Sabbat Ritual

A Sabbath Ritual.

Please: Banish before and after you do this ritual. Unless you are too cool for that.

I have written the following pathworking and @Morgana9 has helped me with advice and suggestions.
It is intended to make use of the power generated by a circle of ‘excited’ Witches.

During this sabbat 2 things will take place:

  • You (and a piece of jewelry) will be consecrated and anointed
  • You will ask and receive a personal Word of Power

For this ritual you will need:

3 Candles (1 black, 1 white and 1 red)
1 Piece of jewelry

  1. The ritual takes place on the night of the full moon (or during one of the Witches’ Sabbaths)

  2. Use the following as a steppingstone for your vision:

“Come now all ye
and gather at the solemn tree
standing in the midst of the meadow
and surrounded by dancing shadows
Know that you came here
without shame or any fear
And that no one is able to stop you
from leaving if you choose to
In the middle, upon a throne
Sits the hornèd One alone"

(Know that both you and ‘the Devil’ assume the form of your liking, he can be an old woman, you can be a young man, etc…)

As the witches’ circle is formed they begin sending a wave of energy that travels along the circle, a chain of kundalini. You are a part of this circle and take part in the receiving and passing of energy. With each circulation the amount of power is increased.

During this, the One on the throne points to random witches who, one at a time, join him in the middle.
It just so happens that when the time is there that you join him in the middle, and you feed of each other’s energy, you hear in the distance a bell striking midnight.

This is the moment when all restraint is let go. In one giant burst of release all accumulated energy is sent forth from each witch in the circle toward the middle, towards you, consecrating you with liquids of lust.

Anoint (the piece of jewelry and) your third eye and heart with the fluids.

The hornèd One now gives you a personal Word or sentence of Power.
Thank him and all participants and return home.

Gemstones to include:
Quartz (all chakra’s) This stone dissolves energetic blockages and helps develop the inner eye.
Selenite (all chakra’s) This stone is said to enable contact with angels and helps with astral travel
Orange calcite
Honey calcite (all chakra’s) This stone is said to improve your mood, imagination and confidence
Carnelian (root chakra) This stone is said to grant pleasant dreams
Red Jasper (all chakra’s) This stone is said to help with astral travel, it assures a safe trip and return
Charoite (heart, 3rd eye and crown chakra) Said to make you aware of the Universal Love
White moonstone (all chakra’s) Spiritual growth through connection, improves psychics abilities
Amethyst (3rd eye and crown) Cleansing stone that promotes spirituality and intuition
Amazonite (upper 4 chakra’s) Stimulates willpower and growth

Citrus + Vanilla

If you make your own incense, incorporate mugwort as this is known to stimulate vivid dreams. Alternatively you can drink a tea or tincture made from it.

Suggestion for a piece of jewelry made with a coin:
The euro 20 cent piece is made of Nordic Gold (a copper alloy). The rim of this coin has 7 notches in it. When the ‘heads and tails’ are removed with a file, these 7 notches – acting as anchorpoints - allow you to make a perfect (evenly distributed) heptagram. Draw it on the (filed clean) coin and trace the lines with a nail or something sharp until they are deep enough.
After that a hole may be drilled into it to make it into a pendant if you wish.

Of course, any piece of jewelry (store bought) can be used and consecrated in this ritual…

During the ritual hold it in your hand, place it on your heart or (if it’s a necklace or earrings) wear it.


Gohia Conventus Leyla - Ero Sharath Aladi

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