Bias and "white light shit" ~Is buddhism potentially harmful to use?

Currently am looking into japanese stuff, but cant ignore the huge load of buddhist shit in there.

~Very prominent is the heart sutra, in relation for exorcisms and blessings and shit.

But personally, i cant really stand buddhism.
All they wanna do is to kill themselves, everything about themselves physical and spiritual, until nothing but the tiny fart of divinity is left.
~in a state without desire or perception. Disgusting.

I know. The whole selfdestruction is objective, but my dislike is subjective.

Anyway, the point of this rambling is that i seek to utilize japanese ways on gettign shit done. ~Would it be a short- or long-term problem if i used buddhistic material occaisonally?

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If its a problem at all, could i counter it by doing some gestures towards Mara?

Nothing wrong with using any material occasionally

No need to take on everything you look into

If something is helpful, take the helpful snippet and throw out the rest if you feel it’s BS


You might want to check out a book called “Hardcore Zen” by Brad Warner.

It doesn’t have all the fluff or woo that a lot of contemporary books about bhuddism do.

Personally that book helped me a lot in my early twenties and even now snippets of it help me out.


Heart sutra means supposedly: “Form is emptiness (śūnyatā), emptiness is form.”

That itself doesnt have to be bad, as the universes each are in some void-egg thingies. ~I just felt this disgust when i considered the buddhist intention behind those words.

I know its not the best idea to look for translators and historians for magical material -as that ends up with Anthony Cummins (yes thats his real name) giving out talismans without means to charge them.
~But magic in japan is historic, with the onmiyoji having been practicing a weird mix of shinto, buddhist, taoist and other stuff.

BTW: taoism is hardly a religion, its a umbrella term for a lot of schools of thought.

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they had a literal ministry of magic a few hundred years ago.
~so i felt, despite Anthony seemingly not practicing, that he could still provide actual information.

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Try kuji in, void ninjutsu magic. Is the magic that allow ninjas to use the darkness, the void and the elements. Has its own mantras and mudras and excellent for LHP. Ninjas were mostly Killers in secret clans and kunoichis deadly femmes fatales


Cummins actually wrote about that… ~but sure, i already wondered what i will spend my last money on, food or books. I guess books then.

in Anthony’s book “the dark side of japan” the kuji chants are part of the material

Can’t read the books unless you take care of yourself! Probably can find much online while still eating

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About the use of buddhistic material, according to Evola in his “Doctrine of awakening”, some elements are common to other paths too and suitable for, to make 2 examples, pursuing mundane goals or even a demonic ascent.

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i manage to fast for about 5 days on average.
~tip: if you fast, take acaffeine, it will be much more painful, but also give you a manic predatory focus.

Oh yes, lots to be said for fasting

But is it fasting if you force yourself out of necessity or more effective to choose to fast out of choice?

I fast sometimes, but I need to keep myself grounded too or I end up missing what I’m looking for floating around and it gets confusing then from what is my own bullshit and what is my own wisdom :joy:

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i could eat now, and would have t ofaster later.
i own less than 70 bucks. all im doing is delaying things.

Maybe manifesting an income or food might be a good idea? Sounds kinda risky :sweat_smile: give yourself what you need to do what you want

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i did a few rituals, and had before hand applied to dozens of individual job offers. So far nothing.

Its like im not even “worthy” enough to stock up shelves or clean toilettes or work a cash register, to those oh-so-fine people.

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a friend kept insistign that my root chakra jsut needs to be fixed,
but the moment i started excessively chantign chakra seeds, parasites and "over-charged"ness got more frequent.

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Well that’s bullshit right there isn’t it?

Don’t tell yourself that crap :poop:

Law of attraction is quite good for overcoming these hurdles. It’s what I know best so I’ll go with it for recommending in this case

“I @OddEmanation AM worthy of (whatever you wanna do) and decent folk HAVE hired me”

Fixed! Now feel it… soon it comes!

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Root chakra deals with the basics tho, even before bothering with chanting I would work with it by tackling the physical needs

That’s just how I would do it though… as an option

im pissed at myself. I should be stronger, to break and bend them damn atheists and christians, who make things needlessly difficult,
and each ounce of well deserved aggression im supposed to gulp down, as those cowards would hide behind thugs with badges, guns and bulletproof vests, if i did not.

I also dont like, that i had to call up demons to take care of some people for me. ~I dislike that i was not strong enough to take care of it myself.

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You are strong enough! Stop telling yourself your weak! It’s BS that doesn’t serve you does it??

Really not much need to take care of anyone but yourself rn

Always easier to change yourself and affect yourself than affect others

Tbh I do things that way bc it’s just so much easier :joy:

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