Best demon to help with getting a specific job

Hi! The time has come for me to get a new job, and I have a particular one in mind. My question is, which demon would be best to help getting this job? This may include making one of the people already employed somehow quit, as all the spots may already be taken. So, a demon who can “clear a path” for me if it’s necessary while I do everything I can for getting a spot on that job. I don’t know if this is the right thread to post such matters in, if not, I appologise and maybe an admin can move this topic to where it belongs. Thansk in advance!


You can do this yourself. You don’t need a demon. What sprit are you close with?


Belial helped me each time I asked for a job. However he only provided me with the chance and opportunity. Literally he put the job in my lap it came to me out of nowhere. But it was up to me to go on and pursue the job. His “job” ended here, and once he was out of the scene so were the jobs too because of diffent reasons as lack of confidence, thinking I don’t deserve it /I am not good enough, can’t do it and so on that was embedded in my subconscious . I had to understand that first I have to clear subcousciuous, the garbage I carry from childhood and the abuse I took for 9 years of marriage and once that was clear and I worked on myself got back to confidence and so on, then I ask him again for a job. Yeah he brings you the opportunity but is totally up to you if you are able to keep it. I would also see a demon that is specific for that job, like for example Belial brings jobs as legal, lawyer, technology and so on. Paimon brings jobs in management and such where you work with directing/influencing people. And so on, look at demons speciality and it makes easier to get that job.


I’m close to king Paimon!

Ah I see. This job involves alot of music, sound specifically.

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If you’re close to King Paimon, ask him. He can manipulate people to his will. He helped me get my current job.


He have done alot for me, and He is the one I’ve worked most with and I love and trust Him very much. I thought of Him first, but since I’ve never done something like this before I just want to be sure. He have influenced random people for me, in the event of making things manifest aligned to my will before, but “paving a way”/making room on a workplace for me which may already have a maximum number of employees is something completely new. And I really really want this job, so there’s no room for mistakes! But maybe he can fix even this!


Clauneck. He’s awesome, but you have to listen to him. Mutual respect otherwise it doesn’t work.

CLAUNECK has power over goods and riches; he can discover hidden treasures to him who makes pact with him; he can bestow great wealth, for he is well loved by Lucifer. He brings money from a distance. Obey him, and he will obey thee.

The key here is “money from a distance”. Sounds like work doesn’t it?

Clauneck is very chatty. If you start working with him, is name will keep on popping up in your mind. Short phrases like “Clauneck is listening” will just randomly pop up in your mind. When this occurs, make sure to pay attention and invite him to speak.


I don’t know if it will be a problem here but my senses are still not developed enough so speaking directly with a spirit is hard. Does he get you a job, or a specific job? I know exactly what I want.


Well if you are qualified for the job, then it’s all about clearing a path between you and your new job.

Break the job down into a half dozen aspects. Mentoring? Support? Reports? Counting money? Trustworthiness? Fixing shit?

Make a list. These will be your 6 pronged attack. Write them down.

For each of these ‘aspects’, know that you are the right person for the job. Feel within yourself the result of someone paying you a huge complement. Example: Tsalmaveth, you are the MOST trustworthy person I know. Imagine your favorite person on earth telling you this. Be proud, feel it, radiate.

The key is a hint of humility: “Who me? Oh you flatter me!”

I’m not kidding. You want the job? Make the list, and feel it. Make sure it is a list that matters to the actual job. Convince yourself by writing a few points as to why you are the right person. This helps in the interview as well.

Project confidence.

Berith can help open your magus sight. Focus on his sigil and ask him.

Getting rid of some jerk who is just rotting in your future job, well you could help get him/her a new job, or curse them somehow. Regardless, the list is always important.


I didn’t make any list or really do anything besides opening his sigil and asking him to manipulate everyone in the hiring process to look favorably on me and hire me. I did this before the interview.I had a job offer e mail the next morning. I’ve since learned almost everyone else there waited one to two weeks to hear back after their interviews, FWIW.


I did a divination on this and my tarot cards said that Belial seems to be the best bet of these 3, but I don’t really understand why I must limit myself to demons either, so if anyone have some suggestions on other spirits are welcome!


I suggested the list because I used to be a staffing agency recruiter many moons ago. Part of it is about being prepared for the interview and exuding the right mojo. Sticking to spirits alone can get you results, and that’s what the OP asked, so yeah!! If you’ve got your evocation chops down, there isn’t need for much more.


It was a good list and if nothing else, I will at least use the basic idea in meditations to infuse the right energy towards the goal. Everything here might be of use :slight_smile:

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How did you clear your subconscious garbage? I need it badly

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