Best angels for beginners

I can back up what @BlackFlameEmissari said. Even though some of his followers are into conversion, that doesn’t mean Jesus is. Keep in mind, he hung out with people that Christians throughout the ages saw as outcasts, such as prostitutes. He only “converted” those who were willing; having grown up in an oppressed Israel, he probably didn’t want to stoop down to the level of the Roman Empire.

In fact, something tells me he never wanted to be worshiped in the first place.


I think the early Christian culture of Jesus’ day was trying to escape debased Roman culture. Also, they wanted a new fresh testament that would encourage and enlighten the people.


Is Temperance her name? What was the name of her that you used to evoke her?

I think so too. In fact, when you really think about it, the Book of Revelations wasn’t really about the end of the world, but the fall of the Roman Empire and hope of enlightenment through Christianity.


Yea dude! I’ve always considered Rev to be a model for societal collapse. Nice insight!


Outstanding. I have located this book and am now immersing my self in its contents.
One person does indeed sharpen another.

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LAWL. Lol like a mug.

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I know your banned but maybe someone else can answer this. What exactly was so debased about Roman Culture? The early romans were known as being hard working, austere, conservative, discipled people (like the modern day Germans) and it’s only later that they became corrupt due to all the extreme amounts of wealth pouring in from the conquests from all around the empire. The average roman didn’t necessarily participate in orgies, drunken parties, or other kinds of gross excess people associate with Roman Elite though. The HBO TV show goes over this quite well for instance. Most people were like character Voreenus and his family not like Ceasar or Atia and there associates. Life was not giant Dionysian orgy 247 that is just a myth.

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Much like the truly depraved things many of the modern wealthy folk do.

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Yes exactly. They were just like people are today but no one writes history books about them only about the policies, gov, emperors, senators, kings, and generals. The plebs did not matter and the plebs knew that too which is why there were so many revolts. It only got worse along with corruption as the empire aged and then collapsed due to mismanagement. The citizenry and slave class just wanted a way out during the late empire which Christianity provided. The patricians saw which way the winds were blowing and switched sides to hold onto there power… ie people like Constantine.

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As people pointed out, Jesus is good to work with

On angels, any Archangel will do fine

The book Archangels of Magick is good

Yes on the original post, most known Archangels and other Angels are generally very safe to work with. Naturally, not all, some can be dangerous to work with, but most of the Archangels and let’s say the Angels governing the Zodiac Signs and such are very benevolent.

Most Saints should also be fine. You wouldn’t exactly think of a Saint cursing you because you didn’t do everything right.

Thats a gift alight - never seen felt or heard Jesus but my petitions to God were always through him, if thats our channel or hotline if you will

I seem to be the only one defending any kind of faith or belief in God in the UK, it can be quite intimidating but then at other times, you feel a rush of knowledge and power, like being inflated balloon character, standing upright with an answer for every challenge.
my old man said hed lost his faith the other day then I dont recall the actual words but i converted his thought process back to that of a younger faithful adult - its easy to become tired old and bored, expecting results from complacency. This is someone who has actually SEEN God in a form. He had a vision he now doubts through time but it was very real when it happened and for years later. He was stopped in his tracks and shown a huge cross representing God, the Son the holy spirit and us as one branch (maybe the same thing - i need to ask him again forgive me). For that instant he said he knew EVEYRTHING about everything. As soon it was over he was man again. Almost like a kick up the arse.

Id love a visitation, welcome it. I have however seen and heard, felt and been woken by angelic power - they are gods messengers after all. A lightening bolt woke me up yesterday actually.

I have had some success aswell with the workings but i fear the books i quote from are not telling me the whole truth.

maybe i can work on that gaining the correct knowledge. Even old skool practitioners are so far down the wrong path they remind me of old mechanics who say KIAs are rubbish next thing you know theyre better than VW

Id say stick with the archangels for the moment, and let them direct you as to who to talk with.