Black Flame = Qliphothic Aura?

From my personal experience, the Black Flame is the Qliphothic aura, the negative to the light body’s positive. I know there are several theories out there as to what the Black Flame is, but in my opinion it is the “light” body that allows you to travel into the Qliphothic realms without having your true light body vampirized in the first two spheres. Once one gets all the way to Thaumiel, you can travel freely among the day side and night side of the Tree of Life, the Black Flame operating on the night side, and the Light Body operating on the day side.

There is still much I need to learn, but this is my current gnosis.

Have you had a similar experience of the Black Flame?


Not being a kabbalist, I don’t know what this is. For I and others here who have not heard of such a thing, can you full us in on what defines it, and the black flame? The comparison might help.

As an energy worker and qigong practitioner, who sees an “aura” as the radiation given off by the energy body, I don’t have a place in my models of reality that explains why the light body would have a negative, but I’m unclear on your definition of “light body”.

I follow a more taoist view of the subtle bodies: and they are all made of energy (aka “light”)

  1. Qi or energy body
  2. Mental body
  3. Emotional body
  4. Astral form (usually, this is the “light body”)
    (…And higher forms from here, these are all used for incarnation, other forms do not need them)

Aura is not in this list as it’s not a body at all but only the radiation given off of these bodies collectively.

In this model, as the black flame is an internal aspect of the qi or energy body, it is not related to the astral form, and the astral form does not have a “dark” negative, as darkness is only the absence of energy is hardly a useful concept.

Darkness as a judgement of behaviour is also not appropriate here as there’s nothing inherently bad IMO about the shadow self, and if you want to choose to characterize shadow work as sin then that’s fine, but it’s still inseparable from the core form.

So this:

It’s all you. Being you. You’re can put on a costume or change your perception of your appearance… if you want I guess but I put that in the category of posing for the sake of enjoying the aesthetic. It has no practical advantage.

Personally I’m just me, wherever I go, and I’ve been through the Qlippoth and it’s me too, and no just “getting the thaumiel” isn’t a silver bullet to self understanding that opens all the day tree doors as well, the workings take honest self discovery and hard work, none of it is free, and you really want to do it repeatedly to fully reach all your corners.

So all in all I suppose see this as an idea rooted in a kind of poetic treatment of a dualism that I don’t believe in.

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From my experience the black flame is more like a shimmering a dark flame, in a way it’s both light and darkness, it illuminates the unconscious. Which is the purpose of the qlippoth.

I’ve used some incantations by VK Jehannum to strengthen the flame, and I found my energy centers being strengthened between 2 pillars. Not specifically the qlippoth but reality as a whole

I see the aura as the energy body itself. I don’t see the black flame as a given though. Rather I think it is given to one by the beings that inhabit the nightside. The Four Kings of hell mainly (Belial, Lucifer, Satan, and Leviathan).

I see it as an important first step before one enters the Qliphoth.

Yes you’ve made it very clear you are not a dualist. Funnily enough, Thomas Karlson views dualism as a necessary belief in order to initiate through the Qliphoth.

That’s interesting, did he say why? I found these to manifest to my consciousness as landscapes, peopled with entities I might sometimes know, nothing I came across required a black and white, good or bad, point of view.

He didn’t really say why. All he really said was one must accept good and evil to be very real forces before one commences this work. I’m paraphrasing. It was in his Kabbalah, Qliphoth and Goetic magick book.

Ok, can you think of a reason why you’d incorporate this into your worldview then? I mean you don’t normally seem the type to adopt someone else’s position without a thought out reason? Or do you just adhere to the concept of duality anyway so there’s no reason to question such an opinion?

I view duality the same way I view free will. While they may not be fundamentally true, I find them to be useful mental constructs to operate under.

While in deep meditation, duality seems fine and beautiful to transcend, but day to day, evil is a very real force that must be contended with, both on an inner and outer level.


That explains it. I don’t believe in evil either… I see goals being busted by someone else’s goals, and labels attached to whoever’s goals the viewer agrees with more. But that’s not a force it’s just what it is.

From that logic, you don’t believe in Good either. Am I correct?

Correct. “Good” means the person judging has a positive emotional reaction to the outcome.

Conversely if I tried to agree evil exists then I see these goal conflicts in everything, all the time, so it starts to be that there’s no such thing as a non evil human, as everything is in conflict with everything else, and good gets overridden instantly. I’m evil to the bacteria I just killed cleaning my kitchen counter. But that was good for me and I chose to write mass obituaries on them all anyway because fuck them. :woman_shrugging: Sorry not sorry? It’s a shot hop from there to being all, anticosmic, I :heart: Ahriman time. :slight_smile:


I am lately getting this suspicion that conscious existence in it’s whole boils down to Kabbalah in it’s entirety with the Qliphoth side being the ultimate test if you are a king/ queen or a slave to the chaos. I am being molded and pushed into the Qliphoth currently by any spiritual or philisophical interest I pick up, so I am well aware that this might also be my (temporary) bias.

But yeah, although there are so many views and opinions as to what the black flame actualy is, I do think the black flame is directly linked to the black sun, the nightside of Tipharet. Perhaps an emanation of the black sun we can use as inspirational energy. Perhaps the driving force that pulls you in and propels you forth to either become another slave or face (and food) for the universe or to trancend.

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The qlipoth is by its very nature feminine and dark as of primordial in its nature.

The sephirot has been also considered being build out of or either being partly nurtured by the qlipoth. It is the masculine principle of will of emenation and creation the spirit.

But the qlipoth the dark divine feminine wich will allow you to begeth contact and actualization to your deepest primordial essence the soul within you. By going beyond the emenations, what has been allready created and known, so it starts to retract your aura your flame being more and more negative and dark in its nature. Because black is absorbing, magnetising and has all the spectrums of colors as one inside of it so it has everything allready in it what you know and what you dont know.

So that will allow you to further integrate and absorb all the essence and attunements youll need to ascend or finish this great work at your pace. White would only repell or deflect much of such energys. The qlipoth essentially like you sait prepares your field in the first two qliphas to being conducive for further integrations youll face when going deeper into this qlipothic essence and transmutations.

It will make you very dark feminine, , receptive, intuitive,trough this process and desolvement of unecessary emenations in this undertaking.

So i think you are onto something when talking about that the first two spheres namaah and lilith seem to take all the “positives” out of you

And establish even more your “dark”-“negative” flame/aura.


This is True. When I visualize the Qliphothic Darkness or even the Black Flame, it comes across as black first, but soon reveals itself to be more of a rainbow with all colours at once. It is truly spectacular.

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Your insights into the Black Flame and its connection to the Qliphothic aura are intriguing. This topic has various interpretations, and your perspective adds depth to our understanding.


Much appreciated. Have you any insights on the matter?

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In astrology Saturn is said to bestow the black flame energy around your body and he’s known as the king or the kingdom of the dark world which can be compared to the qliphoth. He’s said to give the black flame when someone’s eyes loses its light thus blindness occur. eyes represent the soul- Sun and Moon -Mind. Left side is sun, right side is moon

Venus the most initiated one into the kingdom of darkness, she has one eye pierced, the left one.

You can try it and ask the black magician heavily involved into the darkness current, just ask them about their eyesight. He may be in his 20s but eyesight would be terrible.

I don’t think it is body that allows you to navigate through the darkness side of the tree. I think it’s the energy that confers you the legitimacy/authority to interact with them. You only travel with the bodies Mulberry said.

You can travel on the other side without the black flame but if you aren’t strong, those entities will afflict your mind

Very true, I did an astral travel on Saturn, that was the most peaceful place I ever experience. It was beautiful, calm, peaceful and orderly



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