Best spirit for extremely large sum of money

Hello everyone. I have a question for you today. My friend asked which demon he should summon for a total of billion dollars. Here is what he needs it for: There is a person who he is a fan of. He wants to make this person famous. This person has about 1500 instagram posts.What he wants to do is spend one million dollars per instagram posts on ads.
1500*1000000= 1.5B
That just accounts for Instagram ads.
He wants another 1.5 billion for Facebook ads.
He wants another 1.5 billion for Twitter ads
He then wants to make a video slideshow featuring these pictures on youtube. He only needs a million for this.
He needs 1.5 billion for imgur ads also.
This goes to 6 billion dollars total just to make this person’s instagram posts famous.
Which entity would be best for him. He has raised his clairaudience so he can communicate with spirits. We have searched this forum and found only examples of spirits which gave much less than this amount. The most i have seen on this forum is about 1-2 million.
He has a youtube channel,so he thinks that the spirit would be able to open the pathways to this wealth by gaining an audience and getting paid for it. He also has a donation page. He thinks that the spirit could open the pathway to this wealth by having people donate.

Thank you.

There is no known spirit that can bring someone a billion dollars. That’s just not going to happen. If it was possible, every magician on this forum with current money problems would be a millionaire.

However, working with a spirit like Halah’thor from the Book of Azazel can help your friend find a career that will provide for him financially.

Claunek, from the Goetia, can help with the establishment of a business.

Bune, also from the Gotia, can help with business matters and establishing an income stream.

Edit to add: Spirits can’t work from nothing. If your friend doesn’t already possess a way to make millions of dollars then he will never get to a billion. There has to be something for the demon to build on. It is far easier to make a millionaire into a billionaire than it is to make a poor man into a millionaire.


Third person I see you.

Anyway, I don’t think magick will bring forth “Billion” in terms of sums of money. The practice is to visualize yourself achieving your goals, not unattainable goals. Try working with something small to begin with? Maybe an archetype with the goal in mind that you will be worth more money as the days go forward.

Maybe someone else here can tell you how to summon large sums of money but as far as I know the only real trick to attaining mass amounts of money is hard work and sacrifice. With maybe some ritual magick along with it.

Also, manipulating people on a mass scale through a spirit / demon isn’t exactly welcomed usually by the ones you can summon, who are willing to show up. Your friends best bet is to look into smaller options, such as beginning their investment into advertisements through their own attained measures and show the universe or spirit they are wanting to contact their will and desire.


if the only reason your friend wants this level of wealth is to spend it making another person famous, he would be far better served by working with the spirits for the fame directly instead of the money.

Belial, Lucifer, and Parion can help with that.


This seems extremely counterproductive - why not just utilize a spirit to bring the popularity to the person in question, like DarkestKnight said?

And I know it’s not exactly my place to say, because everyone has their own goals, but… Expecting several billions of dollars to be handed to you for such a purpose… To not even make them truly famous, but only internet famous… It’s beyond wasteful, in my opinion, even if the money did come to them. This just seems like a troll post to me

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Spirits will not give anyone tons of money, thousands just appear out of nowhere… Be it billions or millions no matter how powerful the prosperity casting. What spirits are willing to do is give the practioner of magic the knowledge to invest or prosper with you putting in the time and effort to move forward (Ronove, Foras).

Spirits prefer the magician come to the correct answer on their own, often impart mistruths to impart lessons and the person must put hard work and research into prosperity as well as spirit knowledge and prescience.

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He wants it to be that when a person passes by him on the street, people will recognize him through seeing ads of his Instagram photos on ads.
He will do what you and darkestknight suggested.

Yeah so the spirits can help that person with opportunities. Oppurunities if taken get money.

Waiting and doing nothing, get nothing. So I would advise the OP’s friend to work with Spirits and to work for it


If your friend has got the material and the goal. Go for it. Don’t think about the money, just do it. See where it gets him, with a hand of a spirit.

By doing it, you set the intend.

Another thing. I know some awesome magicians here who I unfortunately see really struggle in life with money. But they are already rich, because they can help others with their knowledge and have that knowledge now and in the afterlife.

Oh and don’t forget that beautiful bond with their spirit allies.


Sorry just get started. The persons who brag the most about gaining millions here, have mostly got money problem themselves.


I know of a spirit that has taken a shitty ass book series not one, but two into 100 millions books sold for each and billion dollar movie franchise.

Hello I like this post because perhaps it asks for the most money as you say at the top I am also looking through the posts that speak about a lot of money had been given a challenge of one of my friends who is also quite poor to manifest $1,000,000 and I said uh you know I’m in my mom’s house chilling you’re now doing that what I want I wasn’t making any money at that point now I am making money thanks to YouTube thanks to EA and working with them um but so you see and now people are saying oh you know spirits will not give or it’s too much money or what’s what is realistic or not realistic well I would say that because I had been listening to some OBE books now I know that on the astral of course anything we imagine is immediately brought to us ah outside of us like a thing that we can see touch feel so I will definitely have to practice this more but anything you imagine and also on the astral wherever you want to go or ask to go or ask to be shown be acknowledged with your lifetimes or power or even a billion dollars or $100 billion any demand this energy this whole energetic plane reacts now not to mention what can then be achieved on the sole plane and above but so so it is not necessarily a question of how difficult or how it may not be given but it would be a question of clearly visualizing that there or at least demanding it I demand 100 uh billion dollars now in the physical now I will start my own attempts with a million or just saying bring me money which usually is the fastest way to get something for sure so no specific amount usually looks like the fastest way to me now you see when they was talking about the abramelin squares which I told them by the way now that in on this my stream that these are not the exact squares but from the incomplete French translation so he will now hopefully have the exact squares for the most money but anyway I decided why we visualizing thousands thousands of dollars with $10,000 I had basically the same idea you had I googled Mr beast it’s really over he had $1,000,000 and people holding their hands to a that $1,000,000 and so we can visualize that entire box that money brought to us so we can you practice this a bit on the physical to memorize it on the ask now of course an easier way is to just demand it and it has to come because it always happens whenever the command you give me at the location be it a lifetime to remember be this or that so so the question is how much we’ll be able to solidify this because you see the problem again is not that how much money can be brought because as long as we are working through circumstances and the money having to appear through circumstances that is what produces the difficulty I think but let’s say you learn to manifest objects out of nothing out of energy like al: and kingdoms of flame teaches you see that as the whole trick and I want to share this so that this spark of getting this massive wealth would not die and and the the will the dry you know so basically whether out of body we can demand anything and receive anything that is why people make up heaven is there you know on communities and all that but now we can demand it in the physical and we can also then evoke and ask for it but it may require that the demon is physical and also of course once we learn to create physical gold or physical objects out of nothing then the entire question of how much we’ll get lost so remember I do not claim by any means that I am a millionaire or trillionaire or or that I am anything really opulent I’m just starting out on YouTube I do not claim by any means that I have done any of that I have done achieve such heights but I will definitely apply this so you see what I can share what I have practiced is that I have been calling spirits in my lucid dreams for a long long while and and recently I have learned that if you say awareness now in your dream and repeat it then you get more awareness you actually enter fully into your dream and the dream actually dissolves and then you have a real obee so that was a huge gamble for me because I had been stuck in the dreams and trying to manifest everything and all the spirits and dreams which works but may not be complete or may not be as real or maybe have your some of your mental projections or things like that so so you see by just by the astral nature itself it’s it’s required that it would be given but the question is will you form it so much will you farm it so much that it that it will be given or perhaps that is not even required because when you are on the astral or you’re having an OB you can then call for dentist and then say now bring it to me and they can do it so it’s even better than just demanding a million flat out to all basically the day that it would be brought about right now because you are speaking in creating as God in that moment so there it is my friend in the spirit of people seeking this greatness we must continue I would say that definitely evocation just drilling when invoking we may of course ask for more and more money or we may just ask for money in general but regardless just drilling that and getting that to work to such an extent that the spirits begin to manifest very clearly and then you can apply the same thing to the money and then you can learn how to do objects and all that so it is an actual path that you can walk in a day it is not just a pipe dream although it remains for most people it merryman for us we may fail but now we must continue so I will attempt this I will attempt on the asteroid and sea so updates for later I guess

I suggest initially trying for something smaller and more obtainable- perhaps working to manifest paragraphs and punctuation to begin with? :slight_smile:


Yes true you know I deserve that agreed I am just using voice to text because it is much faster for me and sorry I am lazy too work on it and so on ah I love to go on Facebook or write voice messages or go on calls to avoid all of this if possible you know I you know but yes you know can’t argue with that can’t argue with that so I will have to post on this both my YouTube and here and actually back up walk the walk and all that so I understand what you mean by simpler but the point for uh that I wanted to get across is that it looks like it’s all the same like he says in the wealth spell book I imagine myself having $20 in the pocket and going to the burger next to the burger joint and there’s $20 on the floor in the school so yeah if it’s so easy what’s the difference so I would say but of course a million a million is probably takes much more focus on the physical if it is desired to have it with no action or company but then I suppose we yeah if we begin with a penny and finally the penny appears just by concentration then that changes the whole ball game so any object yes have to agree that starting on small things is a very great thing ah in Bible of the undying it says to get an egg and focus on it as long as it takes until finally you command the egg to levitate and levitate so this can be done then I suppose manifestation skills triple or whatever numeration you would like to use so yes and also once the simplest thing can be created there it is I have started actually with clouds bursting is a good thing to see how you can directly affect instantly clouds or move them or strike them but harder to form them instantly but then you can visualize or you can use spirit anyway I would love to talk more if you would like to add me on Facebook oh something even get on a call we are also planning a stream with EA as an as I posted so everything is possible like I say but I guess the only thing now I can say is to see what I can achieve myself for sure and yes you are right however the case may be that regardless even of how much we ask you start small anyway and there is an exercise the red ball for example chi gong looks like a very small simple exercise doing it even 30 minutes or two hours maximum every day for maximum results there’s a huge tank so yes we build with the basics and with these kind of chi gong even even extraordinary you know miraculous power may come but don’t worry I will hopefully I’ll get a lucid dream soon and then see how much I can extract to patterning that one over three and how much they can extract by then calling demons I’m feeling like yadon is since he gives more than his AST always is a good one we will see thank you thank you man for calling me out cheers


As @Ragepanda has said paragraphing and punctuation will assist you on getting more replies and is also easier on the eyes. I struggled to read your posts without this. Even if you use text to speech you can verbally say the word “comma” or “full stop” or “open brackets” to punctuate your posts. If you find that difficult just imagine yourself in a high flying profession such as a doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist etc speaking into a dictaphone and this should encourage you to do it more

On to the actual question there are a variety of ways to manifest money, some of the more popular spirits to call are Bune, Clauneck, and Mammon.

In terms of rituals there is also the Abramelin Square. which is below

Credit for this goes to various members of BALG who have posted this in the thread entitled Abramelin Square

I think the most difficult thing is manifesting money out of nothing. Take me for example I was able to manifest a job that pays me double but I have yet to manifest anything close to a million or a billion dollars. Manifesting money out of nothing is arguably possible but extremely difficult even with the help of the entities and ritual I mention in the paragraphs above.

EDIT there is a slight variation to the Abramelin Square I posted but it seems to work with either variation.


How do you use this square?

You open it the same way you would a spirit’s seal, and command the spirits to bring you the amount of money you need.


You don’t need a billion dollars to make someone famous.

A $3000 budget with the right understanding of how to work an ad network can make you famous. Building a viral funnel and putting $100 ad spend per day for 30 days can do the job.

There are many people on social who use only viral methods to get famous for free (it costs time to build the SEO on the front or back end, usually 8 months to a year or more of daily posts).

Either way takes dedication

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