Black cat followed me home last night

What is the symbolism of a pitch black cat following you home after you get done talking about conspiracies for an hour?

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Scottish lore says its a sign of prosperity from sith

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Sith? Scottish lore?

You sure about that? :wink:

Not in the least

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It crossed mine and my fathers path and came in to sleep with us after we cursed it as a bad omen… Well he did I thought it was some spectacular physical manifestation of the angel azazel or Lucifer or some shit. His name is bob cat

I got him contact high on some cubensies :joy::joy::joy:bob cat was rooollliiinnnnnnnn

But he had a good time, gave him some provolone and a blanket to curl up under

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Him/her idek

Awwww that’s cuuuutte


Take the cute little fur ball to a vet and make sure it’s not microchiped. After that you can get gender, spay/neuter and decide on keeping it.

Right now it could be someone elses.

Aside from all that Black cats are very interesting as in there are about 15 species of cat that can carry the genetics for black fur. Scientists also feel (no 100% evidence yet) that these genes could help with human sickness because it is thought black cats have some genetic immunities to common diseases.

To find out if a random cat following you is a sign, ask. Have you tried talking to the cats higher self? Or even talking to your guides about the cat?

If you keep it make sure your father doesn’t go off and do something stupid and horrible to the cute little critter.


The sign?

The sign is feed my peoples.



All of the above. But I couldn’t put my finger on who it was. I definitely got a deified impression from it but I don’t have a name besides maybe sith

Maayyybe azazel

If it’s well fed, it might be someone’s pet and they’re going out their mind.

Check locally, ask in shops and watch for lost cat posters.

Cats are dumb food whores sometimes.


Yea but he wasn’t even in a residential area I slept in a storage condo last night in the middle of an industrial complex. He’s not here anymore but I’m sure hes outside somewhere waiting for us

i don’t think a cat following you home means anything. Stray cats follow people all the time and it doesn’t have to have any meaning beyond that. It’s like dreams. Sometimes, a dream has no more significance than just being a natural function of the mind.

Reading significance into everything is a sure way to court insanity, which is why Alistair Crowley would immediately award someone the highest grade in his order if they took a vow to do so, because the person is essentially opting for permanent schizophrenia.


We had literally just got done talking about not reading into signs too much when it walked right up to us

Like it was some kind of joke played on us by higher ups

Tell me that’s not something else

It could be, or it is just a coincidence. Contrary to popular belief, they do happen sometimes.

It only ceases to be a coincidence in repetition. if you go out and about, and are again followed by a black cat, then there might be significance to it, especially since black cats are not the most common.

If you talk about someone and the phone rings and it is the person you were talking about, it’s a coincidence. If it happens again, then you start paying attention.

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