Best kundalaini reiki attunement

Dear Friends , I am venkat from India. So English is not my mothertongue. Yesterday I have listen to . I Could not understand some words in seocnd statement. Here is the script

" I ( my Name ) allow ( ) to be attuned all levels of kundalini reiki by abbey turner"

SO what is the sentence after allow

Thanking You,

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Just say the sentence and you will be attuned

Dera sir, I asked the words comes between allow and to be attuned all levels of kundalini reiki by abbey turner"

I (Your full name), open my heart to the wisdom and healing gifts of the snake goddess.

I (Your full name) allow (and give permission) to be attuned to all levels of kundalini reiki by abbey turner.

the part you are questioning is just your higher self giving her permission or access to attune you to the reiki

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Dear [Aprentiz], Thank you Very Much for this attunement statement for helping me

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@Aprentiz Do you work with the snake goddess?

It’s basically a way of opening yourself up to an attunement, will just saying it make you attuned? not at all. That’s not how attunements work. However, it will open you up to the possibility of it.


No they attune you. i have had many attunements. For example, with reiki, unless you get attuned the symbols won’t work for you.

Distance attunements like this one allow your energy body to control the energies that come through.

Just saying those words does not attune you. Yes I’ve received a few attunements as well and am capable of giving attunements.

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Me too. I know instructions, but I don’t know how it will work in practice

Dear friends, This is only attunement. We have to buy manual from them how to use this kundalini reiki. I think this is only Kundalaini Reiki not complete Kundalini activation. Any suggestions

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No I do not but I am a Reiki Master. There are many different forms of Reiki this one I do not work with.


I’ve Reki attuned and after all recent work
…not exactly different


Same. I am reiki attuned to a bunch of different types

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She’s a light worker but as my friend she knows that I’m black magick and nkows what that is as more balanced.
There was no system involved.

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So once your attuned you just are, symbols like the cho-ku-rei become meaningless over time. The energy is actually everywhere, in and around everything in existence.