Belials proposal

It’s the morning here (Australia day) so I have a lot of time to meditate this morning.
I decided to do some structuring. I started structuring a stack of 100$ bills held together by a white paper strip. Then an angel appeared and held it in his hand and said “Is this what you want?” Like any other normal person I said “Yes.”

After 5 minutes it turned into 3 gold bars. Another 5 minutes passed, it moved to my book shelf. Another 5 minutes another 2 appeared on either side and a few minutes after that I had 3 gold bars on my book shelf. All 3 had 3 big stacks of 100$ bills on each, all the 3 stacks of money had Dimond and gold jewellery hanging off and all around my book shelf. The middle stack. Oh boy, am I not surprised. A necklace made out of pure diamonds, with King Belials sigil on the necklace at the bottom.
I felt a heavy presence descend into my temple. He told me he will give me infinite abundance and wealth if I give him my first born and consecrate him/her on his alter.
This is not surprising as a few weeks ago I told him I was thinking about giving my firstborn to him in exchange for something as long as the child was not hurt, as I want my children to have these tools (I know most of you won’t agree with that, and that is fine.) So he didn’t come to me with this offer out of no where. Clearly he has remembered and has been pondering it himself.

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What exactly do you mean by “give”?

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What would it mean… Real witchcraft.
The stuff that has been condemned for centuries.

I suppose!

As long as he’s not hurt its fine.
It is your choice. I’ve given myself the same.

Give like give your child as an apprentice to him?


It means the child will not belong in this world even though it will reside in a shell of a human body. Probably will not be easy for the mother though. That is a guarantee.



This is 100% correct.

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I would listen very closely to everything she says and truly meditate on it. This is something you can’t undo and should, imo, take at least 1 year to fully begin to comprehend what you are putting this unborn child through.

If you go through with this you have given away all your agency in that child’s life. "Hey dad belial said I should commit suicide " “well son/daughter guess you’ll need a knife” is the level of control you’ll have. No ability to agree or disagree. Do you trust belial thst much? Do you trust yourself that much?

As a final warning, the idea of any spirit asking to be “given” a being without that beings express and fully informed consent says one of two things to me. 1 they aren’t intelligent enough to realize that they won’t be getting a willing servant and will have to deal with tons of rebellion meaning I wouldn’t give them Control of anything let alone my child or 2, they are manipulative and only want power with no regard for you or anyone other than themselves.


What does the child’s mother say to this?


I think normal people usually ask “what’s the catch?”. :slight_smile:

Also, make sure what you are being asked to think is an angel is actually an angel, as well as what it wants from you.
You didn’t call this thing by name explicitly, so caution is good.

Maybe? … I’d banish, then call Belial and ask him if this entity is known to him, then call back the entity and see if you get the same thing.


There will be terms and conditions. This won’t be for a very long time. I am 22 and have businesses to attend too. However, a few conditions will be, 1, not to harm the child. 2. Teaching purposes only. I don’t believe in being a servant or worship. It’s more of an apprenticeship. But like @Seph said

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The angel is a familiar. I have multiple. Belial soon descended into the room.

I also did a banishing before I went to sleep.

Make sure you include this is your new dating profiles. :joy:
“Wants kids, first born already sold to the devil.”


And be sure to add: “For diamonds, because they’re so pretty.”


Alright. Just understand that you are going against this child’s free will by not allowing them a say in the matter. This could easily cause you to have a broken and unrepairable relationship with them and even then id say you were getting off easy.


Make a kid with belial and you got first born



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These replies have made me laugh so hard

Also id like to add. This seems to go against belials core belief of “no kings or masters”. But ill stop commenting. You do you but be aware that this is incredibly grey territory and Of the possibility that you could ruin your child’s life if they don’t want what belial is serving up.