Best books on deity possession

I have come across a few books about voluntary possession with spirits, but almost none on deity possession. Any good suggestions?

The work of Marc Allen Smith heavily involves invocation of the deities he works with, Hekate, Lucifer and Belial. Otherwise, it’s not really a thing that I’m aware of.


Some nice possession rituals? Enoch Petrucelli’s book: the Black Witch


Raven Kaldera touches on it heavily in his Shamanism books.


Yes, LOVE everything by Petrucelly! He is definitively one of the best writers out there. When I did just a light possession rite with Baal from The Black Witch, I was immediately pulled into his world and placed in front of him in his throne chamber. Baal is great, he immediately raised my psychic senses so much more to easily see spiritual entities and he removes fear of demons. I sleep with his sigil under my pillow.

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