Belial time dedication and subtle presence

So the other night from around 4AM to 6AM EST I decided to give about 2 hours of my time to Belial. Idk just decided to dedicated some time for whatever reason. Went to the living room, total darkness and silence the way I believe he likes it. I also think Dragons blood is his favorite? Correct me if I’m wrong.

So, I did absolutely nothing except light 6 dragons blood incense as maybe an offfering, laid his sigil down next to a black and red chime candle and just sat there scrying at the smoke from time to time. I did not chant his enn nor gaze at the sigil, did not call him forth, none of that.

The entire 2 hours felt absolutely peaceful. Just…normal. The picture below was taken right as the incense was about over

I’ve also heard from few posts that Belial is known for insects as a a sign of his presence? Is that true for most of you? This little guy appeared. I sensed nothing from it. It simply crawled back into the darkness as I took its picture lol.
What do you all personally think of this? Maybe Belial was satisfied? idk but just curious. Thanks


That’s Baal’zebul, or Beezebub. And yes it’s true for him. I haven’t heard that for Belial.


Interesting :thinking: Yeah I haven’t heard of this myself. Iv heard many things from the room becoming a inferno to you becoming a inferno to the room having a heavy thick dark energy (I personally just find it like a deep Earthly energy very yummy to me) and a lot of other stuff. But the bug thing isn’t something to out here either. For an example I was doing a evocation to Azazel and as I was getting to the end of the first part on calling him, a huge black beetle came from underneath his sigil I had on the floor and walked on his sigil :joy:


I remember doing laundry outside one time and I was on my phone and this huge furry black caterpillar kept following me everywhere I moved. Wouldn’t leave me alone. It came out of nowhere


Is it possible they could be related? Interesting.

A lot of the kings seem to love sending crawlies to people when they are meditating or doing rituals especially spiders, centipedes, beetles, and scorpions.
I read somewhere on this form where someone mentioned that insects and other crawlies actually seem to be drawn to evokings and other rituals.
Usually King Belial is known for sending spiders and scorpions but I’ve seen him associated with centipedes a couple of times. It actually makes me wonder Belial sends centipedes as a replacement for scorpions in areas where scorpions not found or are very rare. :thinking:


Well, I’ve evoked Belial quite a few time and on some ocasiona I’ve had a fly over my left ear. I don’t think a particular bug it’s gonna be a signature for a deity. They’re just gonna let you know that they’re there with you somehow. And that’s the beauty of a ritual.

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Welp that explains the onslaught of millipedes :joy: But if he or someone els some how sends me a scorpion, I would definitely feel honored :face_with_monocle: But a example I have here is the onslaught of spiders. This is the first one that I found.

I hate spiders. I’ve had a Huntsman spider chase me around my aunts van once. I would move to one side of the van and it would follow me. It even tried crawling on my leg. I was freaking out the whole time crying.