Binding/Tying/Linking someones chakras to yours?

I have heard you can bind someone else’s chakras to yours and vise versa and it will make them be attached to, attracted to, and desire you and only you but I cannot find a ritual for this. How is this done? Is it at all possible to do this.?

Lastly I’ve also heard they’re are ways to make someones chakras explode for you? Is this any different? and if so how is this done?

Thanks ~ John

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Why would you want to do it? There is only ONE scenario when it brings ideal results and the rest of the scenarios are doomed in the long run. So by these thoughts, why would want to do it? Not only that but you do realize you are talking about binding, right?


I mean, if you want to know binding spell you need pictures or something for that. But at the end of the day, there are many ways to do it.

I’ve heard it has good effects and I’d like to learn how it’s done. What is the only scenario it ends up going well?

I also would like to learn this to increase my own knowledge.

I have heard that if you imagine the person, then imagine an energy line going from one of your chakras to their chakra ( example: your 2nd chakra to their 2nd chakra ) then you can establish an energy connection between you and them, and manipulate them, such as feeding them energy, emotions, thoughts, and also taking these from them

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Thank you! Any candles or sigils I should use along this you know of?

Red can be used for Attraction, Lust, and energy, as well as other things. ( Positive attributes
The negative is hate, rage, violence, etc.
It depends on your intention and emotions which can be sent into the target person.
This link gives some ideas on candle color

My goal is to send my target love lust and obssesion and gain total devotion on all levels.

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I wish you success.

I don’t know specifically HOW it’s done but I’ve had my own blended with another’s in travel. I didn’t initiate it and I was remote viewing it at the same time. Each of our chakras was a different color too, from the normal color associations and when blended turned black. Then we sort of connected into one being.

I’m not sure the positives or negatives as I didn’t know this sort of thing was possible at the time. I would imagine there would be both though. It’s irrelevant at this point since it’s been taken care of but I know it CAN be done.

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I’d love to know how it is done.

If you must, do you have picture of the other person?what kind of possible ritual instruments do you have at your disposal?

I have a picture yes. I have candles of all colors and am getting charcoal and incense. I also have yarn as well as string. I have drawling instruments as well and am willing to get what ever else I need.

stupid question but do you have a picture of yourself?

Yes I do

Do you have anything from the target for example, hair or something like that?

Voodoo Photo Magick by Graham Deagle shows how to use photos to bind someone to you.
Can be purchased at Amazon Kindle


Hmmmmmmm. From what’s coming to my mind, I’d tread carefully here.

Theoretically, merging/binding your chakras and your victim’s chakras could induce a deep connection and bond, I fear the law of unintended consequences will come out in full force here. Chakras are not for messing with. And I, on principle, completely oppose any type of love spell (which, in essence, this is). Not because of free will, but because of the very many ways it can go very, very wrong. The only way it would work out is if the victim essentially becomes a robot, doing only what you program it to do.

I would strongly recommend finding better ways to accomplish what you want. I can give some ideas. And there are many here, so much better and experienced than I am, who can give advice. It may involve more work, but the consequences will be much better.

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That I dont not but may be able to obtain.