Beyond Possibility- Ryce's Journal

thats great to hear :slight_smile: If you did decide to kill them though, you wouldnt see me shedding a tear, thats for sure. People like that are the worst kind of human

So Was in your head? Or did you see it when you opened your eyes? How was this perceived?

I guess you could say that it was ‘in my head’. I was meditating with my eyes closed. Then out of that darkness came everything above ^

However I wasnt aware of my physical body. Instead my awareness was with that experience. There was actually the feeling of physical movement and depth and air and such. Very vivid.

okay awesome, just wondering

While doing the Blue Ray meditation recommended by EA, I felt the heat of candles fire in my head. Like there was a flame in my skull where my third eye would be, where the Ray was entering. The warmth spread throughout my head. Very interesting. I guess I aspected and became too much like the flame when I was focusing and chanting >.> or something.


My neighbor died. I live in a condo, and for a while Ive had the nagging thought that she was going to die soon. So I tell my dad one night as we were talking and catching up, and then a week later there are lots of people here packing up her stuff. O.O She was like 60-something, still had some time to live.

When I told my father the news he was like “WHAT”

I just nodded.

This has been the 3rd person on my floor to die since I moved in last year. The second case that I called out flat and told someone about.

Ive been getting back to my roots more and more with chi and energy work. It has been really nice, and since I started really going at it earnestly Ive noticed several effects to my overall health. Ive been healthier! My day to day pain that I go through has been dulled -not completely gone, but there is a noticeable difference-, and my chronic asthma has lessened. I still need my inhaler from time to time, but this time last year (and years before that) Ive needed control meds to keep it under control as fall moves in. I looked at the prescription dates of last years meds, and they were filled a month ago, last year. I havent felt the need to get them refilled, but I am def. not going to wait it out. If I feel I need to go to the doctor, I will! I just havent felt this great in a while. I hope as I continue my practice it keeps up.

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Ranty post about personal shit. Going to use magic to try remove the toxic elements.

So I have been very lax with my psychic self defense lately. Everything has been going ‘good’ for that matter, but now situations I thought I had banished are rearing their ugly head again. More specifically my manipulative mom.

She has put it in my brothes head, my once homeless brother that I took in last year, that I am using him for $$$ and he is paying me far too much money. Bitch, the rent is 440 and some change a month if the Association Fee is higher than usual. Here finding a place that is not in the drug slums for less than 5-600 dollars a month (and those places still are very… shady) is next to impossible. I am doing my brother a favor. He has a roof over his head, I even bought him a fucking bed for crying out loud! Not just any bed. I took him to the mattress store last year and told him to pick any bed that he wanted. With the caveat that it is not a gift, and he will pay me back for it, but you need a place to sleep! One year later, I havent seen a dime for the bed and I have not bugged him about it because I know he is struggling with money.

Anyways… I need to do a few bindings on my mom. Keep her ass out of my business. She has been such a pain in the ass, fucked me over so many times, played people against me, etc. She needs to go. She just had knee surgery. It would be a shame if that got infected.

I need to center myself and not act emotionally. I asked for guidance last night and had a dream of my brother talking with my mom about money. She put it in his head that I am using him, and that he is being manipulated by me, etc. I woke up with a feeling in my gut. I know that that conversation happened. 95% sure that my dream is correct. Everything pans too perfectly, because he was acting stupid last year too after he talked with her.

He came to me ‘I feel betrayed’ and its like… >.> dude. I have literally tried so hard for you. The rent I came up with splits all my monthy expenses down the middle (stuff like taxes, rent, etc). I dont make a dime off of him. Zero profit. It all goes to where I put it to go and the deal is the same as it was last year. I even buy him food, because he deserves to eat. He doesnt know how good he has it. I just have a few ground rules he doesnt like: Like smoking pot. I dont care that he does it. I just dont want to smell it or see it. I get drug tested for work so I cant smoke.

It is just she got her hooks into him again, and he is going to go down the wrong path again. He is going to drop out of college. He is going to move out. All the work I have put into him is going to go down the drain. He feels betrayed? I helped him grow so much this past year, and helped him plan for the future, etc. It is not my fault that he cant keep a job (He has had like 5 jobs since moving in. All of them he has rage quit. he has anger issues), car is breaking down, and he is hurting for money because he didnt save a dime. But I am the enemy. The demon. The devil of the day! All because his rent helps me pay what I need to pay.

In reality, I was just fine when he wasnt here. My budget was tight, but I was making it. I dont NEED his money. I have a job. I go to school, and I even have a fucking side business self publishing. I make money. It just hurts me that after everything I have done, he feels betrayed and threatens to leave.

I need to take a moment and think not emotionally.

I need to remove mom from the situation and make her pay for the years upon years of emotional abuse and manipulation of people around me. I thought it was all good, but I have been lax in my bindings. I need to step it up. Direct the power I have been building inwards, out!

She just had a knee surgery a couple weeks ago, it would be a shame if it got infected >.> Im going to look into demons of pestilence and plague…

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Ive meditated a lot on my situation.

Instead of resorting to baneful magic, I am going to do a few bindings. There is no purpose on wasting so much of my built up energy and power just to erase someone when I can manipulate them easily in other ways to have nearly the same effect.

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@Ryce Hey man! I’ve read this post and really amazed. Also thanks for replying in my other post. Can I chat with you? If you don’t mind? I want some tips from you since I’m on the same path as you as a beginner

You can PM me or ask here. I don’t know if I will be of any help. Also, please don’t ask to channel a spirit for you. Nipping that one in the butt right away. The answer will be no. I’ve had people ask and its really awkward. So just putting that out there.

no no i never intended to ask you a spirit, as I barely even know what it is. I’m just a beginner and I want to know how you got started, specially on energy work and proper beginner steps, or what books should i read. because i’m a beginner

I did not think you would, but I had to put it out there.

Anyways, you dont want to follow my path as a beginner. xD I started down this road when I was a teenager. I dabbled with Psionics. Everything in Psionics from energy healing, to micro/macro PK, to the creation of ‘psi pets’ (servitors), energetic attack/defense. It was about as fluffy bunny as you could get, but there was enough there to get results. Which is interesting in itself to think about, but that is another topic altogether.

If you are interested in energy work/manipulation there is no better place to learn about than from the Chinese xD They have been studying the energetic body for thousands of years, and their knowledge, while much of it is not readily translated and available to the West for a number of reasons, what is out there is pretty cool.

They call energy ‘chi’ and there are different types of chi! It is very interesting.

What has really helped me is the practice of Qi Gong. Doing it daily, and following the steps sequentially. A good beginners book is “The Way of Energy” by Master Lam Kam-Chuen. If you get a chuckle out of the theory part of the book (mainly the small introduction) you dont have to believe it. It will work if you believe in it or not, that is just the nature of the human energy body. Just do the stances (WITH the visualizations! They are as important as the stances) as laid out in the book, dont skip any steps, and soon you will be building up your chi! Dont worry about feeling it the first few times you stand, as the feeling will come in time, naturally.

I will also point out having a dedicated meditation practice, even if it is like 10 mins a day, is key to developing any sort of internal power and will. Get that going if you have not! If you find it hard to meditate by yourself, find some music to put on, or find yourself a good guided meditation that you enjoy. Just get practicing it.

With meditation and that book “The Way of Energy” alone it should keep you busy for years (at least a couple :P). However, once you got a good sense of the energy inside you, whats the point of building something up if you are not going to use it, uh? You could try to manifest things in your life, and since you have been building your internal energy with meditation and qi gong practices, the manifestations will come easier since there are more energy behind them.

A fun book to read is “The Magus of Java” which talks about a martial artist who has (many would consider) ‘mastered’ chi. You might not believe every tale in there, but like Shiddis in yoga, they are examples of what can be accomplished with proper dedication and time put into the practice.

I am recommending these practices to you to begin with because they have been the ones that have helped me the most (I wish I started earlier/had this knowledge years ago). I have seen noticeable improvements!


thank you so much, I’ll be starting my journey with these books. I’m 19 years old currently and want to take my time as much as i need to develop myself first!

I wish I was as wise at 19 :stuck_out_tongue:

I was too focused on ‘getting superpowers’ hahaha

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When it comes to magic, especially used against other people, we are used to waiting for a period of time for the spell to take hold. We are told to wait, to be patient, not lust after results. Though, sometimes, results come quickly for a working.

Long story short, I put a binding on my mom tied around her not meddling in my affairs or those associated with me, and that to ensure that she loses influence I directed energy to make her true colors visible (because she is good at putting on an act). Now, two days later, HALF of her face is paralyzed due an sudden onset Bells Palsy attack. She literally is two-faced now xD

I read her long winded facebook post about how ‘her smile is forever gone’ and shit, trying to ham it up for pity points, but then trying to put a positive spin on it as well to show how strong of character she has…

Just the timing of this is too perfect NOT to be considered a successful working in my eyes. It means the other parts of the spell are in the works as well.

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Haha, I understand completely what you’re going through when it comes to family getting in your way. Blood is supposed to be thicker than water, but a lot of days, I’d really prefer my friends over the “closeness” of family

So, I am still practicing.

I fell asleep chanting Glasya-Labolas’ Enn and Visualizing his sigil. What do I get? The most absolutely lucid dream I have ever had in my time practicing.

I was visited by him and two other spirits. In this ‘dream’ I was in my bedroom, and I did not know I was asleep until I woke up. When we talked, and got a little loud, I was actually scared that my roommate would hear and think that I am talking to myself xD Silly thoughts like that invaded the dream and wreaked my concentration. That muddied my experience I believe, but as I said I thought I was awake and I never had a spirit manifest physically in front of me before.

An interesting thing about Glasya-Labolas is that I knew it was him the moment I saw him. There was no doubt about it. The other two spirits accompanying him were different. They both looked ‘human’ but if you gave them a sideways glance you’d see something akin to a beast and a man morphed together. I can see why and how our ancestors painted and portrayed various spirits and mystical beasts to be combinations of animals and man.

His visit was one to reassure me that ‘things’ will work out. Just give it time, and enjoy where I am at right now.

At the end of the encounter, I was sitting on the bed, and he dropped down resting an arm on the bed, leaned in and kissed my forehead, like I was kid (I woke up immediately after that). I felt very small at that moment, but ever since the visit I’ve felt different. More empowered, emboldened. Its interesting what a little visit can do to lift your spirits.

I was expecting a bit different from the author of bloodshed and murder, but he wasn’t unpleasant to be around at all. In fact, his presence was quite calming. I felt safe, even though my mind kept saying ‘what if my roommate comes in?’

But yeah, super real dream O.o Maybe it doesn’t even count as a dream xD


Glasya-Labolas may be the edgy go to deamon for curses and baneful magic, ‘The Author of Bloodshed and Murder’. You don’t get a name like that without a reason, and magicians over the years have only affirmed his affinity for such work. Each rite and ritual, each request adding to the collective sphere of influence that is President Glasya-Labolas. However it is worth to note that a reigning energy over this particular spirit is Mars. Glasya-Labolas is just another spirit for personal transformation. The spirit helps bringing things into action and catalyzing energies, making them manifest physically. This can be seen most apparent in the actual death of the cursed victim, as death is just another type of transmutation of energy. Though it does not have to manifest like that. Physical death is just the most jarring, apparent, and ‘awesome’ (as in AWE inspiring) way for President Glasya-Labolas to flex his immense power.

I don’t find this talked about when people discuss the President. It is always ‘he is good at killing things’, ‘call on him and you will get your revenge’, or ‘he moved quickly when I called him for so-and-so’. He is more than a spiritual hit man. These things are nothing but taking the spirit at face value, which is not a criticism. In fact, he loves to help, especially when it is something he is potent at (who doesn’t like showing off?).

There is more to this spirit.

Personal Experience Mode:

I had a powerful experience with Glasya-Labolas helping me with some shadow work. It was unexpected shadow work too, so that was a gut punch out of nowhere. I have not completely gotten through it yet, but he has made his point known, and I had no idea that I was still so hung up and stuck on the subject. In leau of a rant of a personal experience, he brought to surface latent feelings and memories about my Grandpa on my moms side. My Grandpa died when I was a kid, like six or seven years of age. I don’t remember how I was honestly, just that I was really young. Being from so long ago, I thought that I had worked through it. Glasya-Labolas knew differently. When I was with the spirit and he was showing me and reminding me about my Grandpa, which came completely out of the blue mind you, I broke down completely and just cried and cried and cried.

He has helped me confront things from my past before, but it has never been so moving, so jarring, that I as a grown man just sobbed like a baby right out of the vision. It was different this time too, because even thought I had broken my contact with the spirit, being so absorbed with the lesson, it kept on coming. It was like a floodgate broke open, and I was feeling everything that young me could not process when the events happened. Young me did not even go to his own Grandpa’s funeral. I thought it would be too sad, I was scared to go, and wasnt forced to go because of it. I really loved my Grandpa, I remember him being great.

Now, thanks to Glasya-Labolas I feel like I’ve started to confront this thing from my past that I never quite got closure on. Even after this initial experience, I feel better. I feel lighter and more free. I feel like I can finally address the sad six year old inside my heart whose lost his Grandpa.

Anyway, this experience along with the collective experiences I have had with President Glasya-Labolas really got me thinking about his role in the grand scheme of things. In the old books listing the Goetia he is traditionally described as a dog with wings like a griffen. The more I work with the President the more I believe that his traditional description is highly symbolic of what the spirit really represents (not just HIS description, but all the spirits therein). ‘The teacheth of arts’, and the ‘captaine of all mansleiers’ is just lip service to an incredibly deep and complex being.

I will admit that I may be overthinking it a little bit, but if we dissect his description bit by bit, on what is common throughout the grimoires, we have two symbols: A Dog and Wings (Like a Griffen). When I think of Dogs immediately there is the phrase ‘Mans best friend’. There is a sense of loyalty and friendship. Dogs are great and pure of heart (I am a bias animal lover) and are able to accurately reflect the world around them. They are very instinctual and protective… Wings are significant because they represent motion and freedom, an upward unstoppable force. Wings are often associated with birds and angels, divine messengers. Holiness. Godliness. Ascension (quite literally). I also think it is important to note the ‘Griffen’ part of the ‘Wings’ on Glasya-Labolas. The Griffen is a symbol of strength, courage, and leadership. Literally a combination of two great animals: the Lion and the Eagle (You can go further down the rabbit hole of symbolic meaning of all of this, as there are endless interpretations available on the internet).

So if I had to describe Glasya-Labolas based on the symbolism and my experiences… I would say he is a spirit with pure and true intentions, whose energy is lofty and focused on the ascension and realization of the goals of those who call upon him. He has the fierceness of the Griffen, his ways are usually straight forward and blunt. He is simply a straight shooter, clearing the way of anything that will hold the practitioner back: past, present, or future. He works fast and efficient like the fire, forces confrontation and transformation. Sometime’s it seems like pure destruction, but there is usually something deeper left in the wake. He is devoted to growth and the development of the magician, not much unlike those common ‘teaching spirits’ such as King Piamon. Though being a spirit with a more firey nature, as opposed to those more water aligned elementally, his views and approach to self development seem a bit… Well, like one would expect from something aligned with fire and associated with mars.


Its fun how confirmation and truth comes out sooner or later. Way back in October my mom pulled some shit and tried to turn my brother against me. It was a whole melodrama and I was really drawn into it at the time. I was really angry about it. REALLY angry. Going back and reading the post is actually kind of embarrassing. Can feel the angst. :confused:

Anyway, during that whole drama, I had a hunch and then a vision about how and why mom acted the way she did. Turns out the budget I wrote and sent on to my brother for transparency came and bit me in the as she saw I was using some of the rent money to pay back loans/debts while at the same time, not paying her because I really cant afford it with everything else going on.

So she saw the budget (out of date) that I sent to my brother as an explanation of why pays what he pays me for rent, saw her name was not the list of expenditures but other more pressing matters were -like student loans-. She literally inherited over half a mil from my dead aunt and has been buying ALL SORTS of shit for herself. In this money she was given, part of it was supposed to help pay for our college, but not a cent received for that purpose. She took it all and kept it for herself. I digress. She saw her name was in the budget and then immediately told my little brother (who is 19, who she kicked out of the house, who has nowhere else to go, which is why is living with me) that I am EXTORTING and using him for money.

I had a dream/vision about it, and then months, months later, a few days ago actually, my friend casually brought it up in conversation. ‘You know your mom knows you have extra money but aren’t paying her back right?’ and it went on about how she saw the budget breakdown for my little bro and how she feels cheated, etc. I stopped him right there. Explained the situation more in depth, and even told him that I don’t feel bad because I am doing the best I can with what I got right now. I am working on myself. I am working on transforming into a better person. I am working on getting a better job. Everything will come with time. Fuck, I just got my Associates of Science degree, next onto a BS in Energy Systems Management. The thing is, I am going one step at a time. Slowly but surely everything will line up.

Though yeah, validation of dreams/visions happen, and I have everything in writing in my journal. So I know its ‘not made up’ xD Yay for being right.

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