Beware Of Fraud Famous India Spiritual Guru like Sadhguru,Nityananda, Sri Ravishankar and Osho

Indian Popular Spiritual Guru “Sadhguru” is a charlatan ,stay away from him.
Please don’t read Osho ,he was also charlatan…!
Indian Guru Sadhguru charged with Murder

Indian Guru Nithyananda Exposed link

Sri Ravishankar:

Osho Rajnesh:


The truth is what matters not who speaks it. The so-called enlightened know that Unity with God means higher than the highest and lower than the lowest.
In this specific case, I’m very pleased that any society that honours monogamy to the exclusion of polyamory/promiscuity suffers these experiences just as the individual, for his own reasons, experiences this. One thing I’m sure of, whether I like it or not: everything appears exactly as it should in a given moment.


Thank you but allow me to disagree.

It really depends how you perceive those so called Gurus. If you’re planning to blindly follow them and worship them then you deserve your enslavement. But if you listen to what they say and think and analyze, question and understand, then reject or accept their ideas as you see fit. Then there’s nothing to worry about and nothing to fear.

They’re frauds if you allow them to scam you. If you don’t, they’re just people talking like anyone else.

Personally I agree with 90% of their ideas but can’t accept it all. None of them ever said believe me or you’ll go to eternal hell fire. They say clearly…we are people like you, we are not Gurus so don’t treat us as such. But they can’t control you… if you insist on worshiping them, they won’t stop you.

I enjoy listening to them and learning from them. Agree sometimes and disagree other times. But in general I find them very enlightened and open minded people with wonderful inspirational thoughts and revolutionary ideas.

No need to take an extreme reaction to them. Worship them or curse them. Just listen and think for yourself, and all will be ok.


Yes Sadhguru was charged for murdering his wife but he didn’t. Sadhguru’s wife was really into yoga for decades, she decided to detach her soul from her body she even did the ritual herself at home without anyone knowing, because indians are so emotional and ignorant, they call this a murder. don’t believe everything what is in the news


Sadhguru had a affair with another woman,he immediately cremated his wife without telling wife’s parents…
Sadhguru is a total Fraud,he has a master degree in English Arts,he knows how to use words to influence people…

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lol Sadhguru doesn’t do any sex do you have evidence for this ?


I know this will sound mean but forgive me :slight_smile: I think you’re talking to the wrong audience. You should spread this message in India, to people who worship whoever Guru you think is evil or a bad person. Here, this is really not an issue at all. This is a forum about black magick, not following Gurus :man_shrugging:

Thanks again and good luck :+1:


and your article about Ravi Shankar is just an opinion by one person…
He recited the Gita at the age of 4 and has built ashrams all over the world, i even learned his technique in the past and met him, he is a very soft and kind soul
he is sooo innocent and good that he wrote a love letter to isis terrorists and received a picture of a beheaded person as a response!! he does not have any home he says this world is his home, he needs the money to do whatever he does that’s normal and he offers free courses in his ashram too


yes you’re right this is really the wrong forum for this :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Sadhguru has large number of international seekers.So I am warning seekers in this black magic don’t follow him and follow Hermetic principles…

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who cares? as long as people are happy doing yoga let them be

Here Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh educates. Bhagwan was great!

When I start my cult I’ll be called Bugger One, Two or Shree



His yoga is effective but he robbed yoga from his Guru,who he doesn’t want to tell his name.He and his Guru broke up due to differences.
He just changed the name of the yoga to Isha yoga…

it doesn’t matter you know exactly how difficult it is to find the spiritual truth in india so i am happy that 2 people (sadhguru and sri sri) are working whole day to spread the knowledge of yoga to westerners
if you choose not to be reborn again, yoga is the way to go

Osho is Charlatan and Sex Maniac…

Thank you :grin: I feel him really but can’t see a reason for his worry, totally wrong place for this message but he’s welcome to say what he wants of course :+1:

It’s not just about following different principle my friend, people here are well educated and they don’t think of those Gurus as such… even if they agree with them or follow their ideas. So there’s nothing to worry about. On the other hand, the masses in India are the one who really need your message… because those are the ones who worship those Gurus like Gods.

I disagree with you but I understand and appreciate your concern and assure you there’s nothing to worry about here. Thank you :v:

Just follow his yoga but don’t follow his philosophy…His philosophy is bullshit…

Yes he was. But he was a very enlightened Charlatan and very well educated sex maniac with wonderful revolutionary ideas and sick sense of humor :grin: My personal favorite !


i personally don’t do yoga lol i’m in the magickal path now, i was into yoga before and really admired the work behind it but it was not enough for me it got too “boring” so i choose this chaos path
are you from india?

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Indian masses will never change,they are the biggest sheep in the World.
Indian People are not Spiritual they ask only material gains from Gods…