Best time to consecrate magickal objects

Greetings to all you amazing people on here .

Does anyone know when it is the best time and moon phase to consecrate altars and your tools of magick?

Thanks in advance.


For me I did it on the first new moon of the year

I see…I can still consecrate it on the next up and coming new moon?

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Like I said that just felt right to me personally. I feel the best day would be the day you convert which is why I did it then

I understand what you mean…but I have missed that first new moon of this year, so since there is a new moon coming up and I have some tools on order that need consecrating and the new moon is associated with new beginnings I was just wanted to get clarification if this is a good time as I want to ensure that I get the best results

It could be just make sure you do the ritual correctly or it won’t work

Thank you for clarifying for me…I have a ritual that I found on here that I will perform.

Best of luck!

It completely depends upon the system you are working within. Different systems use different correspondences for such things.

I will be consecrating it with a ritual off this forum so it will be used for LHP rituals. I am going to experiment with many rituals using different phases of the moon and document their results. Starting with a new cycle of lunar phases will help me keep track of rituals easier imo.

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I just had another tought…could I evoke Lucifer to help oversee the consecration ritual or even ask him to bless the altar?

It depends on the tool and what you are going to do with it. But personal days of power (like your birthday for example) are always good.
Any of the Sabbats (Beltaine is coming up, and the evening before is Walpurgisnacht. I wrote a Ritual, I think I am going to post it and link)
I myself try to incorporate the Mansions of the moon into it - if it is possible, sometimes it just isn’t.

I will use my personal sigil I created. I like the mention on the date of birth. Mine is 11/11 so I will incopirate that into it somehow. I am intrested in reading your article

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Hi @Ja50nHack1975

Here it is

Thank you I shall took a look. Would you mind once I read it I copied it into my Book of Shadows? I will list you as the author in the foot note.

Sure, go ahead.

That’s very nice. These are the days of copy and paste, and most people just take without even mentioning (or sometimes even remembering) where they took stuff from.
If you like it do with it as you will :+1:t2: