Belial King of The Witches

The village was small and rustic. Wooden houses stretched out across the land. Women of different ages snuck quietly out of their houses and into the night and deep into the forest. In the middle there was a clearing and a fire was lit. The women stripped and began to dance around the fire.

I found myself in the circle among them but I remained in my dress. I looked down and thought the dress looked wretched and pitiful like a potato sack. My feet were calloused and dirty. I couldn’t see my face but my skin was the same take and my hair the same course and black. Was I a space? Was I mixed?

The fire rose as they danced their energy feeding the fire into a frenzy. Belial manifested from within the fire. “I am the king of the witches”, he said. His tall muscular frame appeared orange kissed by both the moonlight, firelight and the shadows that danced around him.

“Dance with them”, He said. I looked down and I felt as if I was planted on the spot and I couldn’t move. “I can’t move what’s wrong with me.” I felt like I was one of them but not of them. “You are out of time. You belong in the fire with me.”

He remained crouched within the flame as if the flame was too weak to hold his full height. He held out his hand. His shadow stretched out from the flames to meet mine and I felt released from where I stood. I looked at him and I thought the orange color suited him. I thought he looked beautiful. His horns stretching upwards, the shape of his body, his toes digging into the ash, sticks and sand. His thick veiny cock rising up and throbbing.

I walked into the fire and as I did the world quieted around us. The women’s bodies slowly disappeared and became mere shadows and then just smoke and then nothing. I felt no heat from the fire just a white light. A crown of flowers dandelions, dasies and white lilies appeared on my head. A white dress embroidered with golden leaves appeared replacing the rags.

“Am I becoming something?” I asked. He gently held my fingers. “Nothing that you already aren’t.” He pulled me into a full embrace. I said something I can’t remember. He repeated three times he didn’t know and held me tighter.

“You will understand after you give birth.” He said and the fire began to die out and fade away. My body felt cold and then I felt a wolf’s pelt being placed over my body.


Was this a vision? A dream? Either way, it’s very interesting.

Slightly unrelated: the title made me think of the Witch-King of Angmar from Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings series xD


I love this !

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Woah, what, I don’t even… this epiphany feeling…

I have to consult my grimoire because the familiarity, the synchronicity… I had a dream years ago that is relevant to this.

My feeling is: something just clicked and made sense. Connected. I have to gather my senses.


It was a vision. I was in a trance but I’ve seen the village and the forest in dreams before.


I see. I wonder what he meant by “giving birth” (I have a bad habit of interpreting things literally); maybe you’re going to have a child that’s going to be a witch?


You are pregnant right? @Sophia444

But giving birth can be literal or symbolic.

Either way its really cool. And im excited for you.


@Eye_of_Ra @Prophet

Yes I am pregnant. Just three months to go.

He does mean literally as if I will discover something after the physical birth.

The baby is a boy. I’m not sure how the inheritance of magic works if is in the genes or what. When I do magic I feel like he is eating the energy and I feel very tired afterwards. Lilith told me my son would need spiritual energy in the womb as well as physical food.


Oh congratulations! :smile:

Maybe the baby will follow in your footsteps then. Or you’ll have the answers during labor?


I’m so overwhelmed. So many roads just connected and intersected. Honestly, I’m a bit nervous about sharing most of it. TL;DR near the bottom.

First of all, the dream I referred to in my previous post, happened January 3rd, 2012. I woke from it at 6:18am(Hmmm… 68.)

(Also in numerology, 618 adds up to 6. Which, 6, is a significant number to me)

I don’t know if it was the same woods you speak of, but I do feel a connection somewhere. I believe when I have significant dreams, I travel to different realms.

The dreams: An interesting note was the lighting. Everything had a sort of light-bluish tint to it. Like an overcast day around dusk, or a full moon. I was dressed in a black cloak/robe. Barefoot. My head was covered. There was a pendant of some sort on the front of the cloak with a symbol on it.

I was out in the woods following a trail. I remember a fenced in area with cattle and horses. I was walking with a sense of urgency, and that I was the last of my kind. Suddenly, the cattle and horses became spooked by a group of people. My instinct told me they were looking for me. I was walking towards what looked like a large black, stone gate of sorts. I was waiting for someone to come out of it. The group started to catch up with me, then I woke up.

I went back to sleep and had another dream.

I remember following a flock of lambs, who later turned out to be people. I was hiding something from all of them. I felt sinister intentions towards them all. Suddenly, I am in a different setting. I was in some sort of house or dwelling. I had an infant under my shirt that I was hiding. I held it as it nursed on my left breast. I could feel the teeth and everything.

I step outside and it’s pure chaos. Fire, destruction, death. These demonic beings were destroying everything. When I stepped outside, they all looked at me and ceased what they were doing for a brief moment, then continued to destroy and slaughter everyone around me.

One demon in particular was directly in front of me. He appeared to be in charge. He was large in stature, muscular, had large wings, covered in blood, and his large dick was erect. He also brandished a large sword which he just used to slaughter a bunch of people. He locked eyes with me and approached me. As I was waking up, I came to discover he was having sex with me. I was also menstruating.

Anyway, fast-forward to the present. Last night in particular. I had just got home from work and was sitting in my car. I completely tranced out and had intense visions. I heard Lord Belial speaking to me, he told me to just let go, let it flow. I was in a pool of water in some sort of forest with Lord Belial. Lord Asmodeus was there, as well as Lord Lucifuge. They were simply embracing me, stripping me down. My crown, heart, and third eye were heavily stimulated.

Then, we are transported to a place they called the Black Lands. The ground was a black rock, there were hills and mountains made of the same black rock. Deep crimson skies. Lord Belial told me, “Hunt”. I was morphed into this beastly, demonic creature. I was bipedal, but quadrupedal when I sprinted. Lord Belial and Lord Asmodeus also took these forms. Then, the group of unnamed demons that I work with were also there.


They paced the sidelines, observing my hunt. There was some random naked person screaming and running for his life. All I felt was: kill. My vision tunneled on him and I sprinted towards him. I pounced on him. Ripped him apart, tearing his torso, arms, and legs asunder. Eating his heart, etc… His screams spurred my slaughter to a frenzy.

Then, groups of people started appearing. As I was slaughtering them, I felt Lord Belial and Lord Asmodeus mount me as I was feasting. My feral instincts were mixed between being receptive and killing. I remember being pushed into the corpse as I was being mounted. After the hunt, we all rested. They were all rubbing their faces against mine, getting the blood on them. I was suddenly released from the visions. I realized I had been sitting in my car for over 2 hours…

TL;DR: The woods, the child, the “witch-y”, primal vibes. Also, my first experiences with Lord Belial back when I was first getting to know him. All the weird random experiences that didn’t seem to have any correlation was just all brought together. I can’t write everything here as this is years worth of connections. These were all experiences I had before there were places like this forum. Before there was extensive information on these demons.

I don’t know why I’m typing all of this, but I’m sharing anyway. Apologies if it doesn’t make any sense.


No, thank you for sharing. The similarities feel similar as initiatory ones. Although I know Belial well enough by now this experience was important because it wasn’t sexually intimate but intimate in a different way.

Sex with a spirit can be a way of them initiating you into their specific path/world.

Before this I had a dream i was walking through a deserted town and there were dead wolves everywhere. There were stacks of them. Bodies piled on each other. I was very confused. Belial appeared and asked me why I had killed them all. His facial expression was judgemental but his body language showed he was aroused. His chest and shoulders rising and falling.

I suddenly had a flashback of myself covered in blood and skewering the wolves with a long sword. I was in some kind of blind rage I don’t know why. This is relevant because he told me he was King of the wolves and that led into me having this vision today.


Have you ever read Mark Alan Smith?

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Perhaps you can draw a map of the village and the surrounding area? I’m blown away by your vision. Amazing.

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I got a lot from this. Thank you everyone.

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Yes that’s a good idea thank you.i will do some drawings. I’ve thought it was possible that I travelled back in time to possess an ancestor or a past life. I have had dreams and visions that I realized were past lives years after I had them. Because spirits don’t have that sense of linear time it can be confusing.

I had a near death experience when I was eight and that’s when the visions started. I’m glad to hear when anyone can get some information or inspiration from them.


No I haven’t heard of him. I googled his name just now and I see the connection. Belial has a great deal to do with Luciferian gnosis. His connection to wolves and witches. Lucifer appointed him my personal gatekeeper in the first place. Or gave him my hand in marriage I’m not sure. LOL

Were there any particular parts that reminded you of Smith’s work?

I’m trying to figure out the dream with the wolves. I don’t understand it.


The phrase Witch King reminded me his book/current dedicated to Hecate, Lucifer and Belial

Yeah mark alan smith has a grimoire apart of his trident witch trilogy
It’s called the Scorpion God.

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UPDATE: The night after I don’t remember all of my dreams. I must have travelled and been with Belial. Some of his servants brushed my hair and gave me a ritual bath. Then I was sat at a banquet table full of pastries. Their were different kinds but they were all made with this bitter tasting fruit I didn’t like. I remember saying:

“It tastes like rasberry. I hate rasberry.”

Belial: “just eat the damn fruit! It’s good for the baby!”

And he started stuffing my mouth full of pie.

Then yesterday my husband told me he had a present for me and it was an apple pie. He said it would be good for the baby :sweat_smile:


Attention to detail is wonderful.

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Real witches, being the radical individuals that they are, don’t have a king; not even the Devil holds that role. They do not have a king, do not want a king, do not need a king. They are, what Belial already embodies; without a master - having no need of god, king, priest, saint, messiah or prophet. For they are already these things in and for themselves.