Best Demon to wipe out the competition?

This is not relevant to this thread. Nothing wrong with your thread but please stop spamming any and all threads with it. :slight_smile:

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If your end goal is wanting money and luxury from him, why not just do a spell that would bring you these things effortlessly (maybe winning the lottery or another sugar daddy who doesnt have other girls)?

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I’m currently doing money spells as well.

Rosier… Eros, Cupid, Etc.

Which one pls?


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@DarkestKnight How did it go with your neighbour? Did your rituals work on moving him away?

No. It failed. He burned the house down.

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Ummm…what? Please explain

What’s to explain? The annoying neighbor ended up burning me out of my home.

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Damn that really sucks I’m sorry to hear that. I guess the spell still worked though since he can’t be there either

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Did you use magick to get him? How did you find wealthy sugar daddy?

So, your neighbor burning down the house would be a perfect example of unintended consequences.

I wonder how this girl and her sugar daddy ended up.


I know this an old topic but I;d love to know if you had success with hiring the person off fiverr

That’s strange you had such a bad experience with that book. It’s one of my favorites from Gordon although the way the angels works is quite terrifying sometimes. I rarely use it unless I really need it myself. I used it to get rid of coworker who I knew was a manipulative ambitious pos and I did not want to work under him. I transferred to different department to get away from him and whole host other people similar to him only to find out later he would also be transferring to the same department :open_mouth: . So I did the same ritual on him and he developed something like cancerous cysts a few months later. After a short hospital visit he returned to his old department and I never had to deal with him again.

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