Black candle substitute?

Hello there!
I hate to have to be here talking about this, but it is how it is, unfortunately.
The people I live with absolutely despise black candles.
I have talked to them about it, but they are very closed-minded and we ended up arguing every time.
I don’t wanna get them either without them knowing, ultimately because I do not wish to argue.
So, what is a good substitute for black candles in rituals and spells?
Thanks in advance.

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Color doesn’t really matter.
They used tallow (animal fat), oil or beeswax candles when the old grimoires were written because that’s all they had, and they did just fine.


White candles or red candles are generally good substitutes.

However, as @Mulberry said, unless you are working within a system in which colour correspondences are considered important, it usually doesn’t matter. I have used sky blue candles to evoke spirits of all sorts, including demons, and currently have two white candles dedicated to King Paimon.


I always felt like purple was a fair alternative if I really felt the need for black cuz. I can’t ever find black locally and it always seemed expensive to ship them and inconvenient, but purple? The dollar store always has something and well if you’ve ever made candles and shot for black, odds are you made at least one mistake and got purple instead. It’s a bit of a science to create black wax and not just have it be coated on the outside with black.

But I rarely rarely care about candle color. I don’t even use them that often anymore, but when I do, I really probably just want a flame, that or I’m doing something major, pushing a lot of my own energy and I just care about how it burns and what happens to the shape of it and the wax as it burns.

Honestly, if I was able to visualize I’d pretend it was another color if it mattered to me, I can’t but if you can’t get rid of the needs to be a color thing, I don’t see why you couldn’t pretend and make it so that it’s what you want in your mind. A lot of this magic shit happens within the mind anyways, the way I see it.


Thank you for sharing your recommendations, I appreciate it!
Now I can move on to the ritual from the book Works Of Darkness, and might journal my experiences later, because I am loving this magickal experience :grinning:

Use white candles. White is the all-purpose candle color.