Belial talked to me about the black alchemy

"the black alchemy is the art of spiritual metamorphosis, changing the ones self into a greater deegre, many called or magnum opus, some not,
The alchemy has been forbidden and forgotten by many,
It was feared by many, learning through this path you will know the secrets of transmutation and change, far better than the known ones, within my gate there is the great glorified infernal empire, the where I am a great king, I have armies of soliders if you wish I will show them,

Starting with the soul,
The soul, is the brass vessel, of the temple, all we all realities are perceptions of you, everything is chaos everything is you, you are me and I am you, I am an aspect of the soul, while you you are an aspect of me, we are not differed everything comes from the same source, the primordial darkness, the void, the bottomless abyss, while you ascend you create, both you remember and become, although the real you is limitless we see you putting great efforts to your work and we are happy on that, everything is separate the soul is the soul,
You are a Ray from the source, like the rays of atem, like the rays of ahriman are the divs, all reality is like that
You exist between something and nothing, both we too
Everything can be real as it come be illusion, the truth is the nothingness, when you are not attached you become nothing, when you come back you become anything that you desire, sort of reset if you wish to call,
The infernal, the black alchemy is within, we don’t forget "