Best spirit to reveal a liar?

I’ve got someone from work “tattling” on me to my abusive ex, trying to destroy me. He refused to tell me who they were, but they mixed lies and truth so well that it could only be one of three people, two of whom don’t work with me anymore.

Right now I’m living my best life, because fuck that person, but I want to know who it is before they wreak havoc in my professional life as well. I haven’t heard any rumors about myself – yet – but I don’t want to, either…

Try Paimon

Or Andromalius

Orobas too

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King Belial worked for me

I second that. Only days after I started working with Him, He exposed two sneaky backstabbers whom I’d never have suspected otherwise. Helped me deal with them, too. He has no mercy with liars and phonies.

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Preempt drama by telling your boss about the situation, and maybe strategic others. Then if they hear a rumour they’ll see it for what it is.

Andrealphus can urge a confession. Valac can cause betrayal out into the open.

Yup , which is funny because some of the goetia Kings are liars


Which ones do you think are liars? And what makes you think that?

Because under their goetia description it literally says some are liars

Like Furfur

Well, that description was written by people whose whole agenda was to make these spirits look bad, so I’d be careful.

Not saying spirits aren’t capable of lying, but that’s usually due to tha practitioner being untruthful, or the spirits wanting to teach them a lesson or mislead them on purpose for whatever reason (ime they’re very loyal to those who come to them with honesty, dignity and respect and know how to assert themselves or want to overcome their bs).

Can’t say anything about Furfur, never worked with them.

I don’t know , you can work with them and see where it takes you , I worked with some , not all , I’ve seen them lie and a variety of things happen

The ones I’ve worked with have never once lied to me or misled me. But they do challenge me to question things and make up my own mind, and to never trust blindly or succumb to wishful thinking.

Sorry for going slightly off-topic here.

Okay , perhaps my experience is different because I’m aligned with Holy Spirits

Update: thanks, everyone! I actually ended up asking my ancestral spirits for help and I did find out the person’s identity. I’m not best pleased since they pretended to be a friend.

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You could also consider studying the art of reading body language, which helps you detect when someone is sending unconscious signals that they’re lying to you. I rely on that more than hoping some “spirit” whispers in my ear.

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Glad to hear you find out the truth. When in doubt, your ancestors are never a bad group of spirits to turn to. My own have gotten me out of some pretty bad binds.

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I am actually pretty good at reading it, but girls are good at being “frenemies”. I never guessed she would ever be so jealous as to try to completely destroy me. I also haven’t seen her in about three months, since she left the city and went back to her native village. I didn’t even see her this time, she went straight to my controlling ex and told him a mixture of truth and lies about me, which is insane because he was abusive towards me, and she’d also been in an abusive marriage. It was all over another man, to top it off.

I haven’t heard anything about it at work but no one would believe her, I think.

And she’ll get hers.

The goddesses aletheia or veritas those who reveal the truth.