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I do have one thing to state here though. This is like the 40th time I’ve seen Belial’s name this month, no exaggeration. Usually that means it’s a sign that I need to contact a demon if I keep seeing their name everywhere I look and I am seeing it all over.

I’ve been having some issues with prioritizing lately and after reading all the posts on here about Belial a manly voice that was obviously not my own (since I’m not a man) spoke to me and said “Belial can whip you into shape and set you straight!” I heard the voice but did not see anyone when it spoke. It almost seemed like Belial was speaking to me and referring to himself in the 3rd person. Is he known to do this, refer to himself as Belial on occasion? Or do you think another spirit was telling me this?

I was in a mild daze when I heard the voice so it could have been one of my familiars telling me this and I didn’t realize it because I was zoned out. But I feel a strong urge to contact him and others have mentioned if you have a problem or a habit that makes you somewhat stubborn, that Belial is a master of force slapping those habits out of you. I heard he is very assertive and does not sugarcoat anything, he is straight forward when addressing issues that the magician needs to fix.

I do need to be forced in a way with some things in my life however, I am bullheaded, cocky, and stubborn sometimes and I heard Belial can be too if he is dead set on getting you to change something about yourself so I wonder if we’d get along well because of the similar personalities or if we’d clash and bicker at each other?


Well I’m pretty stubborn and stuff and I haven’t found that to be a problem, though as you know (the BDSM thing!) I did have to ask Raphael to please explain things to Belial, as he continued to insist we should change our entiure sex life.

So that’s an option, if you find you lock horns and can’t move on past an issue?

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Was Belial wanting to get you into BDSM or becoming more normal? Or was he saying something else like bending over the Judeo Xian Angelic heirarchy anddoing them like a woman? So imagine Belial as the Game Master of “Dungeons and Dragons” where Lillitu demonesses are Raping Raphael in the 50 shades of grey Playroom. The dark side of healing.

It is true he can help change things. He rules the Primal Impulse specifically and getting him to activate that while “changing” will do the trick.


The latter, for both me and my partner.

I was in the weird position of having to ask an angel to tell a demon to let us be as kinky as we damned well want, since Belial kept going on about it, for example we both wear rings that are symbolic of this stuff and he kept asking me to take mine off when I evoked him, stuff like that - I posted about it here.

Pretty funny stuff, and we didn’t want “help” changing anything! :wink:


I’m not into BDSM perse but I like some roleplay and biting, nothing wrong with that. As odd as it sounds, a demon against BDSM and an angel for it, I can somehow picture Belial saying that. Like the vibe I get when thinking about what he’ll look like, I can see him as a big oversized intimidating demon that’s really just a giant teddy bear on the inside towards certain people going on and on about how that’s not part of the primal human instincts that’s an unnecessary add-on that degrades those who practice it, have some dignity, yada yada. Given his known associations you’d think he’d be all for it.

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Well given his USUAL ASSOCIATIONS…you should consider the actual (judeo-xian) source…lol. I mean afterall, they did persecute women back then and they seem obsessed (which includes the men) with a Naked man on the cross along with a group of Male Angels and naked cherubs.

I remember reading on one of your other posts that you worked through Works of Darkness and if I remember correctly you mentioned evoking the entities or performing sigil majick with the entities in the book in the order they were given.
Belial was one of those entities and in WoD EA reccomends asking Belial to grant you familiars.
If you went through with that ritual but never followed up on a relationship with Belial perhaps it was one of his familiars?

Also,IME Belial has a way of grabbing your attention when HE wants to work with YOU.
Belial is very much for the advancement of humanity and IME with him it seems even simple human pleasures such as TV,video games,things of that nature that we waste our precious time on,is a complete waste of time in his eyes.If you’re not advancing yourself spiritual and working on your ascent then you’re wasting time in his eyes.

Hell even things such as sleep would sometimes seem like a waste of time for him.
I remember once during our pact I told Belial I would awake at exactly 3am to evoke him.I set up the ritual area and set my alarm for 3am.
I then had a dream of being in bed and turning over to see the exact wooden sigil I crafted to work with Belial laying next to me and in the dream it began to flash.As soon as the sigil was completely 3 dimensional I woke up to see that it was EXACTLY 3am but my alarm hadnt went off yet.I think I accidently set it for the wrong day or something.So Belial took it upon himself to say “Wake up motherfucker I’m waiting on you!”.
Probably the most driven spirit I’ve ever met.And he expects the same from the majician.He will take your ascent more seriously than you will at sometimes.
It’s like having a school teacher tell you it’s time to do Algebra and you saying “No more algebra!”
Then you get smacked with a ruler.

Hope this info helps!



I enjoy smoking an old school pipe. Have for many years now. It’s part of my daily ritual. So much a part of my life and who I am that my children and grandchildren associate the smell of my blend to memories of me. (I smoke approximately 2 packs of cigarettes worth of Captain Black Gold Tobacco each and every day.)

Early morning last week I am out before dawn, enjoying coffee and I fire up my trusted Savenelli pipe. But as has become the norm as of late the coughing ensues in short order. Small inconvenience in my mind.

My mind? Who’s voice in my mind then says to me…

“Obviously your WEAKNESS gives you great pleasure.”

Belial? I’ve worked so hard to reach out over the last month and His very first words to me are sarcasm? Hmmmm. I won’t rise to the bait. Honesty Instead…

“Yes, great King Belial - I do enjoy the Buzz tobacco provides.”

He replies with, “You still seek a sacrifice for the Blood Moon ritual… in seeking me… yes?”

Yes - I am still looking for something I can sacrifice as a gift, worthy of a King…

“Search no more. Release this your weakness as a sacrifice to me as proof you are committed to the work, the outcome and securing my help.”

What? Quit forever? Cold turkey? Just like that?! Here and NOW?

“Yes, here and yes, NOW.”

My turn to be sarcastic when I think rather loudly… a little advanced warning would have been nice.

"Consecration of my Sigil on your part is all the notice you will ever receive for work on your ascent. Release your weakness or we are are finished. "

Wow. Forever sucks. I know I can do it, but I REALLY like my pipe and the rituals I have with it. Shit…

Fine. I need your help. I agree… but at least send me a familiar to assist me, this is not going to be easy.

“Yes, yes it is done. I have sent two to assist you and protect you… even if from yourself.”

That was last week. Day 6 now tobacco free. The cough is long gone. When the cravings start (3 or 4 times a day? I follow the advice and urges of… who knows for certain?) And mentally reenact the ritual of packing my pipe and lighting it up. I can still taste the smoke in my mind… the cravings peak… and I release them as a sacrifice of sincerity, and dead damn sure commitment.

As for the familiars? I hope that they convey to thier Master that the growth has begun in earnest, I am doing the work and I hope to see the Mighty King first hand this Sunday sometime after dusk during the full Harvest Moon.

If King Belial is a taskmaster, then I am a workaholic wanting more. He expects commitment from me and I think the reverse is reasonable to expect as well.

Should this ritual on sunday, and the divorce court hearings and the other sorcery events I have planned proceed under the eye, pursuasion and protection of King Belial, I will deeply carve his Sigil on that pipe in thanks forever to Him.

But make no mistake, I will certainly miss that freehand Italian pipe resting like the body of an old friend on King Belial’s altar.


[quote=“RL, post:9, topic:6296”]That was last week. Day 6 now tobacco free. The cough is long gone. When the cravings start (3 or 4 times a day? I follow the advice and urges of… who knows for certain?) And mentally reenact the ritual of packing my pipe and lighting it up. I can still taste the smoke in my mind… the cravings peak… and I release them as a sacrifice of sincerity, and dead damn sure commitment.

… But make no mistake, I will certainly miss that freehand Italian pipe resting like the body of an old friend on King Belial’s altar.[/quote]

Simply awesome.

Thanks for sharing this! :slight_smile:


Musta, yes I did do the ritual to work with Belial’s familiars. I was struggling trying to make an instrumental while they were there and I was taking a break from ritual work and one of them helped me, so I named the song Belial’s Familiars. But when I did the working from the book I was still struggling to see spirits so I only got an image in my mind of what I thought Belial may look like although I could see his outline and feel him standing there.

But since then I have not worked with him personally. I got the vibe he was very busy, and unless I wanted his help directly he would not show back up and would leave it to his familiars to teach me during that working which is what he did. But lately I’ve had a minor issue and keep reading everywhere that he is the one who could help get rid of it.

RL, congrats on quitting! I know how hard it is. I quit once when I was pregnant, I didn’t even weigh 5 lbs. when I was born and you never know how inheritance works so I didn’t want to take a chance of having a sickly small child with my genes and being a smoker which can also cause low birth weight. But shortly after she was born I started working again and everyone around me smoked so I caved in and started back. 2nd time around it’s even harder to quit. This was before I became self employed.

Were his familiars just keeping you at bay each time you had the urge to reach for the pipe or go buy more tobacco? Like were they forceful or did the energy of their presence seem to help the cravings subside?

I have a myriad of desires, including those that would “look weak” to others. That is one of the things with POWER that irks me, is that it gives me cravings to experience it at opposite poles.

Anyway, story short some weird person messaged me and it was related to beautiful girls. Belial was sending me a synchronistic message. Anyway, the person messaged me again showing an emoticon of a Santa Claus on a Rheinedeer sleeping and then another of him awake riding it away in joy. (FYI…Santa is an Amalgram of Satan, which is further translated as The Devil or Belial). Anyway, I got the message and thought “Yes… I need to wake up and take this bitch by her horns and Ride Her into an Alternate Reality of Joy.” lol

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I had a similar experience with Belial.I was relying on prescribed medication such as benzodiazepines and soboxone to get me in the mood for ritual.Belial wanted me to quit but I refused.
When I went in to see my soboxone doctor (I’m a former pill and heroin addict) I took my usual urine screen to show not only was I not taking any other substances besides the ones prescribed but to make sure I tested positive for soboxone.
My urine screen came.back completely negative for soboxone.A medication I tool everyday just so happened to not show up in my urine sample.I received a letter in the mail saying I was discharged.Thinking Belial was up to something I questioned him during an evocation about it.He assured me it was him and he would not allow me to use substances to motivate my ascent.

Now trust me I’ve slipped up here and there since then and am still working on the motivation aspect as I started using drugs and alcohol when I was 14 and am now just a couple weeks away from my 29th birthday.So half my life being an addict…well it’s certainly not the easiest thing to quit.

I’m actually planning on a working with King Paimon to manipulate my own mind into bring more motivated and am also requesting help from Lucifer.

Belial is the self-criticizing artist and those of us who work with him are his canvas.He will accept no flaws in his masterpiece as he desires nothing short of perfection when he is finished.Now we all know no one is perfect so Belial could probably go on forever molding more powerful aspects out of us hunks of clay as he burns away the flawed.
Keep in mind this is just my own experiences and how I feel about him and am in no way complaining as I look at this behavior from him as a form of tough love,but love none the less.Belial does truly care.
If he didnt he would just give you what you ask for and not give a fuck if you improve not only as a majician,but also as a healthy,stable,human being.

So I look at this as Belials’ love for us.The ones who have dared to work with him.

If you see that Belial can fix the situation you’re in,and not only that but something or someone be it another spirit or your Higher Self is telling you to go for it,then ask yourself does it truly matter what the source is that’s guiding you to him? Contact him yourself and ask him.Or if you’re more comfortable,ask one of your closer spiritual companions such as (what I’ve gathered from your posts) Lucifer,King Paimon,or maybe your own personal guardian that has revealed himself to you.(congrats on that by the way,amazing experience to read!)

But all in all,if you see yourself being guided towards Belial (which you’re basically answering your own questions on whether or not you are) then jump into the pit and face The Scorpion.
But be prepared to have some life altering experiences if you work with him long term.For me it was some of if not THE hardest changes that I’m still trying to make.

Belial will burn away every bit of dross that he sees holding you down IME and trust me…he sees it all!

Good luck to both of you,RL and RavensAscent!



Belial cares. You just have to word your request very specifically. If you want to attain a position and drugs is getting in the way…them Belial will get rid of that…however, if you just want drugs Belial will be more than happy to give that to you! He is ALL about completely LETTING LOOSE. The question is do you want to be a drug head that only experiences the low points of life…or do you want to experience higher poonts of where you must make sacrifices?

Belial will help you brutally and honestly… The question was your request to him based on some thing small or Shooting for the Stars?


Brilliant description! :slight_smile:



If you agree to give up smoking for King Belial, I would highly recommend you not go back on your promise, no matter what. Now, I’m certainly not suggesting that you would go back on your word, but just to add another voice in support of the commitment you have made (which is probably more than I would have been willing to make, but thankfully, Great King Belial doesn’t seem to have a problem with my tobacco use. If he did, I probably wouldn’t work with him, to be perfectly honest. And that goes for any spirit, and any area of my life; for better or worse, I make the rules as they pertain to my own personal, private being.

That said, and while I tend not to discuss my magical operations with any except Virdon Djinn, the fact that this particular thread opened up seems significant.

I will keep it brief, then. Basically, I dropped out of high school, and with Lord Belial’s assistance, I made my way near-seamlessly into a highly-reputable medical college (to study to become a doctor). If anyone knows anything about how hard it is to get into one of those programs, then, yeah… That kind of says it all :slight_smile:

Since then, I have had a profound respect for King Belial and I don’t fuck around when I consider working with him. I wouldn’t say I worship him by any means, but I am deeply struck by awe at the mere mention of his name. It’s an incredibly profound respect.

Kind regards, Tj.

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Nice, thanks for sharing that! :slight_smile:

Some people are genetically more susceptible to ill effects from smoking, and while we can fly off fanciful notions of re-writing DNA, it’s probably simpler to stop for those people.

Just a thought for why he might ask it of one person, not another, anyway. :slight_smile:

Actually I cover this in a good amount of detail in my book, Saturn Rising (detailed in a recent post, as some may recall).

Part of the reason I smoke is, ironically, due to its lethal effects. Some may call it a socially-acceptable form of suicide, but I consider it a form of death-veneration, trading a portion of my life (say, the last potential 20-some-odd years or so?) for the opportunity to get closer to the death current in this lifetime.

As you can probably tell, I take my worship of the Reaper really quite seriously, as a legitimate and deeply personal spiritual path.

Kind regards, Tj.

Holy Helena Handbasket. I didn’t even know that medical colleges accept applicants without a high school diploma. This is a huge win. May I ask how you arranged this with King Belial - was it in a pact? Certainly not candle magick. :smiley:

You sound like you have military experience. If so you have my respects because everyone should put in their share for “defending their tribe” which is protecting their clan, lineage, etc.

What practical use do you use to tap into the Death Current?