Black magick course

Hi everyone,

How do you find Black magick course? Those who tried it, did it work for you?
I’m quite new in practice, so was thinking whether it is good to learn it or to start with a book? For me, books sound good as well but perhaps not as wide informative as the course.

What do you think?

I guess that Works of Darkness may be (more or less) the “book version” of that course, here is the program of the pathworking:

Hi @fapa79, yes I mean this course, thanks. I was wondering feedback about it. How did it work for those who learnt and practised it comparing to books (Evoking Eternity for example).

I’m doing it now and loving it. It’s rich in information, so I’ve watched the vids multiple times before moving on. It’s a really solid foundation course compared to things I’ve done elsewhere.

Thanks for sharing @snorkle. Did you try anything yet? If so, did you see any results or signs that it worked? Just wondering how was it.

I bought

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Hi @Oflameo Did you practice it? Did you find any signs or felt something while practising?

I didn’t finish it yet. I skimmed through the companion book and watched a part of the first video. I am not interested in evoking the demons, I am interested in finding out more about the egregores that want to hang around me.