Best way to curse someone who has bad intentions?

There’s this girl. She’s out to make my friends life a living hell. She is toxic, life sucking. Everytime he dates or has interest in someone, she convinces him she loves him again, and has changed. He’s a nice guy, so he forgives people easy. When they dated, she cheated on him and put him in a bad crowd and made him dig himself into a deep hole on top of his already bad mental health. She keeps him low so he won’t leave her. I want her to show her true colors and be so transparent in her bad intentions so no one ever let’s her continue this pattern again. What can I do that is simple?

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I have some experience with this sort of thing. I would suggest that building your friends power and confidence levels is of primary importance. Petition Belial for this. Otherwise he will remain vulnerable and will revert to white knight behavior when things go sideways for her. And they will, curse or no curse. It’s one of their control mechanisms.

Belial will deal with her as well. He will send her packing and make her sorry she ever met this guy. So petition him to get rid of her. Girls like this tend to cause their own misfortune, so cursing…well just let Belial exercise his discretion here.

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Sorry I have now :slight_smile:

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I’m fairly new to this. Having only dabbled in a few persuasion spells, do you think I could handle this? Just making sure it’s safe.

Start with this. You’ll be fine.

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Put her picture in Black salt.

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