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How To Resurrect The Most Ancient Sorcery… I Show You Rituals To Connect With The Eternal Lifeforce Of Magick… Because Modern “Magic” Has Forgotten Its Roots And Lost Its Way

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Did you know that ancient sorcerers considered magick a living thing? They would channel its omnipresent lifeforce, listen to its voice, and allow it to reveal its own pathworking. But then in medieval time, Judeo-Christian priests in Europe hijacked this sorcery, demonized it, and invented complicated “mathematical formulas” and equations, whereby the roots of organic magick became lost. Furthermore, these usurpers filtered everything through their Abrahamic religious paradigm—suddenly beautiful, powerful ancient gods and goddesses were slandered as “demons” and “devils” and “evil”.

We stand at a monumental fork in the road today. Do we return to our roots as sorcerers and reconnect with the intuitive force of magick? Or do we pretend that this tedious Judeo-Christian magic is not a fraud? I have already determined for myself that I will go to my grave fighting to resurrect ancient sorcery—and I ask you now to join me.

For this reason, I have created the first Left Hand Pathworking of authentic, ancient black magick in 2015. Let us walk section-by-section through everything that you are going to learn:

Introduction - Section 1

Resurrection of authentic ancient sorcery, rather than the convoluted mathematical equations of modern white magic

Dark Communion - Section 2

Engage in Dark Communion, and connect with magick as the eternal lifeforce of nature

Initiation - Section 3

Initiate yourself with Rites of Liberation and Blasphemy, to smash the shackles of European religions, and open Gateways of Night at the Witching Hour

Consecration Rites - Section 4

Consecrate, clear, and charge necessary magick implements and objects with artisan banishing elixirs, consecration oils, and Voudon powders

Candle Magick - Section 5

Ignite the elemental power of Fire with candle and torch magick; create Portal Candles to engage the nightside

Sympathetic Magick - Section 6

Harness sympathetic magick by crafting personal poppets; how to bind curses, and generate love spells and health charms

Secret Combinations - Section 7

Secret combinations for cumulative magick effects; create contagious spellbindings, as well as spell bags, curse compounds, and Voudon powders.

Baneful Magick - Section 8

Baneful Magick explicitly to kill or hurt human enemies; how to nullify malevolent entities, and trap curses

Balance - Section 9

How to ground and center your psychic energy to avoid becoming unhinged by the power of the Dark Arts

Spirit Contact - Section 10

Engage Sigil and Talisman Magick to connect with astral spirits; become their mouthpiece to channel their voices; scry with clairvoyance and clairaudience into natural water and fire; contact so-called spirits guides and animal totems

Idolatry - Section 11

Perform ancient idolatry to commune with patron and matron gods; anchor their essence to physical idols; enact the oldest method of prophecy and spirit intervention

Shadow Magick - Section 12

Carry out Shadow Magick in secrecy; enact Sanguine and Psychic Vampirism to feed off human volunteers or enemies; enliven Glamour Magick to alter your appearance, and Invisibility Magick; perform Necromancy to commune with the dead

Dark Ascent - Section 13

Undergo the Rite of Full Possession to experience the ultimate Dark Ascent

As you can tell, this is extremely comprehensive. And I demonstrate literally all of this in full-on (1) live performance, (2) explanatory walk-through, and (3) lecture.

If you agree with me, that we black magicians need to exorcise the convoluted Judeo-Christian plague that has infected magick, then I invite you to watch my program, Black Magick: The Left Hand Path right now. And if you sign up this week, you get $149.50 off to save 50% right now. Click the button below:

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