Bias and "white light shit" ~Is buddhism potentially harmful to use?

Faith alone is not enough. I spend 2 years with some cult’s current,
and i wasted so much time, tihnking i was some godspawn, boosting corona and slaughtering angels. I had faith. No no worldly success. Only advanced eggregores and parasites.

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Faith alone isn’t enough. Totally agree

Belief + action makes the difference

No good just sitting there hoping

You gotta feel it as real as already having it and take steps you’d take as if you’re already where you wanna be

And never mind on the cult thing. It happens. I’ve done it… we freed ourselves… unless we wallow in bitterness and regret instead of simply moving onwards

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I didnt, really free myself. I was abandoned because of lies.
~then those same traitors said that the gods lied to us, and left me even more confused. Only months later, did i start putting the pieces together.

I, was loyal. Not them. Yet my loyalty was only taken advantage of.
The eggregores who i loved for years, are now my familiars, but lesser evils still haunt me.

well i did plenty of wealth rituals…so…

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Well it’s easy to be taken advantage of

But that’s done and however it happened sounds like it was in your favour in the end to not continue with the cult

I don’t think it’s doing stuff and hoping and accepting disappointment that gets you anywhere

I think you gotta get tough on yourself to have some confidence and trust things to happen that you’re after

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My mom worked with an elderly man who was a self-proclaimed Buddhist. She described him as…difficult to work with at times. Not aggressive, more like childish and immature. I don’t think that’s how a Buddhist must act.

I think Buddhism is weird. The elimination of the ego is to me an act of self mutilation. And they call it spirituality. It makes no sense to me, but as far as I know, Buddhism doesn’t do the same things as the abrahamic religions do. I don’t agree with Buddhism, but as long as it’s followers don’t harass or abuse others, I’m fine with it.

However, ideologies tend to bring out some of the more pretentious and immature aspects of some people.


I think it all depends on the school of Buddhism one follows. Buddhist sorcery is pretty potent, but is only a part of certain schools, for example.


I have a family member who took it up. They’re kinda very different to that you described but I would just say maybe very RHP… ? I think maybe it’s a RHP (Buddhism?)

Is it still a good habit if you force yourself out of bed on time/early?

Imo, both are valid.

Fasting is one of many tools in many traditions the world over.

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I don’t disagree it’s a good habit

Just waver on if choice makes it more effective as a practice

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It has its uses, mainly for teaching meditation. I was involved in Vietnamese Buddhism (which is more of the Mahayana school) and Japanese Zen Buddhism. Both were useful for teaching me more of the active form of meditation (where one maintains the meditative state while moving) which really amped up my magic, as well as my fighting skills. I do not agree with the dogma of the faith, so I left that and took what was useful with me. I have yet to explore Buddhist sorcery as of right now.

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Is bhuddism about not being human?

Or is it about acknowledging and embracing our humanity and it’s flaws?

To be clear, I think there’s a lot that I find annoying about bhuddism as it seems to be practiced to some extent.

It’s supposed to be “the middle way” but what I see doesn’t seem very middle of the way a lot of the time, and there’s a lot of “love and light” kind of shit going on.

I imagine it does.

Funnily enough I’m on kind of a fast right now. Broke it for a couple days but I’m back on track.


No particular reason, I just felt that it’s what I need to do

Also, it could be tied to some spiritual stuff, but I dunno. Why overthink it?

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no, not really. You see, siddhartha gautamo lived around the early days of jainism. ~Jainism is extreme compared to buddhism. They use feathers to brush the ground in front of themselves, to never even step unto a ant.

That is why buddhism is called the middle path.


I know their belief is that “greed is the seed of all evil” and some believe that and wonder why their money magick doesn’t work ! I always believe we are here as humans to want material things work towards them and enjoy the luxuries of life ! I would never be apologetic for that ! It’s the same with emphasis on thinking positive all the time , I loved how Damon brand says in one of his book that “we are complexed humans and we are supposed to feel all emotions not just happiness all the time” !

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[quote=“crookedpathfinder, post:31, topic:141797”]

Is bhuddism about not being human?

Yeah, kinda. From what I’ve read, the very basis of Buddhism is that desire creates suffering, and that enlightenment comes from dissolving the self into the totality of the universe.

In a more moderated form, you could say its about being calm, level headed, and disciplined enough to not give into one’s emotions.

No, it’s literally about getting rid of the very things that make us human; desire and a sense of self. But if someone chooses to do that, and they don’t force it on to other people, then I see no problem with it.

However, tons of people get involved with various spiritualities and ideologies that are supposed to make them better people, and end up becoming intolerable A holes because they don’t follow the actual teachings. They just say the do because they like how it makes them look, at least to themselves. I met the guy a few times, and he wasn’t exactly a monk if you know what I mean.

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pretty much.
~ever read about the heights siddhartha was said to have risen?
Supposedly he went but not limited to…

sphere: of endless mind
sphere: of endless space
sphere: of endless perception
sphere: beyond perception and non-perception

If you reeeeaallly would want to follow into his footsteps, then you end up a unconscious sliver of divinity. No desire, no perception, no action, no time.

Buddhism and the mindfulness that spilled over to my country is poison to me. The premise that the status quo is perfect by definition makes me initially react by saying Zamasu was right, before rejecting the string of words as meaningless. Another gem, "no one will love you until you love yourself" just makes me say love is a spook and doesn’t exist.

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thats not how buddhism works, you make it sound like its anti materialism, its not, it just teaches that theres something higher one can reach if he wants


i dont think so, and before you reach that level you got a looong way to go, so i wouldnt worry