Belials Black Alchemy Experience!

After performing belials black alchemy.

I could feel electricty inside and outside of the body. The speed at which the energy vibrated was fast.

The feeling was like insanity but not. an unlimited number of thoughts; sounds, visions, energies and beings all happening at the same time. Embodied within my energy self, pouring over into the physical world into my flesh.

I decided to take a shower. The water ran over my body as i vibrated the names of each of the spheres of the Qlippoth. To remember where they were ancored.

And then my eyes rolled back in my head. Visions, scenes, sounds all rushing at breakneck speed before the dragons eye.

Until it all comes to a halt. A bottomless pit, an unknown place. I sense an unknown sphere. A great presensce resides within.

And before my eyes a black dragon rises before me. It feels familiar. i am it and it is i “You are not ready” it says without words.

I slightly bow my head in acknowledgement and leave knowing that there is more to be done.

I then feel like im descending into a pit. The walls covered with flesh and bone, body parts purtruding from it. Descending more and more in to an opened area with a infernal audience.

Beings surrounding the edges cheering, chanting. As i seem to be levitating and descending into a pit filled with fire.

I expect my flesh to burn and pain to be excruciating as my feet submerge into this firey pit. But there is no pain. I hear screams and laughter as i go deeper into this pit of fire.

My head is completley submerged and i see white emanations come out of my body screaming, being tormented, burning away. Being pushed out of my body.

The whole of the infernal empire is laughing, watching. I begin to laugh. They are not laughing at me, i am not laughing at them laughing.
We are all laughing at these arcons being pulled from this vessal that is i.

Begone arcons Hahahahaha Hahahaha Muhahahaha
I laugh as my entire being is submerged in this pit of flames. These arcons trying to escape my vessel which is now one with the firey pits. As they leave they scream in agonising pain only to be met with more flames. Hahahaha.

When they are all burned away i levitate out of the firey pit. I then find myself in a void of darkness.
Complete and utter darkness.

Then i see the black dragon form from and through the darkness. From the very void itself. It opens its mouth and swallows me whole.

What have i become. I come back to reality wondering how the hell im still standing and havent fallen over.
Shower still running. I feel different.

Did this happen or was it a vision? Are the first thoughts that came to mind.


This occurred.

Was there any particular methodology to utilizing the black alchemy?

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