Best Occult Reads-GO

Off the top of my head, these are the reads that have impacted me the most over my occult career:

  • Anything by EA Koetting, but specifically his Works of Darkness. I was in college and happened to stumble on the blurb for it on Ixaxaar’s site while browsing around for more information on black magick. I had never seen a book quite like it before, so I ordered it… and it sounds cliché to say now, but reading it changed everything for me. Here was a book whose philosophy actually mirrored what I had been secretly thinking all my life: to quote You Know Who, there is no good and evil, there is only Power and those too weak to seek it. But more importantly, it gave precise, step-by-step instructions for actually going down the path of Darkness. Poetic and moving, reasoned and logical yet passionately mystical, darkly poisonous and powerful–Works of Darkness gave me the real idea and hope that I could actually become a God within this lifetime. I would recommend this potent little book to anyone who wants a complete introduction to black magick.

  • Anything by Aleister Crowley, but specifically Book Four, Part 1. This has the most lucid explanation of mysticism and magick that I’ve encountered. With the “method of science, [and] aim of religion”, Crowley lays out what made Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc. so unique, and more importantly, how to become like them yourself. He was a genius in the true sense of the word, and his writing hides deep mystical insight within sarcasm and biting wit of the highest form. This is a great introduction to Crowley, and as one of the seminal works of the main founder of modern occultism it’s a must-read IMO.

  • Anything by Konstantinos. One of the few other authors I’ve found who delves into the darker side of occultism without descending into total edgelord-ness. His books deal with communicating with the dead, summoning spirits to visible manifestation, vampires, and werewolves (among other topics), and make for enthralling reads.

  • Anything by Robert Bruce. His work will thoroughly teach you the ins and outs of energy work, negative entity exorcism and banishment, astral projection, and out of body experiences. He is definitely not of the Left Hand Path, but he knows his stuff and you would be remiss to pass his books up.


Also, Robert Anton Wilson was a huge influence for me before jumping into occultism proper. He coined the term “reality tunnel” to describe how our preconceived notions and beliefs change our perception of reality: what the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves. His multiple-model agnosticism and incredible open-mindedness allowed him to combine, among other things, a keen analysis of quantum physics, dabblings in ritual magick, conspiracy theories, guerilla ontology, and telepathic communication with extraterrestrials from Sirius. His all-encompassing skepticism can really help one take a discerning eye at one’s own belief systems, and in particular his exposition of Leary’s eight-circuit model of consciousness can be extremely useful to spiritual growth and personal evolution.

Among his vast bibliography I would recommend The Illuminatus Trilogy as a fiction novel that will blow your mind into metaphysical pieces, Prometheus Rising as a practical owner’s manual for the human brain, and the Cosmic Trigger series which spans so many subjects that it’d be easier for you to read it than for me to describe it here.


He tried to do the Abramelin Rite in his prison cell. :laughing:

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I mean, fuck it, what do you have to lose at that point? That is hardcore, though.

Is that the 40 days and nights with hardly any food or drinks? Bc he did do that

Maybe an Abramelin Lite version of it but the proper ritual takes I believe six months and requires a level of isolation along with supp[lies and specifics he couldn’t have possibly met under the conditions.

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Cyclomancy - the Secret of Psychic Power Control by Frank Rudolf Young.
please can someone send me the ebook to my email.I am from Ghana and need this book please

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Almost all books of Mantak Chia, specially his ’ Multi Orgasmic man’ , ’ Multi Orgasmic woman ’ , ’ Awakening healing light ’ and ’ Awakening healing energy ’ . He is the man when it comes to Semen retention- sexual kung fu and most importantly Inner Alchemy.


Sounds trivial but I remember reading the first Artemis Fowl Book and his battle with the Fairy realm. The depiction in there and how he meticulously studied ‘the other side’ was my fist exposure to a hope of that ‘something else out there’.

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Queen of Hell Mark Alan Smith

Evoking Eternity - E.A Koetting

Necromantic Sorcery - Dante Abiel

Þursakyngi Vol 1. The essence of Thurisan Sorcery

Asenath Mason Qliphothic Meditations


You do realize the cheapest the book goes for is $275? I’d love to read it but I just don’t have the scratch and can’t find it for free online. Any alternatives? I do own the Bardon one.

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Look up
Vk Wall Queen of Hell

Click on first link
You’re welcome :rofl::ok_hand:

Also if you want the actual book without pirating…
New print for a little over hundred bucks. Personally I like the look of this one better than the old one I have.

Thanks, greatly appreciated!

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