Black Sun experince

So I downloaded the pdf of Yoga of power, saw the video of EA talking about the black sun.

Last night was my third night in doing the exercise. i admit the first night for a moment I felt chills and a strong tug on my being. since then…nothing really noticeable. maybe i’m not looking at it right, maybe i’m not doing it right I dunno.

I would imagine the entire meditation is about the black sun slowly moving from west to ‘noon’ at the pace of the normal sun. I’ve tried to move that slow, couldn’t keep focus long enough. I tried to imagine a"solar eclipse" like image under a darkened sky. didn’t get the same feeling i did the first night.

I have snapped out of the meditation a few times, not going on to sleep right away and thinking about other things. when i wake up I feel no different, I remember to make the sun “set” even with my limited time to get to work…

I do feel…abit ‘down’ but nothing out of the ordinary other then a slight motivation to fix things. I dunno

Am i missing something?


He experienced that.[quote=“telgega, post:1, topic:16511”]
I do feel…abit ‘down’

Those who Bellow in grief and tears.

I’d keep pushing


Who is he?

I’m pushing through. I’m determined to do this for at least a month. I’m just confused


You’re already getting what he got.

Ah. With any hope this will make me a better healer

Well if you’re expecting your abilities in general to be refined, id test everything afterwards and see what improved.

I would just figur after 3 days I’d notice something more substantial

It may just take a little longer for you. I don’t think he should have said three days as a universal truth.

Yeah. Most likely, it took me a week to ap with Robert Bruces astral dynamics workshop

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Yeah. Keep at it, so far you’ve gotten something

Worked a little harder last night. My focus kept going to different things. But I saw the black sun little more clearly. I also have been getting weird dreams.

Last night’s I was asked to speak to a ghost, Jeff, I think. He was very polite and peaceful. I saw him clearly. Not sure if it’s aping or what

I was thinking, having my double could amp it.

do what now?

So last night I saw a form move in my room…tried to debunk it. It wasn’t a shadow it was a solid thing I live on the second story of the building.

A shadow thing?

Yes just a solid black mass

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Look up pics of shadow people really quick and see if it’s similar, just to be safe

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last night i felt a over whelming sense of dread. I maybe i was asleep maybe i was awake but I know i could see. that was a experience…still doing the meditation though, it seems like it’s getting more difficult to imagine the black sun

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Yup, same thing