Best time to perform Rituals

12am or 3am?
What is the correct time to perform Rituals properly?


Its all up to feel. There is no “set” time. There are planetary hours that may affect the workings, but past that no set time.

I found 3am to be effective for some evocations, but I give that to being fully the psychological affect it had on me. I’ve had just as powerful evocations at 11am.


Idk… if you believe that its a “sign” that you woke up at “3am” then it will work for you just fine :slight_smile:
~But if you feel more compfortable, to get to know when the actual point of midnight -or 3am is
(by searching for your local time) than its also just fine.

Its not silly to choose such a time for reasons like “it gives you a magical feeling”,
thats actually a really good reason.

I like to use “evil” music, because it gives me that distinct feeling of “power”.
~So it becomes easier to not block myself with doubt.


I used to go mostly by planetary and lunar placement for timing and still do sometimes if i feel it may be of benifit. But for the last year or so the conecpt i was introduced to has change this.

The most you learn and experience about astrology(planetary energies) the less bound you are by them. Meaning the less they influence you and the more you can use them to influence your reality.

The deeper i go into planetary magic the more i find this to be to. For example if a ritual i am doing requires the energies of specific aspects of the planet i conjure those energies in ritual. I see it as a good way to flex energetic muscles and test myself.

If the idea is to become a living god, one must be able to make time and space work for them not be bound by the moment they are in. Least thats how i see it and it works for me.


Unless I am working with a particular planetary spirit, I usually do my rituals between midnight and 3 AM, for no other reason than that it is quiet and I am least likely to be disturbed. I have done rituals during the day though and haven’t found them to be any less effective than those done at night.


I’ll say it’s for the magical feel. Having the right mindset can do wonders for results. So if your mind think it’s a magical moment, then that would make the results stronger.


Its personal. I do mornings until 12.and then.5 to 9.and it get results. Planetary is nice but it sometimes a hassle.

Usually I get the best results between 6pm and 9pm but I’m less likely to be disturbed 12am to 3am. Both work for me and but it might be different for you.

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I’ll do the time I feel is right, could be “Do it right now” or in the next spare time I feel up for it, but some things I plan ahead, and I like matching things with planetary hours, exact moments of the Full Moon, but that’s OCD possibly playing a role and also I feel like I’ve put in the utmost respect if I have gone to that amount of bother to synch the creation within my mind (of the ritual) with the outer cosmos.


any time you feel up to it is the best time, varies on your schedule and your sleep pattern. only time to strictly choose a time is either planetary hours, or if it’s a spell targeting someone. Which is where the whole witching hour comes into play, generally people are asleep then, and you want to do those kind of spells when they’re asleep. but if they work night shift then that hour will shift to some time in the morning