Birds flying into windows?

Sorry for the weird question, so within the last week I’ve had 2 birds hit my same window in my house on the 2nd floor. Once today while I was at work, and once last Friday when I walked outside it flew right behind me full blast into the window. If this helps, the bird is flying into the window facing south, it’s directly south on the dot. Just wondering :grin:

Perhaps someone windexed it too well? Those commercials where the birds cannot see that the glass is there because it is too clean are the first thing that comes to mind for me.

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It’s an unreachable window that we haven’t been able to touch in the 5 years we’ve lived here. Our living room has a big opening and it’s hitting up there, here I’ll show you.

The window at the top

Thunderstorms recently?

Hasn’t rained since the 23rd on the day of the ritual.

High voltage powerlines nearby?

That happened to my Grandma a lot.

We’re pretty secluded.

A change is coming and things are aligning. Only you know what this change is.
Good luck on your journey.

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I’ve had a random toad chilling at my front door, mass spiders coming to me, and now these birds, I’ve ruled out mundane effects.

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Perhaps the birds both had strokes mid flight? I know that birds flying into the house were often seen as an omen of death, but I am not sure the same would apply in this instance. Maybe a case of advancing technology (glass) protecting you from impending death if that still applies.

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Birds are like humans…some are far to fond of their reflection, others will chase after anything that looks like it might mate (even if it is it’s own reflection), and some just aren’t as bright as others (bless the poor dumb dears).

I’d put it down to science in this case.

BTW, did anyone else pick up the energy/entity in the lower right corner of the room?

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They both lived, it fell into a bush so I picked up a stick and poked at it and it flew into a neighboring tree, I also have a whole family of cardinals that live in my front tree. I’ve always seen that as interesting

In the foyer? @crystalline_shadow

Yup yup, tall dark being, billowing robes, powerful but non-threatening

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As soon as you sent that message about the entity my living room lit up with so much energy I felt it flow through me so much, I couldn’t see anything because sadly I’m mostly at the moment clairaudience but working on my senses, I made greetings before going up to bed

I get the “bodyguard” impression from the energy.

What did you hear?

Nothing then, but I wasn’t really paying concentration either