Best spirit for extremely large sum of money

Hello everyone. I have a question for you today. My friend asked which demon he should summon for a total of billion dollars. Here is what he needs it for: There is a person who he is a fan of. He wants to make this person famous. This person has about 1500 instagram posts.What he wants to do is spend one million dollars per instagram posts on ads.
1500*1000000= 1.5B
That just accounts for Instagram ads.
He wants another 1.5 billion for Facebook ads.
He wants another 1.5 billion for Twitter ads
He then wants to make a video slideshow featuring these pictures on youtube. He only needs a million for this.
He needs 1.5 billion for imgur ads also.
This goes to 6 billion dollars total just to make this person’s instagram posts famous.
Which entity would be best for him. He has raised his clairaudience so he can communicate with spirits. We have searched this forum and found only examples of spirits which gave much less than this amount. The most i have seen on this forum is about 1-2 million.
He has a youtube channel,so he thinks that the spirit would be able to open the pathways to this wealth by gaining an audience and getting paid for it. He also has a donation page. He thinks that the spirit could open the pathway to this wealth by having people donate.

Thank you.

There is no known spirit that can bring someone a billion dollars. That’s just not going to happen. If it was possible, every magician on this forum with current money problems would be a millionaire.

However, working with a spirit like Halah’thor from the Book of Azazel can help your friend find a career that will provide for him financially.

Claunek, from the Goetia, can help with the establishment of a business.

Bune, also from the Gotia, can help with business matters and establishing an income stream.

Edit to add: Spirits can’t work from nothing. If your friend doesn’t already possess a way to make millions of dollars then he will never get to a billion. There has to be something for the demon to build on. It is far easier to make a millionaire into a billionaire than it is to make a poor man into a millionaire.


Third person I see you.

Anyway, I don’t think magick will bring forth “Billion” in terms of sums of money. The practice is to visualize yourself achieving your goals, not unattainable goals. Try working with something small to begin with? Maybe an archetype with the goal in mind that you will be worth more money as the days go forward.

Maybe someone else here can tell you how to summon large sums of money but as far as I know the only real trick to attaining mass amounts of money is hard work and sacrifice. With maybe some ritual magick along with it.

Also, manipulating people on a mass scale through a spirit / demon isn’t exactly welcomed usually by the ones you can summon, who are willing to show up. Your friends best bet is to look into smaller options, such as beginning their investment into advertisements through their own attained measures and show the universe or spirit they are wanting to contact their will and desire.


if the only reason your friend wants this level of wealth is to spend it making another person famous, he would be far better served by working with the spirits for the fame directly instead of the money.

Belial, Lucifer, and Parion can help with that.


This seems extremely counterproductive - why not just utilize a spirit to bring the popularity to the person in question, like DarkestKnight said?

And I know it’s not exactly my place to say, because everyone has their own goals, but… Expecting several billions of dollars to be handed to you for such a purpose… To not even make them truly famous, but only internet famous… It’s beyond wasteful, in my opinion, even if the money did come to them. This just seems like a troll post to me

Spirits will not give anyone tons of money, thousands just appear out of nowhere… Be it billions or millions no matter how powerful the prosperity casting. What spirits are willing to do is give the practioner of magic the knowledge to invest or prosper with you putting in the time and effort to move forward (Ronove, Foras).

Spirits prefer the magician come to the correct answer on their own, often impart mistruths to impart lessons and the person must put hard work and research into prosperity as well as spirit knowledge and prescience.

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He wants it to be that when a person passes by him on the street, people will recognize him through seeing ads of his Instagram photos on ads.
He will do what you and darkestknight suggested.

Yeah so the spirits can help that person with opportunities. Oppurunities if taken get money.

Waiting and doing nothing, get nothing. So I would advise the OP’s friend to work with Spirits and to work for it


If your friend has got the material and the goal. Go for it. Don’t think about the money, just do it. See where it gets him, with a hand of a spirit.

By doing it, you set the intend.

Another thing. I know some awesome magicians here who I unfortunately see really struggle in life with money. But they are already rich, because they can help others with their knowledge and have that knowledge now and in the afterlife.

Oh and don’t forget that beautiful bond with their spirit allies.


Sorry just get started. The persons who brag the most about gaining millions here, have mostly got money problem themselves.


I know of a spirit that has taken a shitty ass book series not one, but two into 100 millions books sold for each and billion dollar movie franchise.