Black magic white magic

A newbie question, even though I’m not a total newbie, strictly speaking.

How is EA and BALG posters defining Black and White magic and what is the difference. I mean magic is magic, what about karma and Crowley’s black brothers? How does that come into it?

Also,Crowley said any magic not un alignment with our HGA deviates and is black and is a no no.


this is a definition i personally subscribe to however i do agree. magick is magick. they both manipulate circumstances and white magick can 90% of time can be considered black magick, when certain things are considered.


White magicians claim to be working in harmony with some higher ethical standard, like “the highest good of all” or will of “god” or something, they usually end up tying themselves in knots about how their omnipotent and omnipresent being made a reality that then needs humans to scurry round fixing or “healing” it, but there are ways or sorting those paradoxes out, if you’re into that kind of thing. :slight_smile:

Black magicians mostly just do what they want, regardless of whether or not some sky daddy appvoes of it… of course that removes the safety nets most of the time, but it also removes the limitations. JMO!

I did a long post with my definitons of Right-Hand Path & Left-Hand Path (which is a slightly different thing) in the post linked below, based heavily on Stephen Flowers’ (to my mind, definitive) book on the subject:


Just read it, brilliant. Totally amoral and pro autonomy which is man and woman’s natural state yknow Rousseau’s noble savage. In short, beyond good and evil but evil in general is caused by “moral” “religious” conditioning and restrictions.

So of all people Crowley was RHP, well well well, karma my ass, there goes Deepak Chopra. Poor Deepak, I like him.