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Yes I did

I have put intense energy and time trying to beat such games to no avail. I’m unconvinced it’s possible.

It’s just luck. Even if you can manipulate luck, you still won’t be able to gain an edge in the long run, even on games with a very low house edge, like baccarat.

I recommend to not spend too much time with magick and gambling. Many people have probably wasted their entire lives or too much time with this trap.

This sounds like a scam or you got lucky.

Thanks for being on the side of common sense and decency to beat the “cons”.

Excellent point. I couldn’t agree more.
Flag the scam posts on here; that’s what I’m doing.

Flag the scams.
@Lady_Eva Surely you can discern these gambling scams for what they are. Thanks.

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You cannot gain a positive expected value with gambling no matter what magical or non-magical method you use. Transparency is of crucial importance with this issue.

Otherwise you are opening a door to delusion and mental illness by going against things that are possible. Math is a very real thing.

to be fair, you can get an edge on gambling to win. however , it’s short term as luck don’t last forever. It’s all about timing. astrology tells you if you are destine for wealth or not with proper timing and human effort. It even tells you if gambling can be good for you. For most , it’s not the right method. Short term luck will not over ride the foolish mistakes of people chasing during bad luck disadvantage. they will give back more than they won. hence, common sense says luck dont’ last forever. The pros wait and have patience to spot luck. they don’t chase 24/7 non stop gambling. That’s where discipline comes in and not many have it. The infrequent short term luck don’t outweigh better ways to make money from normal everyday work. So if you can play when your luck is good then you can make money off it. But these folks here are constantly chasing tips everyday so that strategy of only playing when luck is on your side is out the window. There’s timing to everything. due to short term luck, it’s not feasible to make profit long term. It’s really hard to capture luck or predict it. Most will be broke and then some before catching that luck. Don’t forget the time spent studying and chasing that luck. risk of time vs reward isn’t so great in my opinion. So common sense says it’s a negative expectation goal to use gambling for profits. Not only that, one also have to have huge capital to rid out the bad luck. There’s just too many factors against you. So play with money you can afford.

I’ve met people who have sister that are like psychic. always make tons of money but due to no discipline she gives it back and more. we are talking about 10k 30k here and there per weekend trip. If she had discipline she would make tons. Problem is they get the gambling fever high and don’t stop. What this guy tells me , she is very lucky in guessing baccarat. Problem is don’t stop when she makes 3-10k in an afternoon. And this is frequent too. Very lucky person. Just no discipline. they always want more. lol. The enemy is one self. =o)