Bind a partner from relationships with a certain gender/sex

Angel I had a question for you
In ur post:
Sorry I am going off topic for a sec but
I saw your reply to the gay spell thread
But it’s locked and I had a question
I want to know how you bind a lover from having partnerships with a certain gender since u said you did it, you could pm me if you want? again I’m sorry anyone else who knows how to do this please respond if there’s a chant I’ll use it too

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Just to clarify you are asking how to make it to where someone does not have an interest in the chosen gender permanently?

Based off the thread that question stemmed from, yes.

Yeah so how do you go abou this?
Could u make a chant for me to use since my magick is verbal usally

There’s no way a chant would accomplish something like that.

You’re talking about changing a fundamental part of someone’s nature here.

I’m remembering that thread now.

Okay well simple things?
Maybe Angel had a spell for it

So much has changed about me since then. I will give you no such thing. People aren’t robots.


Oh okay, how do you do it though?

Temporarily cases?

I just told you I will not tell you. It’s not worth it. It’s never permanent anyways and how many times do you want to cast the same thing? It won’t last.


Yeah I’d try it anyways

What was done was not keeping someone from being attracted to a certain gender if I recall correctly.

It was a lust spell put on someone of the same gender who normally would not be attracted to the same gender.

Lust spells are always temporary if you don’t keep them up.

You have to do you’re own work if you want anything this complicated.

Reread the other post, there were ways listed there.

Besides asking for demons help and using a sigil

No it was. But it was very temporary. I’ve done it but I don’t think I will again.


Now then, do what you want, but I will give you no such help. I will not respond.

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My mistake. If it had been permanent you would have discovered every homophobic hate preachers dream.

Just a lust spell? Do you verbally say I bind u from the gender of _____ also?

I understand I guess it’s just because it wasn’t a moral thing…must of hurt once it started to work