BELIAL - E.A. Koetting, Kurtis Joseph, Asenath Mason & Edgar Kerval

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E.A. Koetting
As you might have seen, E.A. will pathwork the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers over the next 2-3 years. He has concluded with Belial for now and formulated his beautiful but strange possession experiences and knowledge into a text called Grimoire of Belial.

Kurtis Joseph
As it turns out, author Kurtis Joseph has performed a pathworking with Belial too lately with a particular emphasis on a relation between DNA, the Kliffoth, and Belial in a grimoire entitled Black Alchemy of Belial.

Asenath Mason & Edgar Kerval
Moreover, authors Asenath Mason and Edgar Kerval have participated and provided two small companion grimoires called The Revealed Path of Belial and The Hidden Path of Belial.

We have combined these four books into a leather Compendium of Belial. You may download a free 57-page sample of this right here.

Believe it or not, we had always aspired for this to feature a live pathworking course as the main material, not books per se.

E.A has filmed his entire invocation, evocation, and possession rites with Belial. This allows you to watch his channeling of Belial live—which has has also had transcribed into the text too. Belial drops bombs on a number of traditional occult views and insight into his species of spirit.

Kurtis has also filmed a few-hour course for this that largely entails a discourse on his findings with the Ecology of Belial—or as he says:

how build an “ecosystem” most conducive to evocative/possession rites because in this pathworking they are one and the same.

Altogether, the Compendium of Belial (four grimoires) and Pathworking of Belial (two courses) form a synergy with one another that has never existed prior.

As I said, you may download a free 57-page sample of the Compendium right here.


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Belial, the anarchist King, the destroyer of mind who teaches wisdom…

A thing he’s been sharing with me today is a reiteration of the “without worth” concept - meaning, in one significant interpretation he was keen to emphasise, without a price.

Cannot be bought: will not stoop to sell.

Think how value, of any kind (money most often, also status, passion, the prospect of fulfilling a desire) compels, how we create a polarity between desired and object of desire, between payment asked, and that which can be spared in its acquisition.

And then we consider what is sold, what is bought; who pays, and who profits, when we transact ourselves in this manner.

But when we see ourselves and our lives as utterly without worth, because there is no more hustle to be made, nothing more to “sell others on” and nothing more to “buy” that we desire, we’re set free to choose the game we play, freed of morality and value of any kind.

Dancing in the “D’oh!” forehead-slapping moment that can bring, you’ll find the big guy, and in that instant, you should just be able to sneak over the divine paradox entirely. :wink:

~ Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic Belial! ~



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Wheeeeellllp… it’s about time I evoked Belial myself to see what all the fuss is about. I’ve never spoken with him, but I’m intrigued like nobody’s business now!


lol so many cool things happened to me today and now this,the king Belial is very appreciated

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The SECOND I laid eyes on this sigil, I felt that same energy. I’m trembling, not in fear, more overcharged.


Good read. I will be a customer for sure.

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Great Read, I’m looking forward to this whole series! :wink:


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Site says “Midnight on night of April 9th” (that’s usually East Coast time on their previous releases).


He is always with us, they are I believe constants like the winds

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