Black flame awakening

Hello there some of my friends ask me something accordingly to their own experiences and they are completely novice to lhp and according to him he’s always getting in trouble to have any results to any magical workings he did although he always maintain in good frame of mind doesn’t did anything wrong that would hinder the manifestation of particular spell.

Until he ask me whether the black flame awakening could increase the potency magically of any spell or ritual he take because he doesn’t seem successful at all to any spell at all is this might be helpful to him?

Some members here tried for years before they got results. He should keep working on himself, learning about himself, inside and out, and he will then understand why his energy isn’t manifesting.

I don’t think the black flame exercise will change his results, myself, but that’s only because I did it and it had no effect on me. It’s probably a good idea for him to practice magick often and that’s as good an exercise as any.

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