Belial's strange message

Hi! First of all, I would like to publicly thank Belial for everything he has done to help me. If you’re not sure whether or not to work with this particular spirit, go for it! It’s so worth it.

He was the one to prove magic to me. On a few occasions. He wasn’t offended or anything of that sort. He’s not the type to act like that. He made sure I know I can trust in what I’m doing even if I don’t completely trust myself (in magick, mostly I think I talk to myself rather than the spirit). But he delivered on his promise!

Even though I asked for his help in my head, no evocation, he delivered. On the same day, 2h later. I was shocked. Didn’t think any of that would actually work. Come on, Magick? Really? I’m afraid so. So give him a go! He’s the real deal. And so accommodating to my human bullshit and disbelief, He helped me even after I doubted I’m even talking to him AND doubted his power. He had nothing to prove and he did anyway. That’s why Belial gets the best spirit award from me :wink:

Now, let’s get to the actual topic. He told me we worked together in a past life and that’s why he insisted I evoke him and work with him. He called me nyarlathothep on a few occasions. I never read the necronomicon and I’m not too familiar with Lovecraft except for a few E.A videos.

When I questioned him on it he explained that I poses a part of nyarlathothep’s soul and spirits and people can identify me as such because of it. Apparently a lot of people have fragments of different deities, demons etc. hidden within the depths of their soul. And he said Its not like I’m the nyarlathothep but he’s not in one body either he’s idea and essence is spread throuought the universe and I have a fragment of him in me, or a part of me is him.

Something like that. Sorry if I’m rambling, I still don’t believe I received his information 100% correctly as I’m quite new to magick. Not sure if it makes sense to you either, but I want to know your opinion. Belial also made sure I tell you about it, he insisted I spread this message with the members of this forum. Thanks guys!

Mr. G


Glad you have had such a great experience! Belial is in the process of tearing apart my life as I knew it. I think that he is changing who I am as a person as well. He is truly showing me the meaning of hopelessness and despair.

Id be interested to know if a deity is a part of my soul make up. I will ask Belial when he is done ruining my life.

Hes testing all of us.


Thx for sharing your experience. Which communication methods do you use? How exactly do you hear him?

If you permit, here’s a cool Satanic anthem praising Belial.


Alex “Magic Pills” Moss mixed and mastered it.

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Wow. That’s sounds scary. I wish you all the best @Belabereth . I feel like something similar is happening to me as well but at an extremely slow pace. No drastic changes, just slow progress. Belial actually mentioned that I should feel lucky as not everyone gets the slow and steady treatment. It all depends on what do you need to learn in your life. That’s probably what he meant. Extreme and fast changes in people’s lives.


Permission granted @Enlightener.
That’s a great tune! Thanks for sharing.
When it comes to communication methods, he popped up in my head a few times during meditation as an internal voice that sometimes sounds like my own, sometimes as I imagine him to sound like. When I evoke him it’s the same internal dialogue type of conversation. However I experimented with channeling him trough my own voice during evocation and recording it with my phone. Unfortunately my phone died recently and I lost all of my recordings! A lot of great lessons lost. I don’t think I was supposed to listen to them just once as they seemed so full of wisdom. The weird thing is I vaguely remember what he said…


whow, interesting how things are set together…;
Nyarlathothep, now that’s something…; having a fragment of him in you- guess you did some magick in the past with him…; many rituals proposed here do have this part where one enters one soul, heart, mind, …written in the words…; Guess I’ve done that a lot in the past too…;
Like with Lilith, Leviathan and more…I wonder…; I should ask the spirits, as I am working with a great number of beings on both polarities, actively to balance me out in this realm…;

thanks for sharing, insightsful, also in Belial! :slight_smile:


Thanks for checking out my post @Hermes

At first I thought I just imagined Belial’s voice in my head or sth like that, double checked it with tarot, it checked out. Belial confirmed it on another occasion, but I was considering if my subconscious could have made it up but if It did I bet I wouldnt have a soul fragment of someone I’m not really familiar with. Doubt - magician’s biggest enemy…


Well this guy Nyarlathothep is an archetypal idea of the God-Mind, I believe, like Angels or demons would be, representing an idea. That idea than would be interactive, like in fact all things existing can be interacted with multidimensionally :slight_smile: .


@Hermes That sentence alone will keep me thinking for days! Very interesting, could you tell me an example of interacting with an idea multidimensionally? I’m trying to grasp it.

Saw a strange dream of belial. He emerged from a portal above my native home and took away soul of my aunt whom I really hate and almost wish to die. When I asked he even said ‘’ I am taking her to my world.’’ Then from the portal an aeroplane crashed on our house (I hate that house and its members) . When the plane was coming towards me I got a bit afraid but he said nothing will touch me, and the plane stopped. Don’t know what the dream means but I am a RHP guy who generally stays 1000 feet away from anything demonic. Strange.


You thought that you imagined his voice in your head?? Same experience here! At first his voice was recognizable and booming. Then after our pact it began blending with my own. I also have been using tarot to communicate because of this. To conquer doubt.

So many similarities here. . . .

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Wonderful post! May your magicks be fruitful. :smiley_cat:


Lol interesting, just Saturday Nyarlathotep was saying more representation on the forum would be nice.


That’s intriguing… he definitely would help you if you asked him. I bet he was expressing his willingness to work with you. Also on my travels every demonic entity I conversed with has been nothing but delightful :grin: I was a bit scared as well but if you approach them with respect (not subservience or fear) they will definitely return it.

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Wow that’s amazing @Belabereth! Tarots great for that but I noticed that if I doubt or don’t like an answer tarot gives me and repeat a question over and over the answer stays the same once or twice more, but then it changes and becomes less and less accurate the more I dwell on something.

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Thank you so much @BlackFlameEmissari
I’m glad Belial pushed me a bit to make an account here. You guys are awesome. Signing up, and making a post on here was what Belial wanted in return for his help. Now I see that it was actually for me than for him. That old devil! Love that guy.


@anon48957109 Haha, guess he got his wish.:sunglasses:

I feel that Belial enjoys giving us answers we do not want to hear. He has been the bearer of bad news since I first invoked him. I think that he likes it. :sweat:

His role is to turn you into a tough cookie. There are warnings everywhere about how not to F with him. But he drives many to the point that they call him out.


Oh yes. You’re absolutely right @Belabereth
I noticed he toughened me up quite bit. He made sure I’m doing what I should not be easily swayed by people or situations. Belial likes when you act according to your own rules (be the best fucked the rest mentality😆) rather than simply following the flock and staying in the comfort of safety. That’s definitely been a theme in my work with him. But at the same time he never overstepped any boundaries with me, never did anything I didn’t ask for conciously or unconsciously. When I asked him questions and expected a really bad answer he gave me a good one I was looking forward to… That is why I still have a few doubts sometimes because people warn about him, but he is just so nice I literally think I’m making it all up in my head. Maybe I passed some sort of test or learned a lesson he wanted me to learn so he gave me a break for now… I had a few not great experiences, but since I noticed a lesson in them and benefited in the end, it didn’t bother me as much.


I am glad to hear that your experiences have been rather controlled and safe. Sounds like you are getting things done! From what you describe you have a very healthy relationship with the king (don’t take the label “healthy” too seriously)

Doubt is just from programming (whether it be genetic or psychological/spiritual IDK). I would dare say it is the number one enemy to anyone seeking ascent. It can be overcome. Remember this. Any limitation can be removed. Train yourself that this concept never really existed in the first place. Live your own rules like Belial teaches. If it be your will. . . . .

It is very hard yet it is also very easy :wink:

Our experiences are very similar and very different in ways. Most likely because we are at different points in our spiritual development :ghost:

I"m ending my work with him in two days. I have interesting experiences I will share with you all then.

Best wishes,