Best Spirit to help open up Astral Senses?

What would be a great spirit to evoke to help open up my astral senses? Plus any other tips are definitely appreciated!


Lucifer. Seere. King paimon.


SASTAN! :angry: But also Mepsitahl. Paralda. Vassago. Balaam. Or Lucifer. Seere. King paimon. :grin:

Tips? Begin Scrying at least once a night, using a black mirror, or a bowl of water (black is best, but any will do in a pinch) Or Fire scrying, and of course always be careful with using that inside, wouldn’t want to burn the house down or eyebrows off. Or you could just sit in a dark room call out any of those names and see what happens. :wink:

I have found E.A.s method of writing down five questions to ask a spirit as the best and fastest way in learning to communicate with them.

And of course evoke as often as you can, now any of these spirit will probably be more then happy to let you evoke them multiple times in order for you to become better at evocation so long as you ask their permission first before trying that.


I work with angels mostly, so Sandalphon.

Sandalphon is a very earthy, angelic energy. He originally was the Prophet Elijah, who ascended to heaven at the end of his life and was transformed into an Archangel. He is ruled by the Earth in Astrology, and he prefers to be evoked where there is much nature. If you cannot evoke him outside then a basement will do, in lieu of that a ground floor. He is the angel of new beginnings, and he rules the Sephirot Malkuth.



lunar spirits and energies are also good for this.


Care enough to provide his sigil?


Interesting; do you have his sigil?

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Are you looking for the sigil of Sandalphon? The person you replied to hasn’t been on the forum since April so might not get back to you but here is another post he made with links to the sigil:


Many thanks


Lololll crazy lol you are straightforward :joy::joy::joy::joy:

The occult has a way of making you look at very serious things in a nonchalant way. It’s beautiful :joy: