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Both failed.

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Both failed :rofl: :joy:

Dear DcKnight I agree with you that some Nigerian are good at betting but it’s not true that their is no more bet shops .they still have bet King, bet najia etc
But some of this guys are truthful when you buy from them it ton out it wrong sell.
We can shall games if you have I am from Nigeria

Thanks very much I will be waiting. Pls inbox me

so i have found this guy, but despite the tickets he is showing i need people who are good in divination to further clarify his authenticity. I have done my own but i guess the more people they will try to prove it the better. DM if you need the name of the person to do divination

Be responsible for your own finance least you will get scammed. depending on others for your finance is a poor judgement move. especially when it comes to betting and gambling as it often is related to desperation, loss of emotional control and no logical thinking affecting one’s thought to having good judgement.

i dont depend on any body’s else to make financial decisions! i posted that not because i cant do divination, i do it and is accurate as fuck but there is no wrong for people to further check it.

i have started to research on sports betting since 2016 and the money that i have lost from it is less than 15$ hard to believe i guess but researching doesnt involving anything on putting money on it and to scam me is like a death wish my friend so im not afraid of that

i think if you have not put all that under control gambling, sports betting, trading stocks is not for you find another job, thats why in trading stocks we have one say TRADING PSYCHOLOGY you cant become the best in betting either if you have not mastered that.

the aim of posting the tickets is this,
getting YES on that guy that he is authentic it shows that there are some who can make really money out from the sports betting and this will destroy this millennial mindset that the magicians are giving people stay away from gambling or sports betting rather they should put it like this STAY AWAY FROM BETTING IF THAT IS NOT YOUR THING, BECAUSE BETTING IS NOT FOR EVERY BODY IS FOR THE FEW BUT MAKING IS FOR THE EVERYBODY

if they will get no its a waring that on gambling or any other game of chances there are some people who appear authentic but they are not. they are doing a game on the game. So both answers have the meaning not just for myself but all the people who are following this thread. But as in anything involving magic TRUE WISDOM IS HIDDEN FOR THE FEW TO DISCOVER the question is Are you among the few? Have you ever tried to be among the few? and this question are not for you (the one i quote) but for everyone in here

Can you send me the wizard forum website or post it

yes. and there is a guy that got scam out of lots of money cuz they are gullible. your just pushing a betting agenda. I would never encourage others to bet/gamble. It can destroy lives. I encourage using magick though for gambling as practice. When you post tips of gambling , it’s no longer about magick. It’s encouraging gambling which is irresponsible as there are lots of misguided folks. It’s the same post as you saying this guys is the true guy who can predict right game. That’s how one member got scammed believing it. And the poster took no responsibility for pushing such person giving tips just like what you posted. this is a forum of magick not finding someone selling betting tips. you don’t know how dangerous it is to post such when there are others who are in desperate situation. hence why i posted what i posted to make everyone aware that its not easy as you think. It’s to protect others and word of caution for everyone, not just you. there are no shortcuts to money like gambling. And you also don’t know if divination will be true. It’s not proven method to predict such things of gambling. otherwise every magician would of been rich already.

And you just said it yourself. getting others to verify through divination. that’s is called depending on others which is highly inaccurate in terms of using divination for gambling tips through 3rd person.

Post isn’t to attack you. It’s just looking out for your fellow magician brothers.

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I will have to agree with this post. This is a very dangerous thread and could get many people lose their money. The problem isn’t even encouraging to gamble, at least you know you could lose their money. The problem are the scammers.

The Nigerian prince scammers have very much improved their ways to scam people. Now they offer “services” for money. These include, but are not limited to witchcraft, joining the Illuminati and betting tips. But in all cases, they either provide no service, or pretend to provide one just to have the victim give more money to them in the future.

Specifically to witchcraft, they pretend to do a ritual but they might not even believe in magic. And for betting tips, well if you have some general interest in sports, you could get pretty close to 50% correct guesses. But they sell their services are sure money making schemes, and don’t tell you you still might lose your money.

The thing is to lure as many people as possible, and then give them different answers. Those who get it wrong you ignore, and those who get it right, pay you more money. And you constantly add new victims.

Anyone who would offer legitimate services does not work like that. If you could truly have a way to 100% know betting outcomes, there would be no reason to sell any services, since you basically have a way to make as much money as you want. And you also wouldn’t tell anyone about it, especially not on public forums or social media. If that knowledge gets to betting companies, they would make sure to fix that nobody can leak money from them.

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My agenda is completely mastering God like powers not pushing bet slips.

i have seen people stopped using magic because it destroyed thier lives for real so is not about what you do is about who is doing it.

use search function well, i have never encouraged any form of gambling on this forum

yes it is the forum for magic but this thread was created for sports betting and if you use search engine well there is plenty of threads about lotteries, stocks etc.

yes exactly, but desperation is not an excuse to make immature decisions. If you have financial difficulties get a job or ask financial advice to people but games of chances are not made for desperate people at all.

i saw those tips as well but i didnt bet at all because there is no gurantee that they will win. so if you put your money on any game of chance do it for pleasure that if you will loose you can take responsibility. Because the companies were created to make a profit so they will ensure you loose.
And secondly i didnt give tips, i gave bet slip that were already used so how can you bet using them.

the thing that all the people in this world doesnt know, or they know but they dont want to accept it GAMBLING IS NOT FOR EVERYONE thats why everyone play football but we have one Cristiano Ronaldo, Everyone can be stock investor but we have one Warren Buffet, My point is anyone can do gambling for pleasure but very few can do it as a PROFESSION.

Another thing people think gambling is about lucky, but it has nothing to do with lucky, Gambling is talent, if you dont have it you dont it simple.

If you are good with divination you will always get accurate answers but not with any form of gambling. And thats why there is this famous question "If in this the world there are real psychics why they cant predict on stock market and become rich?"
You and I know real psychics do exists, But one author answered that question and i considered it the best answer i ever saw though is RHP view but is the best, she said "though psychics can predict the future, but if its not on your destiny to win on lottery (or any form of gambling) you will never win"

thast why every magician is not rich. I personally know some of the very powerful magicians not through youtube but in person few have passed away, but they are poor as fuck, and their magic is genuine that i can bet my life on it. some may disagree but magic supports your hustle, but does not make you rich

You, I and people in here are lucky to know these demons, thats why before you even place your first bet evoke these deities and ask them if gambling is really thing for you because if not they will tell you.

Because i know one guy here on balg, i dont know if he istill around but at the time we were talking he won lottery 5 different times and i verified it myself. it wasnt in millions but it was on hundred thousand dollars, so never say ITS IMPOSSIBLE for everyone say its impossible for you and i who dont have such talent.

i will tell you my simple secret when it comes to important work i do it myself when it comes to less important work other people do it for me, and on this task they will enhance their divination abilities at least on the thing that look so untrue so i don’t see any problem to that .

Immaturity is when a person corrects you and you get angry and im far from immaturity, so you are FREE to tell me ANYTHING as long as we talk politely.

there’s responsibility when you post stuff to your fellow magician peers. And it seems you don’t care about your fellow peers magicians as you don’t seem to see how dangerous the post is.
the post is pushing betting slips of a person. that says plenty. action speaks volumes. The aim is the person not improving magick skills. deflection of nit picking sentences and commenting is a poor tactics of discussion. That don’t allow one to get the big picture message, Of which you still don’t get base on your replies to selective sentence. Message is not sentence by sentence commentary. Look at the overall post as a whole. I don’t know why people always nit pick selective sentence without context. It cause poor misunderstanding. that is all i gotta say. peace out.


it’s not real, that’s just edited ticket. I’ve meet a couple of them, but only person who has given me hopes in gambling are Richard nyawa, sport 1 and ads only. He’s bets are 99%. sadly I lost all this guys since then I am longer gambling. Stay warned don’t get scammed very many scammers are out there.


Smith PM me in privacy

I’ve been working with this so called Richard Nyawa for a couple of months, he’s bets are so legit and he doesn’t charge any money. He shares he’s games for Free

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completely he doesn’t charge anything it’s for free “Richard Nyawa” king of Kings

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i really love people like you, direct to the point.

the most legit source of sure wins I have ever worked with, but that man is no longer available on whatsapp for three months, someone please help me and contact that number if you are in the same country with him