Best deities to remove curses and to protect you

Can someone with a lot of experience with Abbadon let me know if he likes to remove curses? Who are the guys you ask the most for removing curses and protecting you?


Hekate, Belial and Lucifer, I personally often ask for protection. (Should it be needed)
Archangel Michael is very good at protection and would likely be one of the first I would go to if I believed I was cursed.
Acala, also known as Fudo Myo-o is excellent for protection, driving away harmful spirits and most likely removing already cast curses. Though some (read many) believe you need the empowerment to work with him efficiently.
Thor would also be an excellent choice.


Hey thanks for the reply. Belial is my man sure, but in my experience with him so far I’ve noticed that I still needed to call Leviathan afterwards for general protection in my everyday life (I needed to remove mainly aliens and a few other spirits).
But I don’t have experience with protection from curses and since someone very crazy said he was going to curse me, I’m trying to figure out if Abaddon is the best guy for that since he’s a gatekeeper or just who you guys think that’s the best one to go for.


I asked the same question few weeks back and someone told me it’s better to ask the spirit to freeze the curse instead of removing it so the one who did it won’t know and do it again , I asked forcalor for that !


Wow Never heard about that before @Tuxedo-cat lol!

I’m sure he’s crazy enough to try to curse me more than once for sure. There are some people in this path that are mentally ill, unfortunately (well just like on the Right Hand Path).

Can you tell us more about it @Tuxedo-cat?

Have you done that with Hekate before @Akashiel?

I’ve not been cursed before (by anyone competent, threats by edgy douchebags not withstanding) to my knowledge, so I haven’t needed to remove one.

Thór, Odhinn, Freyja, Kali, Hekate, Morrigan, Belial, King Paimon, Azazel, Lucifer, Lucifuge, Tiamat, Abzu, Kinqu, Babd, Macha, Danu, Nergal, Ereshkigal, Nyarlathotep, and many more.


Aphrodite was/is also a war Goddess and can help you. Satan, Hecate.


I found about forcalor in the book demons of Magick , I just lit a candle drew his sigil and said his enn , when felt his presence I ask him to freeze the curse . I’m also doing the 33 day master protection ritual and the 33 day remove / cancel a curse ritual from the book Magick protection


Never been cursed to my knowledge but Belial, Pazuzu or Sorath would be my go to guys if I felt the need for it. Although I am going to be asking Azazel for advice with my Alcanivorax borkumensis sigil to transform baneful or harmful intentions towards me into raw power for me to tap into (my work environment is as comforting as a viper pit)


Goetiakon is a little known but powerful ally in my personal experience from what ive read he’s a metagod made up of all 72 spirits of the goetia.


That’s what my home environment and my work environment have always been =(. I’m doing what I can to be able to afford living 100% alone again.

I have heard about Pazuzu but have zero experience with him. I work with Belial often though.

So someone cursed you?

Hi @Ashtar I also have heard about the Goetikon through VK’s stuff. I have not evoked the Goetikon so far though. Is this the metagod he says that can be only evoked to remove curses? Because I forgot what is the only thing that it can be called for lol. But I remember he saying that if you don’t follow the rules you can get crazy and multilate yourself as a result.

Since breaking up with my ex 6 years ago I’ve been very unlucky with love , there’s no reason for that my self love, self confidence, looks, personality is all in check , when I bought and read the magician protection I was just thinking about doing the rituals but feeling like I was being superstitious thinking that I’m curse , then I started having dreams of him stalking me and following me so I took it as my guidance and started it , I guess you can never know for sure !


Its less of curse removal and more of defense against handful magick cast upon you. But it stands to reason that he can help after the fact. Best thing to do is evoke him and ask to be sure, although be warned his energy when i workwd with him was overwhelming to say the least. Would be wise to ground yourself before the ritual.

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Honestly any deity can, the associations we give them are just what we give them. A deity no matter if it’s a “goddess of love” or a “god of war” both can remove a curse. Just gotta not limit them by the titles humanity gave them based off a few small associations to a whole.


Keep pushing forward, there is always a way to rise up in time. Just got to keep an eye out for the opportunities.

As far as Pazuzu goes, he is a very interesting being. Chaotic, yes but not completely evil as the Exorcist portrayed him as. He has a deep association with protection as well as destruction.

Can confirm Odin, ironically still haven’t worked much with Thor yet. Can also agree with Rungr on association. Freya is seen for obvious things as a goddess of beauty and love (which are certainly true, how she obtained her necklace Brisingamen being a great example), but love has many forms and she is also a mother. And few scenarios where an assailant attacks a mother’s children end well for the assailant.

thinks This is kinda why I was drawn to the norse in the first place, ironically. All the Aesir, Vanir, giants, elves, dwarves, etc. are all at least implicitly multi-faceted if the information has survived to this era and as such can surprise you like people can.

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