Berserkers and my trials with the"gift"

This is the first time that I have ever put something this personal on any online area.
Now for some background information that should help with understanding what I am about to talk about. There are two types of berserkers there are the normal berserkers and natural berserkers. A normal berserker is the ones that everyone knows about that are the ones that need the magic mushrooms to go berserk and they are very dangerous people. But there is another and that is the natural they don’t need the mushrooms to go berserk they can just out of the blue. I am one of thous natural ones and when I got the gift at age 11 I didn’t know how to control it and not let it just go. For the first year it was hecktic and I was really not doing well . I still remember the first time I went berserk it was during a sparring match where I defeated a guy that I never had before. Well I threw him about as hard as I could when I got him into a position where I could throw him and when I did so I was totally blacked out and I seriously don’t remember it my father was the one who told me. Well the next week I went to practice and he was there and he told me that was the craziest thing he had ever seen me do, then he showed me the X-ray of his spine. And in three of his vertebrae there where hairline fractures that scared me so badly that I came up with my one biggest and most important rules ever NEVER GO BERSRK because you never know what’s going to happen and who you might hurt. And for years I really just suppressed it. Untill this year when I started to really explore it. And today I made a discovery that rage can be bottled up like a bladder but the only problem is that the bladder can’t hold an extensive amount of what ever it is that enters it and sooner or later it has to release and for me it is about three years but I found that rage can be reached by someone who practices magik and it can save you. So I have to thank kingofharts616 for being a great friend that I can meet with for a leaching and a possible saving of both my sanity and possibly someone as well. I will continue to update this whenever something new comes up. So thank you for taking the time to read this. Alright time to update this journal. So today I have realized that music can bring about the rage. I am.not experimenting in a none safe place but sometimes it just happens. I also found out that when you are at the point of anger you can smell things like fear and stress. So here is the first update thanks.


Thanks for the energy :wink:

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No prob

Question, BALG, What type of magick would we classify this as? @C.Kendall any ideas?

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Well I have done worked with rage magick, the berserkers only harness a quarter of its potential i’ll link my one experience with it, it needs to be truly explored not just getting angry you need to work through it it’s a pathworking.


I have read it and I just don’t understand magik that’s the only problem. I’m kind of just the brute that they put in front of the magik users to do the punishment taking

@C.Kendall Do you think I am beginning to understand? From the PM I sent you a while ago I mean. Have I begun to grasp what you are talking about?

Hey man.

I’ve read a lot about berserkergang, and thought I could send you some useful links to learn more about it.

Hope this helps man. :slight_smile:

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Him and I went out and ran some tests I guess you could call them.

From what I could tell, he was storing an immense amount of rage and hatred in his solar plexus chakra and, when tapped, turned him quite animalistic.

We tried some things to make him gain control of this rage which included letting such an amount out that he nearly lost control of his body and blacked out. We continued to push these limits slowly over four times. I also taught him a grounding method to recoup the energy he expelled and to gain control over the energy he was using in this state.

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Yeah that was a “fun” afternoon slightly dangerous on the first time.:joy:

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