Okay I have been trying to decide which path of ascent to take. Ascent through white magick or black magick. Well I know most of the benefits of through demonic ascent. I don’t know like anything about angelic ascent. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the benefits?

I have read through angelic ascent, you don’t gain your own power but technically become a conduit(I guess you could say) for the divine omnipotence to manifest through you. So in a way you no longer control your thoughts? So, I know my aura has its own ratio of darkness and light. And I understand the concept of being “divine like”. But at the same time I think I’m too self righteous to give my will over to someone else. And I’m too sour ice to be “fully black” in the soul. Could anyone give some helpful feedback or tips?


Not sour ice, I meant nice and friendly.

Do both, and then do the elemenatal ascent. That way you get balanced out and learn from all three prospectives. You will be surprised at the doors that open for you once you start.

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You don’t give up power and your thoughts are not controlled. One path is more excessive and one path is more restrictive, they both have their own kinds of danger. With demonic ascent you get what you ask for which is not always the best thing for you. You’ll need self control and to have a good handle on your own demons before you go calling other ones into your life, you may ascend or self destruct. Angelic ascent is more of getting what you need you just may not like how you get there. You may go through a humbling and humiliating experience or period so that you understand the effects your own lack of compassion caused.

Neither is better than the other as its all perspective. Be patient and understand what your calling into your life and what the risks are.

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Quote of the year.

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Bro, why not throw these paradigms out and just do your own thing. Despite how much people will exclaim the greatness of their particular path, most are stuck using magick within the same mediocrity mindframe that they are actually trying to evolve from. So power doesn’t necessarily guarantee an upgrade in your perspective of the nature of reality, and I have yet to actually see how “white magick” is more restrictive when viewed without the psychotraumas related to religion. The fact that folks write books about white magick, and practice white magick with these particular psychotraumas in tact shows just how much this actually comes through. In the same facet, black magick can be extremely restrictive, and there seems to loads of contracts a person can lock themselves down in with these practices. Blood sacrifice, offerings to beings that are immaterial on this plane, altars… it’s the same shit with a different appeal.

This is why I say to people: stop reading books. You cannot find a manual to ascension reading books, and there is so much conflicting info, with validity and weaknesses abound, that it should be obvious that you trust your intuition first and foremost. The books can give you general theory and info, but beyond that, what you will come up with is just as valid as anything else. Many shamanic cultures literally just give folks the road map to power, and whatever the person does is up to them. I have to ask Titan though, knowing what practices you do now… what are the difficulties you are having? What about evocatory magick has you feeling like it will help you more than what you have on your plate already? I know what you have available to you, so what about evocation is making you feel it can give you a missing piece?

Okay, so working through demonic ascent u can gain the power of azazel(reading through book of azazel) he can give you the power to raise your throne above that of god. I take it you can’t do that through angelic ascent can u? Accept maybe rise higher through the nine angelic orders, correct?

So taking all this into perspective if someone was to work through angelic ascent their accomplishments would be limited because wouldn’t angels only operate to balance out the good or “light” of a situation vs. a demon that would do whatever’s necessary to aid the sorcerors evolution?

Please correct me if I misunderstand the concepts.
Thank u all eternally for your inputs.


Well honestly I guess I could just say the more knowledge behind certain practices. Maybe there are angels or demons that possess wisdom to make my certain practices through AEMI more easier with greater amplification. Just a thought.

Angelic ascent will give you much more than demonic ascent. It will also allow you to control demons.

Gasp Are you referring to looks around the room and in a hushed tone whispers Michael…

Lol I hear he is pretty bad ass.

Funny I learned bindings from both Angels and Demons.

Well what good is in controlling/binding demons or angels?

And just whatever path will help me awaken my potential as a god and reach my destiny. Odd way of putting it I know.

What good? Are you seriously asking me this? Think about the things you’ll be able to do if you could do that.

What path? Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel.

No I didn’t mean it in an offending way. I was literally asking like what can u do in binding spirits? And my life I have felt attracted to meeting Michael. What has been your experiences working with him?

Didn’t God create both Angels and Demons?

Know Thyself.

Well to clarify my comments of “restrictive” and “excessive” I’ve never felt energetic burnout from dealing with angels. The demonic is a much more primal experience at least for me while the angelic current was more on the human side of things if that makes sense.

I’ve worked with certain demons and felt like I was spinning out of control, having a hard time controlling my emotions and thoughts, definitely a difficult time. Things seemed oversimplified and petty, words lost meaning, modern life sucked and I hated or at least resented everyone and everything. If I had not kept a level head I could have lost a lot that I’ve worked hard to gain. In the end I learned a lot and grew from the experience.

Angels have had a much more benevolent presence in my experience but they have taught me hard lessons. Seeing things I thought was important stripped away to show me what was really important. I’ve learned hard lessons in regards to compassion, humanity and forgiveness.

I don’t really apply any religious ideals in my life as religion is a joke to me, these weren’t things I was preconditioned to experience because a book or sermon told me I would. Honestly if someone would have told me what I’d go through I’d have passed on an experience or two.

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Well how would the spirits react to a binding?

[quote=“Gnosis, post:14, topic:2237”]Didn’t God create both Angels and Demons?

Know Thyself.[/quote]

Depends who and what you mean by “demon”. No, God did not create what is a perversion and negation of his creation.

[quote=“Titan, post:16, topic:2237”]@ellison:

Well how would the spirits react to a binding?[/quote]

Depends on the binding. There are bindings that bypass their will, like you rewire them.

[quote=“Poete Maudit, post:17, topic:2237”][quote=“Gnosis, post:14, topic:2237”]Didn’t God create both Angels and Demons?

Know Thyself.[/quote]

Depends who and what you mean by “demon”. No, God did not create what is a perversion and negation of his creation.[/quote]

The Void couldn’t exist without God. You control that which you create, which is why we have authority over all spirits.

This is why I got out of Gnosticism…way to focused on that puny shit DemiUrge. I’ve visited the Source, and God has multiple personalities, the highest being Love, but never underestimate his pissed off side.

You speak like an illuminated member. It mentions the same thing on
“God” is not the one like mentioned in the bible.