Bit of a story regarding Ochs

Gonna try to be brief because people can’t seem to understand when I’m not.

My people used to do a form of demonolatry before being colonized. Stop.
When I and my elder brother were kids, we didn’t realize we were following the old way in connecting with local spirits and other such things. Stop.
This was before the internet. Stop.
We even had a black and white TV for part of the time. Although other folks did have color. We were just poor.

Anyway, so my brother connected with a spirit who said his name was “Miya Kyana”. My brother told me this literally meant “life and death”. And the demon revealed to my brother a sigil, and my bother would wear this sigil everywhere.

I remember my father being very upset when he realized we’d gotten this sigil. Very upset. But my father’s been around the block a few hundred times so I dunno.

Then my brother went to jail and now we’re estranged. For the best, I promise. That was a couple of lifetimes ago anyway.

Anyway. Over the years I’ve always known I had a deep connection with M’och. My ehr… husband for lack of a better term. And now I’m married to a man who has certain memories, and we’re just like okay. You’re M’och. Got it. I have so many theories on what it means, but I figure if I find out no one’s gonna care so whatever.

But the other day I stumbled across a page, a lonely page, that revealed the sigil of… Och Rochs. Which is the symbol my brother wore. Exactly.

Maybe my brother got it from a book… although… we didn’t really have access to much in the woods like that.

And I just dunno what to make of it really. I’ve tried to find more than the 4 pathetic lines I can find on the 'net but no luck. I need to know more. Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (grabs tea, drinks it, wanders off)


I had a few truly weird “coincidences” that also left me questioning my sanity and whether I just found something from a book then completely forgot about it.

Then I remember the town I was raised in and the small library and how I lovingly pored over every book with any occult knowledge, even well-researched fiction, to the extent I still remember most verbatim, and know I did not.

One example I’m going to hold out to you regarding this is my use of an elevator to access spirit worlds, which I made up in my own mind as “logical” (I was pre-teens kid), and the use of a tree, pillar, or other central axis which is used to go upwards or downwards in core shamanism.

Which is derved from study of traditional shamanic practices round the world, many of which are taught in some degree of secrecy. But I went looking and found that, and so have othger people on here who used similar imagery, uncoached and completely spontaneously.

Why did we all find this? Because it’s there - like, if you walk far enough on any place on earth, you will reach the ocean. Some places may take longer than others, some places that ocean may be made of ice, but it WILL happen.

Because it’s there - it’s real.

I suggest to you that not only is this sigil a match, your brother was given one that you would find later down the line for a reason, and that you should investigate that reason.

Failing to do so is the magickal equivalent of Fleming noticing the mold spores had killed his bacteria, and deciding this meant he needed a grow a new culture - and nothing more.

Could be your job to summon this spirit, ask it for more, and make a post for them, here and/or elsewhere?

Lots of us on here have done things like this, you can also ask others to evoke or travel to that spirit and share their perceptions, the closest magick gets to peer-testing. :smiley:

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Well in this town our library - when I could go. My mother would refuse to take me. - had had all their occult books stolen by the local Satanist/Devil Worshiping gang. Every one. And the library was not driven to add new occultic books. See this is from the days of the Halloween scare. Way back.

So while I know my brother maybe had a friend of a friend maybe, the friends we all hung around didn’t have access to that kind of knowledge. Which is why I’ve been scratching my head over that portion.

Ha! That would be why I braved this post - braved the scoffing, the better than thou 'tude someone always feels fit to hand over, the possibility of being ignored, the thoughts that I’m simply wasting my time with people in general. :wink:

… and dammit my M&Ms just spilled out of their bag. I’m being punished for not asking properly I take it.

I took a nap today and tried to summon but no luck. I’ve also got the blues today, and that interferes with reach so I guess I’ll have to wait until I feel better for that one.

As for others: if anyone is willing to poke at the guy and ask I wouldn’t turn it down of course. But asking feels like an imposition, although I have asked such things of others in the past.

Judging by the scant description it would be neat if I could call upon him. I’m simply not shining the way I feel I should be.

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It happens.

Can you link the stuff you found on him?

It’s been a week or two since I found the sigil, and already failed in finding that page. So what I found today was this one:

It says things a little differently from the first page I found, which had indicated he was very good at getting people to be… um… glamorously loved? I guess that’s a way to paraphrase it.

Also there’s this which says the same thing.

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From here the first thing I noticed was his solar connection, as I also have noticed I have a very very strong solar connection.

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Okay this is suddenly relevant to my interests:

Solar interests are administered by OCH, who prolongs life to six hundred years, with perfect health therein. He imparts great wisdom, gives excellent (familiar) spirits, composes perfect medicines, converts any substance into the purest of metals, or into precious stones; he also bestows gold and a purse, quaintly described by the English translator of the Arbatel as “springing with gold.” He causes the possessor of his character to be worshipped as a god by the kings of the whole world.
— Arthur Edward Waite, The Book of Black Magic[1]

Not the money thing, though always nice, rather the solar links… :thinking:

Also, take a look at this, looks like a possible connection?

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Here is my experience with that particular Olympic spirit:


Ze’al chakra is associated with magenta. Magenta is associated with the Sun, rapid manifestation, among other things, and is the colour of Och’s seal in the Wikipedia link above.

It’s also arguably linked to new aeon ascent (for those of us who believe in this) and the Sun played a large role in that during my own work, here.


thank u lady eva.

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OH wow, I read over there and got very tickled about it. Never knew that about the Taus!! And ironic that would be linked considering… things…

So looking at the posts linked I found myself even more interested. DarkestKnight, I also say the 'ch" sound - but more glutteral. The O is more nasal, which I think is why I’ve been saying “Moch” all these years. It’s not mooch or moche. It’s mohnk. But not monk. Very nasal and strong sounding. At least to me.

Is it possible to be linked to a demon or god and just not realize that’s what was going on for most of your life? Now that’s a book to write for sure.

I’ve looked around to see if there are any other books that might mention him but no dice. If he’s the same spirit I’ve been “dancing around” for so long, man. I’ve got portraits and portraits I’ve drawn. I even was putting this symbol in one of my comics!

I wonder if anyone else has managed to summon him and gotten a clear image?

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