Belial on being a living god

I wasn’t speaking on them being happy or not, I’m speaking only on the fact said individual still struggles.

No one said this, no one implied you said it either.

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I am talking about those who are fully happy with it and doing what they want to do in life. Not eating all day because of struggles in their lives

Everyone struggles in their life, nonhumans, humans, “thoughtforms” just because you aren’t aware of their struggles does not mean they don’t struggle, just because they are happy does not mean they aren’t struggling in some aspect of their life.

A struggle is a resistance.
This is the definition of struggle I am talking about.
strive to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty or resistance.
They are doing what they want to do, and there is no difficulty in their lives mentally or otherwise.

So if a godform had no other desire than to manifest pizza and eat it all day, what would be their restraint in doing so? What difficulty would there be?

let us say he has no outside problems. well protected and such. No danger would come to it. No need for anything outside of food.
what struggle would there be preventing him from getting his pizza.

I don’t really care about your definition of things, because regardless of it, people will have some form of struggle in their life. Getting everything handed to you, done for you, not having to worry about anything or their health is the opposite of struggle.

Godforms aren’t invincible nor do they eat pizza that’s a horrible example, even then Godforms still can be destroyed and unless there’s some kind of belief in them they don’t reform again.

I don’t think you understand struggle at this point, you’re trying to use imaginary beings as examples lol.

You even say in astral you can manifest things

What does that have to do with a Godform wanting to eat pizza…?

There could be ones whose main goal is manifesting pizza and eating it. let us say they were well protected.
The whole thing is hypothetical anyways. What Belial said was life without struggles is meaningless.
There could hypothetically be a godform right now without struggles protected by armies of spirits.
With shields all around him. Everything he wants is given to him. No struggle to get or do anything.

If that were the case they would be manifesting pizza for the physical creator of said godform, but given this has nothing to do with the original post I think I’ll let this stew around in your mind before it hits a dead end.

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No, what if they just like the taste and want to eat it for themselves. A sentient godform.

It does because we are giving situations based on the original post.

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Thank you for the message @Prophet and Belial and sharing it :slight_smile:


No. To put it in another way, we need contrast to keep expanding.

If you think some people haven’t got struggles, you’ll be wrong. The most obvious struggles aren’t the most valid or legitimate.


A godform (aka inner being or higher self) does not require armies of beings and shields. A godform expands via physical experience. And all contrast (unwanted things, people, situations, etc) are valuable because it causes expansion in some way. Our godforms are always looking forward, standing in the place of what’s wanted, calling us forward to it. Struggle is just the resistance that many of us create within ourselves, the disallowing of what’s wanted to manifest.

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When I read what you had quoted, I got shivers down my spine, I mean the kind that make you smile not the weird kind.

Belial helped me out back in May… I contacted him and before I could even get my words out he was like “Yeah yeah I’m already working on it, relax.” He was excellent to work with… there was zero fuckery involved and I am still very appreciative of that. I’ve been thinking about reaching out to him again to see if he’d like to help me understand some things a little more clearly.

Hail Belial! To the OP - thank you for your post!


I wasn’t talking about that definition. i was talking about rungr’s definition which is a powerful servitor

I wasn’t really talking about people not having struggles. The main point of what I said was that there are people who would be happy and content without having struggles and they would not feel as though their life is meaningless.

It’s not my definition it’s a common definition within the energy work community.

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Our whole discussion sprang from my question in which I was asking if that is his perspective of others if they could possibly live without struggles.