Best demons/spirits for alchemical self-transformation/personality changes

I’m fairly new to the Left hand Path and the occult in general, and haven’t attempted many rituals. Part of the reason I haven’t done so is that I believe that there are some changes I must make in my personality and character in advance if I truly wish to make long term progress. Additionally, I think that having your surface world existence in order is important before delving into advanced magic. Long story short, there are a few aspects of my character I wish to change via alchemy. I think doing this will make my normal life much better, and make me a better magician at the same time.

Does anyone have any suggestions on demons to work with for internal alchemy/self transformation/personality changes? I wouldn’t be surprised if most demons could do this to people, but I’d like to know who to ask for help regarding specific traits, since some demons are better suited to changing different aspects of oneself than others.

Experiences and methods are also greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the advice.


Could you please introduce yourself as previously requested - thanks



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Hopefully more people with a greater knowledge about this will be able to offer you guidance on this - in the meantime have a look at the top right of your screen and try searching you might find something useful already posted.



Aside from that, it depends particularly on what you want to see in yourself, but Aratron?