Belial information/advice needed

So yesterday, I evoked Lucifer for reasons I won’t mention just yet. I needed to work with King Paimon, but I wasn’t really able to evoke him at 1st, so I requested Lucifer’s help. I was able to reach King Paimon through his assisrance. I was so impressed by all the energy around me I decided to try to move an object mentally. Lucifer then told me i needed to work with Belial to be able to do that. So my question is, does Belial have this ability? I know E. A Koetting has previously mentioned in one of his videos that Belial is the guy to go to if you’re in trouble. Strange things like paperwork missing can happen. Correct me if I’m wrong. With that said, I just need to know if he’s dor sure known to be able to move objects around. Thanks in advance for any input.


Yeah, from experience, I’ve noticed he’s a bit of a jokester, so he likes messing with people. I can totally see him moving stuff around just to annoy you a tad, but it also could be King Belial just giving you a sign that he’s around. Entities tend to move things if they really want your attention or let you know that they’re around.


Belial while very powerful and able to get things done quickly, is one of those spirits you either adore or can’t stand. I’ve yet to see much if any middle ground with him.


What should I know about him so I don’t piss him off when I evoke him? Have any of u done an invocation with him?

He’s lord of earthy things and anarchy. Seems to dig alcohol, and sexy things. Pour him a drink and be respectful but never ass kiss. Takes a while to warm up to people, but is supposedly very loyal and protective if not a bit rogue like.


Do u know if he answers to Lucifer? From my experience, King Paimon does. I’ll know for sure before rhe end of next week.

I don’t think he answers to anyone other than himself as far as taking orders. Though you could ask Lucifer for an introduction. I have no idea if he would agree.


That’s the truth. The first time I invoked him he hung around in my apartment and caused paranormal activity for a few days


He really likes bourbon, and be sure to not have any other kind of idol, sigil, or anything connected to other spirits on the altar when evoking him. He def does not like that. Be respectful and confident. You’ll do just fine. I use copal insense of a high quality for him also.
Good luck!


There are 3 gods I’m deeply in love with.
Lucifer, Asmodeus and Belial.
All 3 have been in my life since I first became a Satanist.
Lucifer is so good to me he is kind hearted, strict, caring, and he loves those who show great respect to him.
Asmodeus has made me more lustful than I have ever been. I’m deeply in love and lustful for him. He is also strict, and cares for those who show him respect.
And Belial is a very dark looking god with a goat skull for a face. He is very strict, serious, intemidating, and his sex is brutal and rough, but I know for 100% that he means well and I do love him.
I call them gods because they are immortal, powerful, and all knowing with so much wisdom.

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Belial is very intemidating. He may try to scare u, so dont be scared of him.
I’ve made that mistake once. And he was only in my dream because he though I was ready to go home, but because I got scared he said I was not ready and had to wait.

I am so pissed at myself, because I think he was going to take my soul to his realm for good.

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I’ve since the initial post worked a few times with Belial. He’ll make u face the things u have to deal with, but weren’t dealing with. Kinda like “tough love”. I’m cool with him, but now have a preference for Lucifer, Lilith and Asmodeus. I’ve found it easier to work with these 3.

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How is Asmodeus working out for you??
Have you heard his voice and seen him??
I am deeply in love with Asmodeus, Lucifer and Belial.


I meant to tell you I’ve seen Belial a few times in my dreams.
And he alway appears to me with a goat skull for a face and a dark sinister growl. I think I’ve had sex with him once. He was brutal, rough and very forceful. I was marked with the numbers 3369 on my back on the upper left side after our sexual experience.
And another time he appeared to me he was walking to me as a lion would walk/stalk its prey. His growl was dark, sinister and deep. I was scared not knowing his intentions. And he said, “I am Belial. I came to bring you home, but because you are afraid you are not ready. For that you must wait.” I begged him to take me with him, that I am ready. But he insisted that I wait and I am not ready.

Here is what he looks like to me.


Since EA had painted him as a scary deity, as well as others, when I do an evocation/invocation, I usually request they manifest in a way that doesn’t send me running for the next exit

Have to say I haven’t had a scare factor just yet, besides Azazel when I 1st began. He manifested and still does as a red demon, sometimes a black shadow…

Are u online? U can PM if ud like. I’ll be on here for a little bit longer

Belial is amazing. No lie about that.
And Asmodeus I have no words to describe him. His lust is overwhelming. I’m constantly thinking about him, wanting him badly. Sometimes it’s too much. I can’t say or think his name without getting lustful.
It’s all because of a dream I had of him one time, where he asked me to be his queen and without thinking I said yes. I’ll have to tell you that dream another time.

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I find many of them have that effect. Belial for sure, but Lucifer n Lilith too…in summary, all the ones I’ve worked with.