini work:

Figured you found it on Gnosticteachings because that’s the place that I found it too and not really anywhere else… Microcosmic orbit - Wikipedia read that first

Thanks! I’m familiar with the MCO and have been practicing elements of Tantra for years. When I started doing more intense kundalini work, I received some UPG about using the energy of repeatedly delayed then finalized orgasm to boost my kundalini from Lilith that I then began to practice though it was against the basic teachings (e.g. the kundalini is in the fluid). I’ve gotten tremendous results from it, so I want to know more about if others have written about it. I was hoping for some books on the subject, but seems like the book listed in the article is the only one… I guess I need to grab it and check out the references and just hope it’s worth the effort.

For some reason ejaculation and Kundalini Dont seem to be connected for me.

Did you find the Black Tantra book? I’m interested, too.

It’s not really a thing, and the concept appears to have been misunderstood by the OP… it’s not the practice that’s “black”, it’s the intention for it’s use, the “school” or current that teaches it.

When you think about it in relation to what Tantra is and what it’s for, that makes sense. You’ll notice the only link for it no longer works, but if you search the site for black tantra you get this: basically they took it down and do not teach black magick now.

The entire point of tantra is to convert your sexual energy raised to spiritual energy, which you can’t do if you release it in ejaculating.

It’s gone and so has all he potential for it’s alchemical use. The Taoists believe that you lose lifeforce when you ejaculate, and live shorter as well. I suppose you can steal it from a partner as the Yellow Emperor did and that might be “black”, but two can play that game.

However, semen retention and not climaxing are different things: you are supposed to learn how to climax without ejaculating. The climax itself is a massive flow of kunda energy that is the fruit of this labour and has even more benefit than the more gentle sexual energy of just being aroused.

So, based on the description above, if your intention is to ejaculate you’re not really doing tantra at all, or, tantra lite, it’s just a fancy way to masturbate.

Having said that, in tantra you are not expected to be a master at the conversion right away: you simply go as long as you can before you climax, and it can take a while before you learn to stop ejaculating reliably and convert all of that to building your spirit. That time extends as you get better at it, and slowly you get more benefits of building your spirit this way.

Mantak Chia has a bunch of books and youtube videos explaining how it works. The author mentioned Samael Aun Weor (that text in the link is his name) died 45 years ago but also still has that book available.

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Do you know the Tantra technique of stealing it from a partner like Yellow Emperor? Do you have a book? I want to know. (title of book)

I have a guided meditation which basically gives women an energy orgasm, and I’ve tested it on around 300 different women. It works.

Of course you can understand the value of that, right? I mean there are men who would pay a million dollars to know this, to learn how to give women an orgasm simply by speaking.


I’m interested in the technique of stealing Life Force from a partner, as the Yellow emperor did.
Do you have any recommendations?

I have no idea about such a thing

Go to a bookstore and search “yellow emperor’s classic of medicine

It’s not “Tantra”, that’s Indian… it’s Chinese Qigong. Both are energy working but the traditions seem to have diverged from a common root that is lost to poorly managed historical recording.


As far as I know, this is a Chinese medical book. This book is not a book of practice.
Is there a book about the art of stealing the Life Force of “Mantak Chia”?

Or can Vampire Magic steal My partner’s life force? Do you have any book recommendations?

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@KundaliniWitch, how interesting :grin: is that guided meditation publicly available? Are you able to tell us something more about it?

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“As far as you know?” I’ve read it and mention the above because I read it in there myself… I’m sorry I’m not rereading it for you to get the page numbers, you’ll have to get your finger out if you really want the description. :slight_smile:

No he’s white magick only, and in modern qigong, including at my school, you are taught very expressly to never breathe in other peoples qi.

Why? Because its imbalanced and gross, full of the results of poor diets, unhealthy modern lifestyles and uncleared emotional energy parasites from everything you cling to, from childhood traumas to the bs you watch on tv… so will make you sick.

And vamp book don’t teach you to read energy. If you can’t tead it you can’t “filter” it. Even as a baneful technique I push that crap into the Earth I don’t want to eat it, it’s truly disgusting. They have a cold you get the cold, they have cancer guess what?

And the dumb part is, the best, most abuntantly available qi is right there for the talking from the cosmos, all day every day.

But sure, “vampires”, - who are all not vamps but normal humans playing mind games, - think energy working is drinking from the muddy puddles next to the waterfall :roll_eyes: No thought involved at all, no real intelligent understanding.

I give up. Yes, they’ll teach you this one tiny aspect of energy working without any background in safety or how the energy body actually works.

No I don’t recommend any of them they’re all 95% chaos magick and 5% qigong taken out of context and it’s all twisted so you’ll die early. If you want to do energy working do real energy working. No silly egomaniacal shortcuts.

If you want your target sick just curse her, you can’t get much energy without love anyway.



It’s called “The Big Draw” and is more often practiced by women than men since women are naturally the more receptive partner so it’s easier for them, but you can find the technique in the work of Stephen Chang. Be warned, however, that Chang spouts a lot of ridiculous and dangerous dogma that can actually put your health at risk.


A lot of questions have been solved. Thank U :slight_smile:


I’ve heard of “The Big Draw” before.
Thank you!!!