Scanning the godform

Your welcome :slight_smile:

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Mark Alan Smith does refer to Belial as the Scorpion God.
Also, I was literally contemplating a message from Belial in the form of this song.


I really like this song

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I’m sorry to ask you again arianna, but could you come over to the power sensing thread and read me in relation to the song?

I only ask because Belial has been trying to dig deep with this one, and I feel like he’s trying to burn away parts of my ego that aren’t serving me.

Personally, there’s a part of me that’s afraid that I won’t be able to live up to the challenge of being a Black Magician. Moreso, after I’ve heard this song I’ve felt the mud and grind of existence more… fully, almost like I’m afraid to let my mind think about beauty lest I be lying to myself.

Well in relation to this song I think is Belial saying FTW in a way.
He seems kinda pissed at the way things are being ran.

How this relates to you is that he is probably saying get over all the fake things you think your suppose to be and role your sleeves up …get to work and be who you truly are.
Don’t put on fake masks, …or preach one thing yet do the total opposite. …

I think Belial is fed up with the way the world going and he’s ready to make a stand to change things…
He’s angry… not with you …more with others in the world.

If he’s reaching out to you … look into it and see what it’s all about

Belial is pretty awesome and I think you will learn alot by working with him.


Bit of info on belial if ya decide to dive into a working with um. :alien:


I’m sorry, but I still feel like he’s trying to say something to me.

I’m a liar and on the inside I’m full of shit. That my love is a lie which I use to mask my lack of self-confidence? My self-doubt bubbling up to the surface as arrogance and a misplaced sense of superiority?

Right now the only thing I can even think about doing is to harden myself on the inside until I feel nothing but weight pressing down on me to continue forward.

It’s like I don’t allow myself to feel anything but hardness and contraction of frustration as I realize that loneliness in my own purpose, shouldering the weight of the pain of my own ascent, is the only thing I can do for myself that’s “real”.

Everywhere now, I see all the demons here and think, " What sort of pain and suffering and toil and WEIGHT on me is in store now?"

And then comes the point in time where you know, that NOBODY is coming to save you, only yourself. No god, no spirit, no human, no words of comfort you can say to yourself. This is all your responsibility, your lack of a crown.

And we think Demons are tough teachers? There are entities out there whose very nature is cruelty. And yet they have a purpose for our ascent.

It’s like I’m finally waking up to realize how painful this all really is, how we each have to shoulder the burdens of our own ascent. It’s like… a great big veil on our lives. We can reveal glimpses to other people, but the secrets you have to keep on the inside.


Does anyone else want to trade hereee? No? :new_moon_with_face:

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People got tired of looking at the godforms lol

If you don’t mind me trying I’ll gladly give it a go.

I’ll gladly trade if you are still interested?

For some reason I see an albino sabertooth covered in a glowing white light. You kind of have a neutral energy about you; like the path you follow just kind of depends on what you’re feeling that day.

Anyone wanna try reading me?



Exactly. The reason he had me post that song for him, was to get this out. He’s tired of the falsehoods. He’s had it and now he’s about to rain down on the world for it. Rightly so. He’s tired of the tyrants, the bullies, the fake bitch across the street, all of it.

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Can someone scan the big g for me?

I’ll trade ya.

I suppose I’ll start.

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It’s primary mask, is Norse, unsurprisingly. Warrior energy. Possibly solar. Extremely masculine. All I see is mjolinir. @J.A.Ragnarson

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Not sure how common this is but yours has changed a little since the last time I probed.
Tall and slender, with flesh like a frost giant and feels frosty and cold. Yet kindness also. Looks and feels alien. ET kind of alien. Very old. Duality is absent as far as light and dark. Pre-Egyptian and pre-Mesopotamian.

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Interesting. Any names?